Raison D'être: The false 'son-of-god' uncovered

“Religion has actually convinced people that there's an invisible man living in the sky who watches everything you do, every minute of every day. And the invisible man has a special list of ten things he does not want you to do. And if you do any of these ten things, he has a special place, full of fire and smoke and burning and torture and anguish, where he will send you to live and suffer and burn and choke and scream and cry forever and ever 'til the end of time! ...but He loves you. He loves you, and He needs money! He always needs money! He's all-powerful, all-perfect, all-knowing, and all-wise, somehow just can't handle money!” — Comedian George Carlin, in speaking of Roman Catholicism


Knowing that God and the 'Son'-of-God were both real and approachable, still, the "Jesus" with whom the observer grew up was forever elusive, making it seem as if the observer wasn't holy enough to dialogue with him. 

Disappearing and then reappearing further away with each approach, as if a mirage or movie screen image, and with the Church’s ‘Jehovah’ doing likewise, the observer knew it wasn't because he lacked faith, but most likely that these beings were only masquerading as the godhood -- that these characters were gaming the faithful of not just one, but hundreds of churches -- THAT HE'D BEEN PLAYED! 

Already invested as an Apostolic Bishop, the observer's post-doctrinal studies further uncovered the Christian religion as utterly fantastic, whereupon he disavowed both it and his ordination for partnership with the real supreme deities he knew were behind the masquerade. For he had indeed found the Church characters of Jesus and Jehovah as only mimics, and upon disavowing both pretenders was he able to touch God and Son-of-God -- solidifying his partnership with each actual one.

Upon leaving the Church however, he was hit with several debilitating strokes and illnesses that warped his writing skills. Yet he slugged through them to compile that which he'd verified of God and the Son-of-God—both of whom countenance no religion—and this after seeing Christianity as a massive hoax on mankind and the template to which all other deist religions try outperform.

Hence his subsequent findings show themselves as totally unforgettable and nothing short of epiphanous.

These findings consist of notes describing the actual supreme ultimate God, the creator of all things, which then goes on to entail God's retinue of angels, beginning with the first one we now call the Son-of-God, and going on to include twelve more of what are now called, archangels, and explains that the one who initially resisted God became the reason this universe (space/time continuum) was thrown out for he to play in -- to pretend to be it's god.

Including rectification of false Christian teachings, God is shown as having made billions more angels after the first arch-angels, whereupon a third of those billions who resisted Him were sent to the earth to think again - with millions of those billions sycophantly joining the original fallen archangel in hope of lording it over the others.

Much later, after the Son-of-God's Resurrection miracle, the Romans formed a state-religion claiming the miracle as their own. So while not the mother of all deist hoaxes, Christianity's proliferation encourages others into keeping-up with it. These actions are presented later in the series. 

The gist of this series is, therefore, that God is using earth to cull those still loyal to Him back into heaven, while the recalcitrant try to stall and divert others into worshiping various guises of Luciferic gods instead, hopefully getting them to blaspheme God in order to prevent their heavenly return.

Very much aware of the verse in the bible's Luke 12, which reads that; "To whom much is given will much be required (abridged)," the observer as author, wishes this series to show our lives here as a testing ground—a boot camp—for all who wish an afterlife in God's realm. It is his hope that a very many make it.

Roger Ffolkes

Synopsis of Series Content

Here are the abstracts of studies beyond the Christian faith, with resultant findings as nothing short of epiphany.  
  • "Ye are gods..." 
So begins the understanding of the prophet Asaph in Psalm 82, who knew that people are heaven's one-third billions of angels exiled to live in human bodies, for the futility of decrying heaven for godless revelry. Wishing escape from the supreme creator is our one actual "Sin," the status of being 'without' God — to be confined on this earth virtually apart from God.
  • People are the earth's original Avatars
Humans are both both sentient and sapient in one body, as godly beings residing in animal bodies, which makes us so double-minded about everything. God is collecting repenters, those of us whom He can trust from those He can't, for return to heaven. He does not ultimately know how many will return until the fabled 'Last Day.'
  •  God and "Son-of-God" exist outside space and time
These ultimate beings created both to house our kind. Nameless, neither recognizes any religion nor requires any human to accept religious beliefs, but just to partner with God. The word, "GOD" is descriptive of the ultimate 'Great Spirit,' taken from the traditionally vowelless Hebrew concept of G'D. The modern Jewish spelling of "G-D," waylays the Hebrew faithful into following rabbinical rules and regulations from which the resurrection miracle freed them.
  • "Jehovah and Jesus" are not God or Son-of God
Both are masquerade characters of a Roman Gentile state-religion that promotes a pseudo-godly alternate to God's partnership. The Rabbinical "G-D" and Islam's "Allah" are jealous copies of these popular false deities.
  •  The sacrificial lamb of God
The actual deliverer (mistaken as the Roman "Jesus") is God's first angel and Chieftain of all that exists. Birthed on earth as Yeshua aka Joshua and known as the Son-of-God, his was the ultimate Human Sacrifice to Lucifer's agreed-upon terms, in order to access those thought lost in hades. His body was not nailed to a "cross" but impaled on a sharpened staff as according to Roman tradition. Rampant speculation as to his earthly character spawns much misleading fantasy regarding both his personage and his mission to earth.
  • Lucifer, the first to deny God 
The Lucifer/Satan of popular lore was the archangel who originally defied God, and who was given this earth for a time in order to live out the grandiose theatre of self-godhood. This universe was figuratively thrown out by the Son-of-God to gave Lucifer his due, as such is God's generosity. However that prescribed time is coming to a long-prophesied and crashing end.
  • Religion is a Satanic Hoax 
The Cross of Christianity is actually Lucifer's earthbound Sigil -- a Satanic Marque. As such, the cross is not symbolic of God or our deliverer, but betokens the original Roman Church and all it's subsequent Christian spin-offs. "The Cross" is- false hope to all who accept it's magic.
  • God is not religious
No religion is of God or a vehicle to Godliness in any form. All deist religions jealously sell versions of partisan God-like-ness in order to divert loyalty to themselves. Instead, we are to partner with God one-on-one as did Moses, David, Paul and others. Non-deist religions simply take credit for man's accumulated earthbound wisdom. 
  • The Menorah
Menorah, which symbolizes Moses' 'Burning Bush,' foretold the birth of the Hebrew deliverer eight generations hence from its relighting miracle, and altered the Hebrews priest-class from that of the tribe of Levi to the deliverer's lineage of Judah. Menorah seems an undeniable symbol of God. 
  •  Bible is a partisan revision
The Christian Bible is, and all deist writings are, truncated, much redacted partisan versions of God's dealings with man -- revised to steal God and our deliverers glory to pave way so Lucifer can jealously appear as God. Therefore much of the original Bible—still factual in places—is best used as a companion book to Godly faith, but should not basis any faith.
  • Prayer is no longer Godly
Incantations to deities, aka prayer—especially to "Jehovah and Jesus" et al—are now directed to Luciferic entities who answer with smirking magic, especially if the 'prayer' is wrapped around the word, "Amen," who is a Satanically allied angel desirous of earthly mastery. Any use of his name diverts prayers to his cabal. His name. the word "Amen," is not proclamation of the Hebrew word 'Omein' ("It is done") as wrongly taught. 
  • Purpose of Jews
God chose to reunite people to Him through the bloodline of the world's hated Jews just to prove His supra-natural ability. He then dispersed Jews across the globe so that now in these times, all people with even a hint of Hebrew blood are scion of Abraham. This includes Arabs and Persians of many tribes, most Orientals and Native-Americans. 
  • Mene Mene Tekel Uparsin
Babylonian rule virtually returned in 1968. With world population more then doubling since then, Armageddon will be the New World Order's ridding earth of excess people so it can try ruling without contest. God will destroy the world when The Order kills the last of God's beloved.
  •  Biblical numbers are abstracted exaggerations for the illiterate
72 – many moons of days; or a great amount. Half of 72 is 36, as counted of Tzadikim Nistarim, which folklore originally believed was the number of earth's guardian angels, but which has since been twisted to count satanic earthly gods;
40 – more than befits a moon’s time phase; or to denote a large amount of time often conveying periods of trial and testing.
7 - to indicate a thoroughly adequate amount of time;
 - half-of seven, to signify a moderate amount of time.
    And most importantly — Humans are wrongly taught that one must be holy and above-board to regain Heaven. In truth, no matter how one accepts the resurrected Son-of-God's grace, even by an improper name or religion, the deliverer will tentatively schedule that person back to God. Such is the generosity and majesty of the Godhood, but return truly depends on the heartfelt follow-through of the individual. It is written that this deliverance, aka salvation, can be lost unless one keeps to the Son-of-God's direction.

