Ancient scholars called God, "IM"

As is said, it’s more than adequate to call the nameless, faceless ultimate spiritual entity, “God.”

But it’s well-known throughout history that many people have called their Creator by many names with intent to get on His ‘good side.’ One is by insisting His name is Jehovah (YHWH), while still others insist His name is Elohim; El Shaddai, Adonai &c. The list it is confusingly exhaustive.

It was surprising to learn then, that the most ancient of scholars had designated the actual genuine, ultimate God as “IM.” to distinguish our Creator from trickster spirits posing as gods. Although not known how the name of IM came about, it suffices that almost everyone in prehistory knew God as IM. One indication is revealed by the Hebrew suffix of ‘im,’ as having grown to mean “of God.” Even the honored title of Immanuel must refer to Man of God.

Ancient writings gathered into our Bible did once give overt proof of God being called IM, but that evidence has been redacted and rewritten to where all proof is chiefly indicative by omission.

A glaring example of this omission is found in the badly altered Bible verse of Exodus 3:14, where Moses, who knew that burning Menorah Trees didn’t talk, asked the voice speaking to him just who was doing the talking.

Speaking from the burning man-sized plant, the voice did not answer, “I am that I am,” but said instead, “I AM THAT ‘IM,'” referencing itself as the supreme being trusted not only by ancient scholars but specifically by Joseph of Egypt. We recall that Joseph always gave ultimate credit to IM’s (God’s) supremacy, instead of taking any credit for having saved Egypt to himself.

But despite all evidence of God-as-IM, clues to His identity were lost on zealous scriveners who, in egotistically trying to outdo each other without knowing the full story, presumptuously rewrote the original “I AM THAT ‘IM” answer that God gave, to the philosophically-sounding though basically meaningless and highly conceited phrase of, ‘I am that I am,’ instead, severing all ties to God-as-IM and misleading the trusting faithful ever since.

That one basic misapplication has since diminished God to a fanciful human standard allowing mockers to masquerade themselves as the holy presence.