Alternate Design and the Green Mists of Hades

Space and Time, so closely related as considered to be the same thing, are actually separate, finite structures only appearing interrelated from the narrow viewpoints of those studying the effects of both, with Space, aka the universe, as a physical realm of unstable molecules, and Time as the energy field that encloses, binds it all together and advances it. They are two separate phenomena basically working in tandem.

Upon this earth we humans, also of two-fold spirit and soul interrelation sentient.Sapien), live only within three dimensions of all space/times possible combinations, though we're aware of more dimensions and realms outside of ours.

We feel so trapped in this 3-dimensional existence (ans why would we if it were natural to us?) that the mere possibility of other realms make us frantic to attain them, which we pretend to do through the overuse of alcohol, drugs and magic in hopes of glimpsing another realm.

But alas, even with today's newfangled electrified plasma gadgets, we still cannot change either ours or the world's overall demeanor, for the world is resolute.

Man, who wants to be differently empowered but cannot, is locked into these animal bodies on an intransigent world. Yet we're wont to control our greater destiny, aren't we?

It’s the sort of thing that drove the satirical polemicist Voltaire (1694-1778) to write about a fictional Chinese philosopher griping to his territorial god—
"Why should I be condemned to a moment of time? I should be able to live twenty-thousand years and more. I should be at least a hundred cubits tall. Why should I not be able, in the twinkle of an eye, to travel to the moon, and be able to change its orbit? Why should I have to sleep through a full third of my life? Why shouldn't my wife be able to satisfy my modest passion and have a hundred or more of my children in three months’ time? Why must I lose my desire for her after only a day?"
Thusly that this Earthly life is God's way for our kind, we, trapped in these physical limitations, must appreciate that we'll only be freed upon our deaths, and that any of us occupying this and other dimensions will also remain trapped within them until our destiny here ends.

Fantasy of it all

Acknowledging man's wont to traverse time itself, Albert Einstein observed that time travel, if possible, could only happen in reverse, from the understanding that one could only go into the past because our future hasn't yet transpired.

Yet fantasists propose that everything that could happen HAS happened and that we, caught in the middle somehow, could travel back and forth once we have the machinery for it. A grandiose notion.

But as for time-travel either forward or backward, the observer must express a reservation based on simple spatial mechanics.

For the sake of argument, let's say a rift could be opened between two different points within our time continuum, and a person or a thing could be passed between those times.

With modern science telling us that our earth is part of the moving universe, and not a separate, static force unto its own as many wish it to be, then all good sense wonders how can any person or thing appear at another time on this same planet unless this earth were an all-inclusive enclosed force separate from the universe? It's not, is it? Or is it?

Scientific observation shows that the Earth and all other planets are speeding with all the suns through space, and that all the planets including the Earth on which we live, rotate. The admissible conclusion shows us that IF time travel were feasible, and IF a portal was opened for a step-through, wouldn't the other end of it open into the EMPTY SPACE where our planet was or would be at the specific time chosen for a step-through. Wouldn't such a luckless time traveler be Lost in Space?

I'd be nice if we could believe all the possibilities about time travel and multiple, parallel universes and the thought of our earth being its own enclosed playpen allowing us to zip from one to another time upon it, but it cannot be.

So just right up to the point that someone wants to believe in time travel, the observer relents to the fact that real time travel might be possible if one traverses 'hades' to get to the earth's other side.

It's been written that a time travel experiment created a rift—a hole—from which modern electronics were passed to recipients of likewise experimentation in the 1940's. It would explain the increased speed with which superior technology has advanced, and it lends credence to successful experiments with stealth aircraft (The Roswell Incident) and magnetic hyper-drives (pre-atomic Trinity Site).

So with that eerie possibility in mind, let's say you're a scientist experimenting with time travel, and have opened rifts of green mists and strange faces in your personal twilight zone. If this has happened, then one must ask just where and with whom you think you're communicating.

Odds are you might have tapped into the inter-dimensional force enclosing this earth, that houses the devils and demons we know so well, and perhaps this realm is the playpen from which devils and demons come and go between their domain and ours -- one that they'd like to escape.

Perhaps tapping into this greenish void makes us think we could time-travel through it into another era without falling off the earth, through the force that seems to unite the two portals.

The broach

It’s been written that some sailors of the Philadelphia Experiment's USS Eldridge certainly rifted into a greenish inter-dimensional force during an electronic experiment aboard that ship, and that none of those men ever materialized into another time, but just disappeared and reappeared as the ship's magnetic fields fluxed …with a couple of the guys encased in ships decking.

Likely it's the same force the observer observes as the energy of earthquakes released prior to each strike, such as one seen before rumbling through his backyard, or multiply observed in 1994 by broadcaster Larry King from the Beverly Wilshire Hotel.

A girl who had tried suicide and lived, described awakening in a green mist and being shown others awaiting the end of time -- told that those were the ones who had successfully committed suicide and were awaiting 'Judgement Day.'

Is this glowing greenish mist the illumination of hades, as described by those who've visited that place, such as one interviewee telling of his transportation into it, with his demonic host asking, "How do like MY light?"

Is this green mist the dwelling place of the inter-dimensional evil spirits spoken of in Bible and other sources, and is it the cohesive sate of transference that scientists broach for versions of time travel?

It's said that we'll fully understand all that's happened to us after this world is over, but once we who are loyal to God get back to heaven, the observer doubts we'll care how and why this was all done for our benefit.

We'll be so happy to be home that none of it will matter anymore, and with that, all who feverish explore alternate ways to God's desire for us, are fooling themselves into ultimate oblivion.

Think this through

By the way, there are no space aliens. Those described as such are earthbound evil avatar spirits—those fallen with Lucifer—'sleeper agents' awaiting exposure as alternate beings to enhance the arrival of the anti-christ, for confusing inclusion in the Tribulation/pre-Armageddon melee. Oh they exist, as one specie is chemically 'evolved' from a dinosaur and the others are simply freak humans, but they are not from outer space.

For all the people scanning the heavens, not one has reported seeing "UFO's" coming to, or going from, the earth. All UFO's, even those in orbit, are verified to be Air Craft. Most are man's experiments; others are holographs.

All so-called alternate beings from 'other-dimensions' are also fallen spirits playing at keeping those who 'believe' in them, spinning in circles. They are evil. Don't doubt this. They are not nice pseudo-people interested in earth, who want to give our kind better ways of doing things, but are awaiting their chance to do us in. 

Anyone who "believes" in alternate beings becomes their dupe. Mankind is alone on both this planet and space/time. Only God, the first angel we know as 'the Son-of-God,' and heaven's angels—both the devoted and fallen—exist. This universe and the earth we travail is our temporary "bootcamp," where some of the loyal fallen are culled for return to heaven.

All other 'alternate' imaginings are fantasy.