    Bible is a partisan rewrite

    Popular biblical numbers were neither real measurement nor mystic secret codes, and keeping in mind that ancient peoples couldn't read, write or count, numerical amounts were explained in blocked-out, abstracted forms any person could understand.

    Therefore these much over-used numbers are abstracted exaggerations, e.g.—
    • 72 – many moons of days; or a great amount. 36 (as counted of Tzadikim Nistitim) is half of 72, which folklore originally believed was the number of earth's guardian angels, but which has since been twisted to count satanic earthly gods;
    • 40 – more than befits a moon’s time phase; or to denote a large amount of time often conveying periods of trial and testing.
    • 7 - to indicate a thoroughly adequate amount; O.T refers to 'the seven eyes of God, seven days of creation (to indicate evolution), the 7 locks of Samson et al. 
    •  - half-of seven, to signify a moderate amount.
    Early mankind was of a differing mindset than modern man, where 3pm was midday and 3am was midnight, the day began at sunset, lunar cycles ruled the months and years, and all information received was by word-of-mouth -- passed around campfires at first and later by priests, magistrates or self-appointed know-it-alls, who also rewrote much of what later became the Bible.

    However, partisan agenda couldn't alter all the Bible to it's own opinions (though some have tried), as it seems Godly decree keeps a scintilla of truth within it, such that revisers can not completely eradicate. Therefore, the Bible has become a collection of earnest tales rewritten by partisan revisionists who redefined Bible stories for modern denominational consumption, where thought-patterns.quite foreign from those originally espoused are emplaced to proclaim God's Word as being in line with their own desires.

    As an internet reference states—
    "The Bible comprises 24 books for Jews, 66 for Protestants, 73 for Catholic and 78 for most Orthodox Christians. These books vary in length from a single page of modern type to dozens of pages. All but the shortest are divided into chapters, generally a page or two in length. Each is further divided into verses of a few short lines or sentences... Tanakh [aka Tanach, IPA or Tenak] is an acronym that identifies the Hebrew Bible... The canonical list of the Books of the Bible differs among Jews, and Catholic, Protestant, and Eastern Orthodox Christians, even though there is a great deal of overlap... Protestantism encompasses the forms of Christian faith and practice that originated with the doctrines of the Reformation...”
    Furthermore, research Professor Bart D. Ehrman has discovered that much of the bible's New Testament was fabricated. His leading tome, Misquoting Jesus, has angered  many christian cults who have placed his books on hate and burn lists.

    So, when trying to decide which is the real bible then, it must first be realized that, in a very delicate matter of yes and no—
    • Yes, the bible is a collection of stories we commonly believe is of God, but;
    • No, the book no longer outlays God's-divine-plan nor is it a recipe for life nor is it the-wisdom-of-the-ages, not a philosophy of love and brotherhood nor much of anything we hope it is. 
    Rather the bible is—
    • For the righteous – a pretty good companion book to the faith, standing as acknowledgement of what each of the Godly has experienced. 
    • To the world-at-large -- rewritten stories that portray a false god and a false savior both masquerading as, and trying to outdo, the real God and real Savior. 
    A Reversal

    After years of painstakingly studying bible and it's supporting manuscripts, the observer now sadly acknowledges that the book was never truly compiled for the reason of opening hearts and minds to the Godhood, but but was otherwise intended to subtly deter the public toward partisan church agenda instead, to repurpose God's exiled arch-angel Lucifer to appear as if he were God.

    The skulduggery started way before the King James edition was released, and madly continues to where the book now suffers successive rewrites, replacing original intent with partisan regard.
    For example are blocks of material out-of-sync with original intent, and obvious misinterpretations of how life actually works -- things which Godly writers wouldn't gaffe.

    For one example, when reading the celebrated psalm that warns "Spare the rod lest ye spoil the child," the observer took the passage to easily mean what it says: 'Don't beat your children or they'll react as if slaves, and hurt you or likely run off.'

    Yet, all his life he's heard traditional churchniks stress that children should be beaten ... that ye shouldn't spare the rod but beat the child because it says so in the Bible. When quizzing churchies about this only to receive silent stares and bemused smirks, the observer had a series of epiphanies most scholars recognize as “a-ha!” moments -- one's which betrayed the inherent backwardness of churchy thought-patterns.


    Blatantly obvious are the biblical books of 1st and 2nd Corinthians, where upon careful reading, one can see that the two were reversed. Another obvious error can be seen where the prospective father Laban offers Jacob his two daughters as wives, in Genesis 29, where one was originally described as being "tender-eyed" although Jacob preferred the other instead. It seems as if hubristic rescripters replaced the term 'tender-eyed' with the word limpid, which means bright and clear, yet later buffoons mistook the word limpid to mean, "dull," and that wrongful word has stood since -- even abutted by the word, 'weak,' in updated bible versions.

    Partisan agenda poorly explains the Son-of-God as warning Apostles to "Beware the Leaven of Herod and of the Philistines," from being skeptical of organizational sponsorship, to mean that one should anachronistically beware the lies of rival churches.

    Plus modern bibles are so corrupted that a recent cultist Bible contained multiple declarations of "the Triune God" on each page, with copious footnotes leaving too much to be believed, as if readers were presumed so stupid that they needed to be continually reminded.

    However, within each bible lurks unmistakably Godly intent—maybe by design—that no one can entirely eradicate or rewrite -- existential bits of undeniable truth that revisionists unfortunately pre- and post-cede by such extreme spin-doctoring, that only a real truth seeker can find them, much in the same way that a curator can detect genuine master paintings from faked ones, Treasury Agents can instantly recognize counterfeit money and Shakespearean experts identify added verse.

    The cult syndrome

    Early in life the young observer was invited to a Jehovah's Witnesses meeting where, within its badly-paneled, all-white country-club setting, was a polyestered pot-bellied leader guffawing through teachings from his group's “New World Translation of the Holy Scriptures.”

    When finally turning everyone to Matthew 23:14 to show the benefit of his nebulous closing point, there was no verse to be found, as the JW's version of the Bible hyphenates deleted passages. So the speaker smirkingly blurted; "See, you get nothing - hawhawhawhawhawhawhawhawha!"

    Noting the verse number, the observer got home and later saw that the passage in his old King James bible reads—
         "Woe unto you, scribes and Pharisees — Hypocrites! — for ye devour widows' houses, and for a pretense make long prayer: therefore ye shall receive the greater damnation."
    This introduction to misrepresentation of time-honored bible scripture immediately raised a wonderment of just why the Jehovah's Witnesses had bothered to print a special bible numbered in the classic St. Augustine style at all, since they thought their ways superior to everyone else's.

    The wonderment made the observer speculate that if he were to start a religion with his own version of the bible, then he'd surely come-up with a more unique numerical system—if one at all—than one of traditional style.

    So it occurred that although the Jehovah’s Witnesses cult copied traditional biblical protocol in order to salvage their credibility, they completely negated all claim to that credibility by still numbering verses they'd removed.

    So we must understand that The Bible is not the Holy Word of God, but a fatality twisted book for pretenders to use against Godly people.

    However the bible is not a bad book to back up one's faith in God, and it's not bad history when read correctly either. The Greek Orthodoxy, despite all their faults, have a motto saying that 'the bible is not the word of god, but that one can find the word of God within it.'

    However, it's understood that no bible should backbone anybody's faith, but rather be considered a companion book to back-up the faith one feels in one's heart.

