About GOD (not the church's "Jehovah")

The actual, factual GOD is neither the Hebrew's "G-d", the Christian's "Jehovah" or Islam's "Allah" et al., He is not the invention of man but the creator of man. 

So for those wondering who and what this great ultimate spirit is really all about, let’s start from the beginning—

  • None of us is God nor ever will be. That fact alone should both humble and pique anyone's interest, for GOD is just as much each's father as He is any of the angels father.
  • Plus, He is a singular entity just as His first angel (Son-of-God) is a singular entity, albeit working in concert. Our narrow earthly viewpoints may see God and the 'Son' as the same person, but this is fallacious...
  • One never stands in line for God's attention. He is available to each of us as a good parent is to a child, not dependent on anyone to proxy for us.  
  • God IS forever personified. Should God decide something should be, then -ZAP!!- then there it is and has always been -- always existent. In reverse, whatever He nullifies then ceases to have ever existed -- to never be remembered again.
  • God is Supranatural, a single entity neither natural nor supernatural but who reigns outside space and time. Attention to each of us individually is His great joy. All the billions of us are special and unique to God, and He deals with each personally because He can.
  • God and His first angel (the "Son") both created all that everyone else merely manipulates. 
  • God engendered the scientifically-verified ‘big bang’ of the universe, i.e., space and time, where everything came from nothingness and—bang—here it is.
  • God and His first angel (the "Son") engendered all the various multitudinous forms of life on this earth -- life we still can’t find elsewhere; life of which in one way we’re superior to, and yet in another, from which we’re little different.
  • God places our spirits within bodies that many strive to leave but can’t, and makes the body to operate as it does, with sleep & awake cycles, no super powers, short shelf life with instinctive sexual and survival ambitions, etc.
  • God engendered time itself with us trapped to its ever so steady movement. See of how many scientists and mystics try to warp it to no avail and pretend we can travel back and forth within it. If time were natural to our being, we wouldn’t be so desperate to overcome and escape it.
  • Godliness (convictions of justification) is so deeply ingrained to our being that our very nature rebels against actions out of step with it, and;
  • God never argues viewpoints, although He will and does at times concede to desires as a good parent will for a beloved child.
And not to put a fine edge on things, but—
  • God set the orbit of our earth on the far edge of our galaxy we can view not only it but the rest of the universe in the night sky, with our moon only showing one face. We have both Solar and Lunar eclipses. Where else is this proven to happen?
  • Plus science has recently discovered that the Chicken produces an enzyme it's egg can’t pass to the embryo—proving that the chicken indeed came first.
A major clue to God, then, is of knowing that He’s far superior to any of us. He’s bigger, better, smarter and more powerful and efficient than we are. Therefore God doesn’t work for us, we work for Him. Let’s realize that we didn’t just show up as forces-to-be-reckoned-with only to suddenly discover some God person in our way, but that HE'S THE ONE WHO MADE US! -- we owe him our existence.

And since God has no actual name or title by virtue of being ‘sui generis’—unprecedentedly unique—if you want to know how to refer to the supreme entity, just call Him “God” as one would call a parent, "Father, 'Daddy' or 'Papa' rather than 'Pater' or 'Sire' -- epithets most sane parents wouldn’t like anyway as such flip hauteur distances both parent and child.

Perhaps then, the best way to recognize God is that He’s the “great spirit” spoken of by indigenous ancient peoples who intrinsically know of His existence -- more than we modern overeducated types do about such things.

Being the ultimate entity, our creator has neither a name nor the ego requiring any to worship Him, because, again, He competes with no one. His having no ego shouldn’t be hard to understand. Just as all the animals on earth have no individual names or need of worship from their own or lesser animals nor suffer from identity crises, so is it with God.

Therefore although He’s above it all, we earthly types still limit God to our meager perceptions, such as when the observer overheard a pretty girl decline membership in a Christian mega-church for fearing that God would make her marry an ugly guy if she did.

So we need to factor that God is not the martinet disciplinarian that Christian Church organizations teach of Him. H'e extremely kind and generous, yet is no one's dupe.