Automatic emotionless 'Prayer'

Have any of you ever been prayed over only to be otherwise ignored by those doing the praying? This observer sadly has, many times, and relates the following—
"One memorable instance was in a backwater town where members of the local wanna-be mega-church essentially attacked me with fierce 'praying in tongues,' i.e., intense guttural pseudo-languages none of them knew, only to back off and leave with NO follow-up -- NO ONE inquiring after my well-being or giving a whit about me, as if GOD would mysteriously do HIS DUTY since THEY egotistically called HIS attention to it
"The incident later reminded me of the famous Charles Schultz PEANUTS cartoon strip, where two boys see Snoopy freezing in the winter night and merely nod that he should "be thou warm and happy," without they're ever assisting him."
Such has become the shape of prayer nowadays, as if Mantra in-the-name-of-God is sufficient, as if keeping God at arm's length from us is de rigueur.

Formality in church is so extended that many pastor/ leaders often speak in trance-like cadence, as if feeling special-to-God—better than you—with themselves possibly belonging to secret cults.

It all seems to where they’ll validate "Visitation Beads," similar to the Vatican's rosary beads, for us to finger whenever we visit parents and loved ones, leaving upon finishing the final remembrance. That would be horribly disrespectful wouldn't it?

Well, it's worse when done to God. So consider things from God's point-of-view -- one which makes the observer imagine that God is pretty disgusted with most of us.