    Relearning by Redaction Reconstruction

    The illiterate of the 21st century will not be those who cannot read and write, but
    those who cannot learn, unlearn, and relearn — Alvin Toffler


    Redaction is the process of deleting, blacking-out or rewriting text to conform it to a different view than originally espoused. Often known as "rewriting according to policy," it's discovered that most of the bible was heavily redacted by zealots in order to teach theological opinion.
    The methods used are popularly called Redaction Criticism, Redaktionsgeschichte, Kompositionsgeschichte or Redaktiontheologie -- a critical method for the study of biblical texts. They regard the author of the text as editor (redactor) of his or her source materials. Unlike its parent discipline, form criticism, redaction criticism does not look at the various parts of a narrative to discover the original genre; instead, it focuses on how the redactor has shaped and molded the narrative to express theological goals.(Wikipedia)
    Anyone who has digested the 'Book of Enoch' will note that that particular book wasn't actually written by Enoch himself, but is a fanciful compilation of Enoch's campfire stories. The book, mostly accurate in general if not in detail, is pretty much the oldest information our history has to offer, because, after all, Enoch was the fifth actual human on earth This is explained in the monograph, Earth is Mankind's Chrysalis,

    Much of the biblical study of these observations was accomplished via redaction reconstruction, a method telling the observer which biblical verses of the bible were obviously redacted even prior to King James original 1611 compilation.

    Material reconstructed from Biblical redaction by partisan Christian editors—in this case the Bible's book of Genesis—reveals a much different, more enlightening and, it's dared to suggest, even epiphanal view long kept hidden from those desirous of knowing the ways of God.

    The task began for this observer in 1978, when confused by the bumpy and often misleading narrative of various Bible versions available to him, in order to understand the thought processes behind those writings, earnestly asked God Himself for clarification. Within short notice he found himself able to verify or discount the veracity of certain whole passages or individual verses -- able to see where much malicious thought had replaced them.

    It was like discerning where a cities' firm foundation had been scooped out and replaced with sand.

    The observer, only a man of the earth, cannot take any credit for himself other than that of having asked God for the ability, and of being receptive to the miracle. For to this day his keen heavenly discernment keeps him above all evil mechanizations, a gift given him by the generosity of God.

    Trinity is a fabrication

    To reward Bible students with a hitherto unexamined viewpoint, it is urged they inspect for themselves how God mysteriously went from the folklore of a seven-fold spirit in the Old Testament, to His suddenly becoming a Trinity—a three-in-one entity—in the New Testament. No bible up to this writing shows a transition, does it?

    Also, be aware that sect leaders, soon after the Constantinian Church began, invented a so-called Trinity rounded out by God, "Jeesus" and the holy mother Mary, who is actually Isis aka Diana aka Colombia, so as to foist upon the 1st century's naïvely trusting faithful, that the Godhood was a sort of Father-Mother-Son combination.

    When the masculine world of that era rebelled against a female Trinitarian, sect leaders hastily removed Mary from the trinity by replacing her with "Holy Spirit" instead, thus confusing people by touting it as a third entity separate from God but still part of the Godhood, without realizing that the “Holy Spirit” IS the all-encompassing, palatable presence of God which permeates all existence.

    And then to distance themselves from the errors of earlier colleagues whose infallibility they had to uphold, Vatican church leaders, unable to explain either the switch or the process, had to teach it as a mystery rather than the hoax it actually is.

    The Pretense of Exegesis

    Another clue to biblical deception is a pivotal verse found in the gospel of 2nd Peter, where a revisionist rewrote the witness of the mythical Jesus, as being that 'of the water, the spirit and the blood.' It was a conceptual stretch reaching back to a reworked legality where three witnesses were required for testimony in arbitration, although God traditionally uses only two witnesses.

    Prophecy fulfilled when a soldier pierced the expired body of Savior Joshua with a sword to see if it were dead upon it's impaler, a biblical revisionist went so far afield to explain that action's significance "upon-the-cross,' that he opened a whole new can of worms.

    In altering the 2nd chapter of Peter, he allowed later revisionists to replace, 'water-spirit-and-blood' with "Father, Son and Holy Spirit' instead. Both versions are still found in various incarnations of older Bibles, by the way. But, by having gotten away with this revision—by its not being opposed—the die was cast for other fervent revisions of both scripture and gospel.

    The poncy term used for ‘putting words in someone's mouth’ is, "Exegesis," which is defined as the extraction of content not expressly intended. Many pastors love the sound of this word in their weekly harangue, because it:
    1; poses them as studious scholars,
    2; pronounces similar to the pseudo-hallowed word, 'Jesus,' and;
    3; leaves church congregations warm all over.

    Therefore once these revisions were not questioned but lauded by lick-spittle sycophants able to draw-in earnest money-surrendering churchgoers, there were no delays in revising both vast sections and small details of Bible-writings -- leading others into believing that the Godhood was mysteriously triune.

    Early acknowledgement

    The fifteenth century scientist, Sir Isaac Newton, discredited the concept of a triune-Godhood that alluded to the popular concept of the Son-of-God-being-God, by postulating in private papers that the concept counteracts the first of the church's 'Ten Commandments,' which originally say; "As I am the only God, there can be no other God for you but me."

    Worth noting is that God never admitted to being a trinity.

    However, the bibles book of Revelations does portray the so-called anti-christ as a trinity; as a combination of he, the beast and the false prophet.

    So it appears that the whole God-as-Trinity archetype seems to be a cover-up actually pointing to the so-called anti-christ as a pseudo-godhood, hoping to convince a deluded religious world that he is its Jesus character soon to return.

    And that it's soon to happen soon despite all warning to the opposite, is a fact to make many of us cringe.

    About GOD (not the church's "Jehovah")

    The actual, factual GOD is neither the Hebrew's "G-d", the Christian's "Jehovah" or Islam's "Allah" et al., He is not the invention of man but the creator of man. 

    So for those wondering who and what this great ultimate spirit is really all about, let’s start from the beginning—

    • None of us is God nor ever will be. That fact alone should both humble and pique anyone's interest, for GOD is just as much each's father as He is any of the angels father.
    • Plus, He is a singular entity just as His first angel (Son-of-God) is a singular entity, albeit working in concert. Our narrow earthly viewpoints may see God and the 'Son' as the same person, but this is fallacious...
    • One never stands in line for God's attention. He is available to each of us as a good parent is to a child, not dependent on anyone to proxy for us.  
    • God IS forever personified. Should God decide something should be, then -ZAP!!- then there it is and has always been -- always existent. In reverse, whatever He nullifies then ceases to have ever existed -- to never be remembered again.
    • God is Supranatural, a single entity neither natural nor supernatural but who reigns outside space and time. Attention to each of us individually is His great joy. All the billions of us are special and unique to God, and He deals with each personally because He can.
    • God and His first angel (the "Son") both created all that everyone else merely manipulates. 
    • God engendered the scientifically-verified ‘big bang’ of the universe, i.e., space and time, where everything came from nothingness and—bang—here it is.
    • God and His first angel (the "Son") engendered all the various multitudinous forms of life on this earth -- life we still can’t find elsewhere; life of which in one way we’re superior to, and yet in another, from which we’re little different.
    • God places our spirits within bodies that many strive to leave but can’t, and makes the body to operate as it does, with sleep & awake cycles, no super powers, short shelf life with instinctive sexual and survival ambitions, etc.
    • God engendered time itself with us trapped to its ever so steady movement. See of how many scientists and mystics try to warp it to no avail and pretend we can travel back and forth within it. If time were natural to our being, we wouldn’t be so desperate to overcome and escape it.
    • Godliness (convictions of justification) is so deeply ingrained to our being that our very nature rebels against actions out of step with it, and;
    • God never argues viewpoints, although He will and does at times concede to desires as a good parent will for a beloved child.
    And not to put a fine edge on things, but—
    • God set the orbit of our earth on the far edge of our galaxy we can view not only it but the rest of the universe in the night sky, with our moon only showing one face. We have both Solar and Lunar eclipses. Where else is this proven to happen?
    • Plus science has recently discovered that the Chicken produces an enzyme it's egg can’t pass to the embryo—proving that the chicken indeed came first.
    A major clue to God, then, is of knowing that He’s far superior to any of us. He’s bigger, better, smarter and more powerful and efficient than we are. Therefore God doesn’t work for us, we work for Him. Let’s realize that we didn’t just show up as forces-to-be-reckoned-with only to suddenly discover some God person in our way, but that HE'S THE ONE WHO MADE US! -- we owe him our existence.

    And since God has no actual name or title by virtue of being ‘sui generis’—unprecedentedly unique—if you want to know how to refer to the supreme entity, just call Him “God” as one would call a parent, "Father, 'Daddy' or 'Papa' rather than 'Pater' or 'Sire' -- epithets most sane parents wouldn’t like anyway as such flip hauteur distances both parent and child.

    Perhaps then, the best way to recognize God is that He’s the “great spirit” spoken of by indigenous ancient peoples who intrinsically know of His existence -- more than we modern overeducated types do about such things.

    Being the ultimate entity, our creator has neither a name nor the ego requiring any to worship Him, because, again, He competes with no one. His having no ego shouldn’t be hard to understand. Just as all the animals on earth have no individual names or need of worship from their own or lesser animals nor suffer from identity crises, so is it with God.

    Therefore although He’s above it all, we earthly types still limit God to our meager perceptions, such as when the observer overheard a pretty girl decline membership in a Christian mega-church for fearing that God would make her marry an ugly guy if she did.

    So we need to factor that God is not the martinet disciplinarian that Christian Church organizations teach of Him. H'e extremely kind and generous, yet is no one's dupe.

    Addressing denials of God

    Disavowels of God have many formats, a paramount of which is based on gender misidentification. So so it's best to address this from the beginning.

    Since the pronoun “He” is gender-neutral in this case, and capitalization of the first letter a polite politic, anyone calling the sexless ultimate spirit, 'He,' is merely following customary language patterns.

    Hence, since we may refer to God as a 'He' and sometimes a 'She' depending on vicissitudes, God is both and neither and more than a combination of the two, as only earthly bodies are formed as male and female, with each suffering from hormonal stresses that God doesn't share.

    Also, popular and supposedly unanswerable conundrums intended to 'put God in His place,' and make the questioner look smart, are items such as, “if God is so big then why can’t there be other worlds in the universe?”- and, 'if God is so good then why is there so much suffering in the world?'

    Meant as fun imponderables, both are easily swept aside by acknowledging that God is indeed so big that He’s not limited to any one project -- that this universe was created only for one specific purpose, and will cease to exist as He pleases -- after which God can go on to make anything else if He wishes, ad infinitum.

    That's because, you see, He has forever to create and uncreate anything as He wishes. Our's, this world's and the universe's existence is but a mere blip to Him.

    In the second instance however—seen mostly as a stall tactic—one must first chide the questioner by asking, "What makes you think that God is supposed to be ‘good?’

    Truth be known, God is more "Just" than He is 'good'. When one of His archangels rebelled, the reneger was put to the earth to pretend the creator didn't exist. When a third of God's later angels likewise rebelled, God gave them the earth to live on in human bodies --  to see what life without their creator would be like, because it's what they wanted.

    So you see, the earth is training ground for such entities -- that they would try and fail to live without their creators guidance.

    Unknown to most modern men, though, is that ancient scholars long-ago reasoned God as being both the ultimate good and the ultimate evil -- basing this opinion on His having had created everything we can see and feel, with Lucifer bad and He good and we in the middle.

    So if there is suffering, pain, anguish and evil, it's because we denied God for it. And despite all warning to the contrary, we brought it on ourselves. It's safe to say that in the long-run, our misery is to demonstrate what life without God is like, so that we will learn to trust Him. As good parents traditionally taught children until recently.

    Earthly agenda of the Son-of-God

    The Son-of-God, born in transit during the star sign, and raised by a regular family under regular circumstances, was raised under the regular name Joshua (Y'shu'a), and not the cognate moniker of Jesus [Isis/Zeus]. The future King of the World, born under the now famous Star Sign, laid low and perhaps traveled to Britain with his Uncle, Joseph of Arimathea, as is legend.
    It's important to explain that God's wave of angels—one-third of heaven we're told—denied His guidance to wake-up on earth in human bodies, to live here along with Lucifer and those who had becomie his sycophants. The first angel—the Son-of-God their chieftain—was sent to receive back into heaven as many as God could trust, with he—the chieftain—also born into a human body as were they, only to be killed and resurrect so that he could deliver those who would follow him, back into heaven.
    Then, after debuting at the worldly age of 30 (a Hebrew boy is a man (progenitor) at 13 but not trusted until age 30), he spent 3 years of—and capture this—not teaching but intense DOING and EXPLAINING only to be killed for it at age 33—for suspected treason to the state—whereupon he left the tomb to become the Deliverer prophesied throughout Holy writings.

    Much more meaningful than his infantile birth, is our deliverer the Son-of-God's second birth—his resurrection -- as it is his 2nd birth which bases the world's gratitude.

    As precedent the Jews needed for those days, what with God giving two examples where the earthbound Lucifer tries outclassing God with three, an earlier Hebrew named Emmanuel (Immanuel) was himself touted as being of a virgin birth similar to Joshua's. Emmanuel's story is now lost as the church revised it to pose he as being the one and same surrogate savior they tout, but He's not.

    However, his was the precedence the ancient Jews needed to accept Joshua as being prophetically birthed of a virgin.

    Ancient Jews liked evidence of anything grand as having already been established, that it  'had been written,' and was not a singularity foisted on them. Jews did not tolerate surprises. To them, the Son-of-God's heralded birth was adjudicated proof that their much-anticipated deliverer was arrived.

    Stories of Joshua's childhood and youth were excised from biblical works, only to be exaggerated by zealous fable spinners and new age commentators, published in apocryphal works. Yet in the face of all claims to the contrary, there is no accounting that Joshua, as the son of a carpenter, actually did any carpentry himself.

    And aside from that, two other things never discussed about the earth-born Son-of-God are,
    1. that Joshua was a male despite that a virgin woman should have bred a girl replica of herself instead, and, 
    2. he'd have grown-up with the name, ‘Josh Carpenter,’ as people up until recently were named after family trade.
    But having not followed his step-dad in trade, it seems the boy grew up hanging around synagogue explaining God to the rabbis. He never married, wasn't gay or apparently had any sexual interest in anything. Also in this way was the 13th Apostle known as Saul/Paul, who proclaimed himself` as not caring for sex as if it were a gift from God. Which seems it is.

    Also, not known as the "Son-of-God" until the age of thirty, the term was coined not by holy pious disciples but blurted by the demon-possessed he encountered. We read in Gospel that the term he used for himself was "Son-of-Man."

    Thus as our overseer, the Son-of-God Joshua reports directly to God and has the full proxy authority of God over us, just as the son of a rancher has his father's trust (displayed in the hit American television series, Bonanza), so it’s best to note that Joshua's parable of the vineyard in Mark 12, describing the landowners intent and the lessor's negative response, adequately conveys the Son-of-God's overall earthly mission.

    And most importantly, it must be recognized that Lucifer, leader of the earth up until Joshua took it back, demanded human sacrifices to his earthly divinity, and that the Son-of-God was his Creator's ultimate sacrifice in order to defeat Lucifer at his own game -- hoisting him on his own petard. It was the ultimate sacrifice that freed all Godly people for opportunity to return to heaven.

    Joshua had said he was destined to be a human sacrifice in Matthew 20:28, but that verse has since been diluted and sugar-coated by partisan rewrites.
    Yet a slight hint of the gut-wrenching horribleness of human sacrifice was told this observer, when a young lady with demonstrable psychic ability talked of tending a motorcycle accident during a routine police explorer ride-along, where the spirit of the mangled dying rider was being sucked into an abyss we commonly call hell. The dying rider was spiritually grappling at her in abject horror, only to be sucked out of his body anyway. Left in a shamble, the teen couldn't vacuum the carpet for fear of sucking up a bug -- so vivid was her shock.
    This is what Joshua the Son-of-God knew was to happen to him in his day, and it’s why he begged God at Gethsemane for another way to save heaven’s loyalists, although still going through with it for our sakes.

    Therefore, the "Son"-of-God"—his body that is—was killed by Rome for the crime of treason,  It died not on a cross but was impaled on a sharpened stake. Such was the common death for an enemy of Rome. 

    Son-of-God (is not Christianity's "Jesus")

    Note: Son-of-God is often referred to as SoG in these monographs - ed. 

    "Jesus"  is not a Hebraic name, but an anti-Semitic moniker for an Italian (Roman) pseudo-savior masqueraded as the real thing.

    Down to basics, the "Son"-of-God is God’s first-made angel: His first created being.

    Similar to God but with a little more than half of God's abilities, this first angel may have existed for a long time as the Creator's ultimate buddy and right-hand-man, long before the other Archangels were made.

    Or, it may be conceded that he was formed simultaneously as overseer of the archangels -- however it is thought that he asked God for them. Whatever, it is written that he is the first and last of this grouping. But whichever way it happened, God's first angel then became Chieftain over all still to come.

    This phenomenal creation—for yes, he is created by God and is not God—is the one who himself threw out the space-time continuum (universe) to contain heaven’s one reneging archangel, then to track his progress on earth even to becoming born as one of it's later avatar angels, and beat the fallen archangel at his own game.

    By dying and resurrecting as the Word-of-God Incarnate, he offered freedom to all who wished to return to heaven, past present and future, by their simply accepting he—in what a Chinese follower called him—as 'resident boss.'

    As our overseer—being amongst mankind from the beginning—he shepherded our kind throughout history by appearing in varying incarnations. We're told that the Chief Angel was the Zoroaster who put Babylonian mankind's thought patterns on the same page -- that he was also Abraham's Melchizedek the priest and the popular Jewish prophet Elijah. It seems there were other incarnations by which he appeared on earth of which we do not know for sure. Plus we are aware that he is about to become the 1,000-yr ruler of the whole earth after Armageddon, under a different name.

    Then as Chief of all angels from outside space/time, the first angel is more than capable of attending to each of we fallen angels personally, one-at-a-time because he is not bound by space/ time, but is omnipotent.

    Again though, please understand that he is not God any more than any of us are the ultimate God. Having come from God’s matrix, the SoG is indeed a minor god in his own right just as we are lesser gods in ours, albeit in human form. More on this in other briefs.

    The most important things to know about the very real SoG are—
    • He is God's nameless first-made angel and majordomo over all creation;
    • He is a created being such as we, and is NOT the ultimate God;
    • Neither is he the "Jesus" of popular culture;
    • He is the maker of time and space, the master of the universe, the earth and our destinies upon it;
    • He is neither a nice guy nor a philosopher-of-love-and-brotherhood, but a no-nonsense adjudicator -- the proxy of God;
    • He was God's Human Sacrifice; the Paschal Lamb sent to unseat the Satanic claim over us; which the famous Last Supper celebration calls to our attention, and;
    • He endured hunger, privation, torture, humiliation, anguish, homelessness and poverty, etc., for our sakes — so we'd not have to..!
    • Therefore, any persons mimicking any of his actions are only mocking him to the enjoyment of God's enemies, and fooling themselves.

    God and people; Block logic vs. Step logic

    The root cause of misinterpreting God and all Godly intent, is traceable to ancient thought patterns being at odds with those of modern philosophy.

    The book that really started me searching for partnership with God, was researcher Marvin R. Wilson's, “Our Father Abraham,” which pointed out that the thought patterns of ancient peoples consisted of what he had to call 'Block Logic,' where early man saw the big picture of the whole—the Gestalt—and left the details to God

    This is directly in opposition to the “Step Logic” process our western system now teaches, where philosophers try to outperform God by niggling details into Lego™-like variants of multiple big-pictures for others to challenge and argue.

    Although God always manages the details for those who allow it, Wilson’s explanation shows modern mankind as wont to arbitrate all details in lieu of trusting them to God, through the utilization of new-age philosophies that misinterpret original Bible texts.

    From God’s line in Isaiah, “Your ways are not my ways,” biblical old testament scripture has always displayed we people as traditionally not understanding God very well, the mind-set of which led the Son-of-God to assure in Ephesians that he will revert as many of us back to the heavenly mindset once we accept him.

    So if you want a Godhood you can summon rather than the other way around, you’re off in the wrong direction to begin with.

    God, through his 'Son,' will show you who He is just for the asking. You will never know God otherwise.

    Ancient scholars called God, "IM"

    As is said, it’s more than adequate to call the nameless, faceless ultimate spiritual entity, “God.”

    But it’s well-known throughout history that many people have called their Creator by many names with intent to get on His ‘good side.’ One is by insisting His name is Jehovah (YHWH), while still others insist His name is Elohim; El Shaddai, Adonai &c. The list it is confusingly exhaustive.

    It was surprising to learn then, that the most ancient of scholars had designated the actual genuine, ultimate God as “IM.” to distinguish our Creator from trickster spirits posing as gods. Although not known how the name of IM came about, it suffices that almost everyone in prehistory knew God as IM. One indication is revealed by the Hebrew suffix of ‘im,’ as having grown to mean “of God.” Even the honored title of Immanuel must refer to Man of God.

    Ancient writings gathered into our Bible did once give overt proof of God being called IM, but that evidence has been redacted and rewritten to where all proof is chiefly indicative by omission.

    A glaring example of this omission is found in the badly altered Bible verse of Exodus 3:14, where Moses, who knew that burning Menorah Trees didn’t talk, asked the voice speaking to him just who was doing the talking.

    Speaking from the burning man-sized plant, the voice did not answer, “I am that I am,” but said instead, “I AM THAT ‘IM,'” referencing itself as the supreme being trusted not only by ancient scholars but specifically by Joseph of Egypt. We recall that Joseph always gave ultimate credit to IM’s (God’s) supremacy, instead of taking any credit for having saved Egypt to himself.

    But despite all evidence of God-as-IM, clues to His identity were lost on zealous scriveners who, in egotistically trying to outdo each other without knowing the full story, presumptuously rewrote the original “I AM THAT ‘IM” answer that God gave, to the philosophically-sounding though basically meaningless and highly conceited phrase of, ‘I am that I am,’ instead, severing all ties to God-as-IM and misleading the trusting faithful ever since.

    That one basic misapplication has since diminished God to a fanciful human standard allowing mockers to masquerade themselves as the holy presence.

    Christianity's "Jesus" is old Egypt's 'Isis'

    Pronounce the names "Jesus" and "Isis" in their original phonetics. 
    They’re both "Eh-s-s," aren't they? — ed.

    “JESUS," an imposter the Roman state church devised to divert attention from the real Son-of-God,  is a character derived from the ancient Egyptian legend of "Isis."

    Although Shakespeare wrote that "A rose by any other name would smell as sweet," using a truism to show that names shouldn't matter, scholars have learned that names, and specifically titles, really do matter amongst the avatars of this world, as each wants to outshine the other.

    In earliest times, names were coined to countenance chief devils and demons (the first fallen angels) who vied for control of their new world, each other and especially we who came afterward.

    Then after mankind was formed by instilling fallen angelic spirits into humanoid bodies—turning sentient beings sapient—and Adam named various animal species, the original fallen angels descended to quickly teach the world’s newly-formed mankind things like herbology, astrology, language and the uses of pen and ink, as told in the book attributed to Enoch.

    None of this has stopped either. Still teaching today, chief evil now has man harnessing electricity, nukes and cloning, with top scientists not only relying but calling-upon supreme evil by name, in warlock-like ritual enlisting underworld aid.

    These well-known underworld creatures even have comic book and Hollywood writers naming fictional characters after them. Good sense prevents them from being named here.

    Modern life

    Individuals had no full names up until recently, but were only called by their craft titles. Porter, Parker, Cobbler, Clark, Currier and Cooper for example. Joshua the Son-of-God was likely known around Nazareth as Josh Carpenterson.
    But modern studies now dhow us that he wasn’t referred to as The Nazarene, because that character, the Jesus-of-Nazareth, was concocted to misdirect people to a rival Jesus.

    However after the 1377 Poll Tax of England forced everyone to have a first and last name, names and titles and pompous salutations became such an intrinsic part of our earthly experience, that people now feel once they know the name of someone or something, that it belongs to them -- to control, pigeonhole or ignore until summoning it to their need.

    And so it was with the Church craving a deity that was on their side and dancing to their tune, because unable to get God or the Son-of-God to do it's bidding, the Constantinian church reworked the name 'Jesus' from the Egyptian Goddess legend of Isis, Osirus and Horus just to have a divinity it could control.

    Familiarity between the two characters of "Jesus" and "Isis" is especially noticeable to those aware of etymology, i.e., word origin, as even today the I, J and Y vowel sounds interchange in international language, where the ancients only employed guttural sounds sans vowels left to user discretion, As populations and languages grew, vowels expanded to differentiate the proliferation of modern words.

    Therefore, it can be factored that the names Jesus, Osiris, Isis and Horus are actually all the same name though mix-matched and re-spelled. Plus the Isis legend of ancient Egypt includes the torture of Isis' son ISU aka Horus -- drama the church delights in recreating for their Jesus legend.

    The Masquerade

    But let's not take just the observer's word for it. From the book COME OUT OF HER MY PEOPLE, by C. J. Koster, is a better description—
    “Jesus comes from the Greek name "Iesous/IHSOUS" and Latin "Iesus." "Iesous" is adapted from the name of the Greek goddess of healing "Iesos/Iaso," the daughter of Apollo, the Sun-deity. This goddess was linked to the Egyptian "Isis" who had a son named "Isu." During the era of Roman Emperors, there were numerous worshipers of "Isis." Many converted to Constantine's religion that mixed paganism with the Messianic faith that eventually became the Roman Catholic Church. The Roman Catholic Church continues to use the sunburst emblem known as the "Eucharist" which to this day contains the Greek letters "IHS" for "IHSOUS." Further research reveals that the name "Jesus" is also linked to the Greek Sun-god "Zeus" who was the Greek interpretation of the Egyptian Sun-god "Amen-Ra."
    The above description explains why the original sun-god is Lucifer, the Christmas celebration is on the sun-god holiday of Dec.25th, and why Amen-Ra steals Christian prayers to himself.

    You should remember, too, that Isis, who has had many names throughout history, is also well known as Ishtar, for whom the Easter holiday was rewritten. And although replaced as the third of the original trinity philosophy, her shadow role as Mary Mother-of-God is still strong, plus she lives to this day as the goddess Colombia, that America surreptitiously reveres.

    In the same vein as Shakespeare's affirmation then, our return to heaven is as assured as the Rose's smell no matter how we came to it, because, although the world's Jesus is a church replacement character for the actual Son-of-God Joshua/Yeshua, the rescue of God's people from earth is humanities greatest gift -- and available to anyone even under false name of "Jesus."

    So although our return to heaven is assured by Joshua's resurrection no matter by how you have come to know him, it’s of little matter that the masquerading Jesus takes credit for it. Fact is, name recognition becomes a serious problem in the long run — for names really do make a difference in our search for proper personalities.

    It behooves us to be aware of with whom we're dealing.

    Bible verse shows SoG is not "Jesus"

    Note: SoG is the Son-of-God - ed.

    The Apostle Peter is reported as saying (in what is now the Bible's Acts 10:34)—
    "Of a truth I perceive [is] that God is no respecter of persons."
    This is affirmed by Paul in Romans 2:11, where is said that—
     "God is no respecter of persons." 
    Both knew that God did not play favorites with humans, and that no King, Emperor or even a succession of Popes will ever have God's special attention.

    Those two reports lay the groundwork for negating Jews as God's special 'chosen people,' and it speaks against all future races and endeavors from having any special relationship with God -- such as now do the Christians, Hebrews and Muslims proclaim of themselves.

    What the bible originally documented was the miracle of God's Chief Angel arriving to rescue all who wanted to return to his heaven—that miracle being the salvation given mankind.

    So do not confuse one with the other, because the Son-of-God IS a respecter of those who give up Lucifer's earth for heaven’s authority. And will bring us back to God as a result.

    Having noted of who God is and how His Chief Angel created this universe for Lucifer to play in, the Son-of-God, by future actions, overturned and now commands Lucifer's control over the earth. He did this by creating a loophole for remorseful fallen angel avatars—such as many of us—to return to heaven by himself having entered hell as a human sacrifice, only then to leave it and return to God's side.    

    These notes pivot on this bible verse, where the true Son-of-God is not the "Jesus Christ" character that the church teaches, because he says so in the Bible's Matthew 7:21—
    “Not every one that saith unto me, Lord, Lord, shall enter into the kingdom of heaven; but he that doeth the will of my Father which is in heaven… “Many will say to me in that day, Lord, Lord, have we not prophesied in thy name? And in thy name have cast out devils? and in thy name done many wonderful works?“And then will I profess unto them, I never knew you: depart from me, ye that work iniquity.
    It’s a scary passage showing that there is indeed a false ‘son-of-god’ for people to acclaim and name-drop, and that there will be false prophecies and magic substituting for miracles of God and that the majority of people attuned to this false savior will not enter heaven at the end of days – to their stunned horror. Maybe.

    The passage conveys that those believing themselves as worthy of God because of their actions—and not their hearts—will be turned away from heaven. For that verses show that the real Son-of-God is most certainly NOT the popular Jesus character, and that most of those whose religious belief is in the combined worldwide churches, "Jesus," may grievously be fooling themselves.

    But, within one's heart is the prize -- that if any have indeed accepted the true Son-of-God even by a false name and religious lifestyle not of God, and yet that one so values the Son-of-God that he's accepted their heartfelt desire for him - then yes, they will return to heaven. Such is the majesty of the Godhood.

    The 'Star-of-Bethlehem' explained

    When the second so-called Millennium of the calendared Christian era didn't end the world in the year 2,000 as many expected, the world partied-on as if it didn't matter.

    And when consternation over the fabled Mayan Calendar ended 2012 with the world still intact, a relieved mankind happily continued onward as if having beaten the system.

    And even though the Vatican admits that the Son-of-God was born years before their previous estimation, and while thinking man has known all along that the Dec.25th Sun-god festival is not the true Deliverer's actual birth date, the world overly esteems the sham celebration as if it were so, almost unto madness.

    However, leading the way to defining the deliverers actual birth date is astronomer Michael R. Molnar, who discovered the deliverer's arrival on earth as having been some six-and-a-half years before the Roman church originally declared it, on April 17th, 6 BC.

    Corroborating Molnar's research are scholars affirming that the prophesied birth event coincides the known April census of Quirinius, conqueror of the Palestinian lands where Bethlehem is still located.

    Censuses are always traditionally taken at the first of the year, and back then, the month of April started each year. Plus Herod Antipas died soon after issuing his pogrom of male toddlers -- kids born within two-years of the Star-of-Bethlehem's fateful appearance, and not later on as first believed.

    The best confirmation of the birth date, though, is explained by appearance of 'The Star-of-Bethlehem' itself, which was actually Jupiter's second occultation by the moon in the constellation of Aries, in the middle of April.

    Of such importance was the event, that astronomers watching the sky—including the "three wise men" of Babylon—saw and were excited by what had happened, and sought out the new Hebrew king that the astronomical sign portended. 

    Mind you, convincing your boss to let you travel from the seat of Parthian mysticism was quite a lengthily expensive undertaking, for securing a state-sponsored convoy of camels and servants along with the gifts they carried, was a  huge undertaking. So their appearance at Herod's court almost two years later, shook Rome to the point that the local government even minted a coin, in Antioch, to immortalize the stellar event. 

    Few remember that April had been the first month of the New Year before the Catholic calendar was reapportioned in 1582. That fact caused April 1st to be lauded forever-after as 'April Fool's Day,' to ridicule anyone still expecting it to be the first day of the new year. It's amazing that that custom still lingers, while the Hebrew deliverer's birth was confounded and confused.

    The astrological sign of Aries the Ram was always of great concern to the Hebraic people, as it was a symbol of their perceived importance amongst all creation. And it being that Jupiter was considered 'the regal star of kings' meant much to all of that day.

    When Jupiter was eclipsed by the same moon that ruled everyones perceived fate, not once but twice in the constellation of Aries, secondly on April 17th, that event was especially meaningful. And as Hebrews always relied on precedence—a first and a second occurrence—the recurring eclipse clinched it as truly important.

    So finding it due to the fact that this coin exists at all, coupled with the other predictions of the age, we are able to authenticate Molnar's discovery. 

    Jews represent the world

    When we read the story of Gideon by Flavius Josephus, the Jewish-Roman Military General, we observe a fascinating viewpoint obversely preached in our churches—
    Fighting the Midianites and losing, Gideon's soldiers found a pool from which to drink and refresh themselves. Josephus contends that rules-of-battle in that day declared truce when drinking, and this truce would have the bravest soldiers laying down their spears and cupping the water up to their mouths in defiance of the enemy.
    The cowards, on the other hand, would grasp their spears out of fear and lap up the water like dogs. So when his army was drinking at the pool, Gideon was told by God to choose 300 men who lapped their water—the cowards—so God could defeat the Midianites with the worst of Gideon's soldiers, just to prove that the God of Gideon was indeed all-powerful.”
    It was in this way Josephus showed how God always proves Himself by doing the best with the worst, a point that partisan theologians rewrote in not only Josephus' works, but in the bible itself.
    Diaspora, too

    In studies and personal experiences, the observer has observed that many of God's original Abramites migrated east to become oriental Jews.

    Many tales of Jews in the Far East leads him to firmly believe that the Chinese mainstream crammed a remnant of hated Jews onto the Korean peninsula, even to exiling many in boats to parts unknown, where survivors washed up into the Americas to become indigenous tribes.

    The observer feels that the Koreans and the Navajo, amongst others, are more posthumously Jewish than those of most other countries. He doesn't accept Native Americans as being one of the "Ten Lost Tribes" of Jews as some misconject, but as original Jews of God's promise to Abraham, who were likely forced off the Asian continent.

    It is now thought that God had planned to close the world when the Abrahmite Jews of western civilization met up with and intermarried into the Abrahmite Jews of eastern civilization, which has has been happening for over a hundred years now. Our time is at an end.

    Then vs. now

    We must compare modern rabbinical Judaism to that of ancient Hebraic thought patterns. 

    Little of the latter stands in league with it's modern counterpart in this day, where Torah and Talmud are studied as if irrevocably true documents from heaven, instead of they being studied to know the mind and reasoning of it's authors. 

    Great thinkers of yore cannot be compared with Modern Rabbis, whose devotion is to regurgitate ideology from those gone before them, in the seeking of fame, glory, money and easy lives as 'professionals.'

    The observer recalls seeing a modern Rabbi receiving admirers while seated in a hotel lobby, and recalling the Son-of-God's admonition -- saying that such adulation was all a glory-seeker will ever receive -- that there is nothing in heaven for him.

    The celebrated Rabbi Hillel (110BC-10AD) was famous for having challenged one supplicant with: "...you want to learn "God's Law? Then return ready to stand only on one foot, and I will teach it to you."

    The novice agonized over this stipulation, but for some reason sought Hillel again, ready to learn. 

    Once his one foot was lifted, Hillel told him, "Love the Lord God with all your heart, mind and spirit, and do unto others as you would have them do unto you. That's it; all else is commentary."

    How many times have you heard that said in Temple or a Cathedral? 

    Jewish life is a subculture of all of humanity, after all.

    But what about JEWS?

    The SUPRANATURAL God shows His might through Jews just to prove
    Himself. Jews would have been exterminated an eon ago if not for God's
     constant intervention. (So kill me for telling the truth.)

    When occasioned for fallen angels to begin life as human avatars, the first two fallen spirits introduced into prepared humanoid, homo-sentiens bodies were Adam and Eve (Adom et Chevah), who then upon becoming homo-sapiens, separated from their homo-sentiens tribe to begin mankind in Eden.

    Eden was located in what is now called the Rub-al-Khali, in Saudi Arabia. Totally barren sans sands or insects, the bedrock is constantly swept by the winds. All who go there understand it's significance.
    We read that Adam & Eve's son Cain was marked by God so that when cast-away from Eden, the other pre-humans from whom his parents came would not kill him. Then God allowed him to take from the homo-sentiens a wife who then gave birth to the famous Enoch.

    Fast forward to God choosing to separate Abraham, then called Abram, from the tribe at Hebron to be the father of a great nation.

    Hebrews from Hebron were a tribe despised by others, and as God likes proving His best with the worst, took Abram of Hebron—an aged fellow whose wife was far past childbearing years—to be the progenitor of the Ishmaelites and Isaacites, who eventually dispersed all over and into the world to intermarry with all the peoples of all countries, thus fulfilling God's promise to Abraham.

    And wherever they went all throughout history, subsequent Hebrews have been subject to schemes of eradication by others—almost everyone—who oddly believed themselves superior.

    The last was Hitler, who in his madness exterminated not real Hebrews-of-God's-Promise, as he was misled to, but neo-Jews instead, people who were the Aryan diaspora of Kazakhstan forcibly converted to the state-religion of Judaism in the 8th Century. It were their descendants run into Europe and the Russias by Mongol hordes eventually resettling Turkey.

    As history shows, in reality, the Aryans of Hitler's insane fascination were actually Nordic, and real Aryans were Kazakh, a confusingly stupid screw-up. However, like all bullies, Hitler felt he had to rid himself of those he considered superior in order to succeed.

    Therefore of the six million or so Jews Hitler had killed, very few were real Semitic Jews, that is, people of Abraham's lineage, because God had hidden Abraham's real descendants throughout the world by marrying them into all the peoples of the world. So Hitler mostly killed off converted Aryan neo-Jews, the displaced Kazakhs forced by state-religion to emulate the Jewish religion, instead.

    Forced religious conversions of entire countries prevailed world history. Sir John Bagot Glubb, Pasha of the King of Jordan and uncle of a good friend, wrote of forced conversion in his book, The Life and Times of Muhammad, whereupon stating—
    "We are, of course, inclined to think that conversions due to fear or greed are of no value, but historically this is not the case. The actual man who changes his religion from fear is probably insincere. But when he has done so, his children can be brought up in the new faith. By the time the third or fourth generation is reached, the original method of conversion is forgotten and the descendants of the original false converts have become whole-hearted believers."
    And so it was with converted Aryan Kazakh neo-Jews, that after having been chased into Europe and stampeding into the newly-redistricted Israel, proves that country as not as a staging area of God's Promise to Abraham, but occupied with converted neo-Jews after-the-fact, where they were played in a master plot to keep God's actual Abrahamites—proto-Jews—out; a grand blunder contributing to the general mayhem of mid-east politics.

    Therefore history shows modern Israel not as the land of God's promised people but a massive mistake owing to man's attempt at self-destiny; for, as it stands, we who have even a trace of Hebrew blood in us are the promised nation of Abraham.

    In essence, God has civilized the whole world through its Jewish diaspora. So today if you keep clean and use cutlery at table, thank a Jew.

        Even Jews are confused about Jewishness

        Though Hebrew history is better documented than anyone's, the Jewish Chronicle still felt it had to ask—
        WHO IS A JEW?

        "This is potentially the biggest case in the Jewish community’s
        modern history,” said the editor, "as it speaks directly to the
        right of the state to intervene in how a religion operates..."
        This observer noticed the pompous article didn't mention the historic Jewish British PM Disraeli, who opined that a Jew is anyone gutsy enough to be one. So it appears that the Jewish Chronicle wants to discount history in favor of reinventing its race for this new age. How soon they forget.

        Initially, Jewish leaders established themselves through their male line, but after serious pogroms they redecided the mother as progenitor, so it’s obvious that most modern Jewish leaders don't really know what a Jew is either.

        But relax, as God knows what He's doing.

        We people

        Since the first-born of Abraham was Ishmael, of whom almost half the world owes its descendency, then they’re covered by the Promise of God as well, where ALL of Ishmael's line can also be saved back into heaven if any want it.

        Let’s remember that although Joshua the Son-of-God was birthed through the line of Judah, he was born in what is now modern Jordan, in Palestinian land. So let's not hold to the error that The Son-of-God is an Israeli. Realize that he is simply descended from Hebron's Abraham, the forefather of us all, and that the land of Hebron, where Hebrews originated, was historically Palestinian.

        Plus, much of the mid-east and Persia were originally settled by Hebrews of the promise-of-God anyway, as even Afghanistan, for example, is named for Solomon's son, Afghani.

        Die-hard traditions still remind diasporic descendants of their Hebrew roots even in America, where, as result, many Hispanos in the northern part of the State of New Mexico, where the observer now lives, are only just rediscovering their rightful Jewish beginnings, with some even named, RAEL ("Ray-ell," derived of Is-rael); a name that doesn't exist elsewhere.

        Accordingly then, what we are experiencing of the modern country of Israel is a grand end-times "anti-christ" scenario worked through blasphemers, who have reconstructed Joshua [Yeshua] the Son-of-God into their mythical ‘Jesus,’ and reformatted God into the vindicatif-patron "Jehovah," with themselves as philosophical solutionists to every concern except, "what to do with Jews?" (who aren't real Jews at all). Such a madness.

        Therefore, we around the world with Hebrew bloodlines are God's real Abrahamites. We were not chosen for being the best, but for having been the worst the world had to offer, just so God could prove Himself.

        And it seems He has indeed proven himself.

        Why Son-of-God was born a Jew

        The study culminating these notes has evidenced that God does his best through Jews not because they’re the finest the world has to offer, but by reason that they’re the worst of the world. Many times have other tribes attempted to eradicate Hebrews, but it is obvious that no one can, because God is showing His best through them.

        So by doing this just to prove Himself, God had His chief angel birthed into a human body and raised as a Jew just to prove that His ways usually supplant popular expectations to the contrary.

        And since the first angel was not a fallen, exiled, angel, he retained all his heavenly abilities in order to demonstrate to earthlings that God would redeem those who had repented of leaving heaven in the first place. In this way, the first angel became the deliverer sent to redeem those that wanted to return to Heaven.

        Having prepared a virginal girl for the chore, God had His Chief Angel firstborn to the young woman on the April 17th of our modern calendar, in 6 BC. The infant was named Joshua (Yeshua), for his mother's line of forebears as was custom (not given the popular non-Semitic name of "Jesus")  The young mother then went on to have other children, thus fulfilling the crowning glory for women of her time.

        Traditionally called Mary, or Meeryahm in Hebrew, we must acknowledge that the woman's name is probably as much an appellation as was 'Adam and Eve' and their conceptual 'apple.'  It unfortunately turns out that the name Maryam is actually that of a chief demon.

        Yet we continue to call the Son-of-God's mother Mary by virtue of it being traditional.

        Also, despite many celebration religion out of Joshua's Virgin birth, even to elevating Mary as the Immaculate Conception deserving of mankind's worship, Joshua's was not the first virgin birth in history. An earlier Jewish virgin birth resulted in a man known as Emmanuel, but that has been twisted to indicate another name for Yeshua. 

        However, by his having been a Jew, we can now better understand the Menorah and why the touted Turin Shroud could not have cloaked him -- also why he was born and died around Passover plus that the name "Jesus" is NOT Jewish but Gentile. 

        These and many other examples are resolved in this series. 

        Christianity began as a state religion for gentiles

        Napoleon Bonaparte said it best — 
                  "How can you have order in a state without  religion ? For, when one man is dying of hunger near another who is ill of surfeit, he cannot resign himself to this difference unless there is an authority which declares ‘God wills it thus.’ Religion is excellent stuff for keeping common people quiet."
        Although Christianity is a guild with The Church merely an institution preserving and supporting it, both are outgrowths of the same world executive seeking to control its masses, through state-mandated religions intended to render its citizenry harmless.

        When people joyfully accepted the salvation plan of God that the rightful Son-of-God explained to
        them 2,000 years ago, they partnered-with-God under a loose fellowship called, "The Way." And after three-hundred years of an increasing number of people ceding their loyalty not to Rome but to "The Way," Rome decided to reinvent the 'hope and faith of The Way' into a religion it could control.

        So following years of planning, it all fell together in 312 AD after Roman Emperor Constantine supposedly dreamt of a cross in the sky hosted by the suggestive phrase, 'In Hoc Signo Vinces' or, "By This Sign: Conquer."

        A first clue to the ignominy of Rome having anything to do with God, is shown from the simple word, "Conquer." God does not conquer; only tyrants do. So obviously it was a demonic vision that someone in Constantine's retinue reported and that he plagiarized—if really a vision and not the plot of a scheme—for as it's now been revealed, the cross is Lucifer's earthly mark, loosed for Constantine to use as a Christian symbol, despite our Creator disqualifying all graven images.

        Upon this obviously well-planned use of “a vision” did Caesar Constantine have his court devise a Universal Church based on rule-form of the Roman Senate, including it's secret encouragement of sex, drugs and usury in order to totally replace The Way, by conquering Godly wannabes with concessions the Son-of-God warned us against taking (see "Beware the Leaven"), and by legalizing all religious gatherings to make cults focus in on themselves, so he wouldn't have to defend religious battles he'd not win.

        Once the Roman Church cemented its place in history, Constantine's successor Emperor Theodosius I decreed eighty years later (392AD) that Roman Christianity was the only legal religion of the Empire, thus extending its wimpish humanism, religious jingoism and pure fantasy into this very day.

        From then the Roman Church has grown so exclusively grand that it extends the inner evil of Roman Rule into our time, in such overwhelming manner that every church organization—even in dissenting spin-off—tries to transcend the Roman style only to default to it in the end.


        When the Son-of-God Joshua entered his day's synagogue to find sellers tables in the antechamber, he never called a council to discuss the matter, or beseeched the sellers to change their ways nor did he drop to his knees and pray for them ... nor did he write a letter-to-the-pastor. No, what he did was to angrily overturn the seller's tables and drive the sellers out. Whipped them as it is recorded, by unravelling a rope and fashioning a cat-o-nine-tails from it -- with purpose.

        Our Christian churches today won't do that, or challenge sinful behavior at all, much less recognize any, because they themselves are sinful (without God's conscience), as evidenced by today's co-mingling of grand hypocrisies and nebulous platitudes that sing, "What Would Jee-sus Do?" -and, "Love the sinner but hate the sin" – which God obviously did not know about when flooding the earth. Besides we all know that if these churches weren't politically correct and didn't properly jingo-ize, they might lose a dollar or three.


        Middle-ages phraseology tells us plainly that God is not mocked. (Galatians 6:7). In that day, etymology of the term mock meant, 'imitate.' Of late the word has evolved to signify contemptuous ridicule or derision. In truth, no person can do either to God as He is above and outside it all.

        In the first instance of the word "mock," knowing they could not get God to countenance a religion based on Him, Constantine's church reduced God's holy image to their liking and turned the Son-of-God Joshua into a "Jee-sus" character they could control.

        The Church can now, in all its multitudinous incarnations, mock both God via a false god named Jehovah, and the Son-of-God with its false Jesus character, by having formulated pseudodeities that promote Church ways—even to allowing ridicule and derision when needed—à la "tail-wagging-the-dog" scenarios similar to when Television’s "The Monkees," substituted for Beatle-mania.

        Unrealized is that a major example of church mockery lies deeply in Catholic Nunneries, where cloistered women are married off to their Jesus character as if members of his worldwide Harem, These cloisters were originally designed to receive wanton priests, only now as spiritual harems, these nuns play host to insatiable incubi every night somewhere around the globe.