Mene Mene Tekel U'Parsin Countdown to Armageddon

NOTE:  Dates are approximate owing to differences in the Solar,
 Lunar, Hebrew and Catholic calendars, and mankind's propensity
 to reinvent everything according to itself...

There being no zeroes between 1 BC and 1 AD, the third period of mankind's progression. as laid out in the book of Daniels prophesy, show's the 2,000th anniversary of the Son-of-God's birth to be in the 1994 of our modern era.

But since the slain Son-of-God resurrected at age 33 to give us the rebirth we value so greatly, we must count those thirty-three years forward, from his rebirth, in AD 27, to the modern year 2027AD, as the actual 2,000th anniversary of the resurrection we value.

It's expected that with the grace period of the Son-of-God ended in 2027, world leaders will go mad with power and begin to destroy each other and all getting in their way. 

We read in the book of Daniel, that the angel answering Daniel's dream-prophecies disclosed God as having given mankind four-sections of timeline upon this earth, with those sections being "a time [one], times [two more] and a 'division of time.'"  In the 1611 King James bible, the word "division," is re-interpreted as "a half," later on in the same book. This is not understood.

However,, the total comes out to about seven-thousands of our years. Scholars assume the periods to be equal in length but that supposition is also not validated. 

But it's intriguing to learn, then, that the same Hebrew scholars calculated God as so far giving the world 2,000 years without a law, 2,000 years of the law and 2,000 years of grace; whatever they meant by that, for they fall short of disclosing how that grace was to be dispensed.

Their timeline, although imprecise, does coincide with the Daniel prophecy for the first six thousand years of human existence, where sapient fallen angel spirits were installed into sentient humanoid bodies.

The observer hasn't done an exhaustive calculation of all the times and days prophesied in Daniel, and as he's just not into such things—and who’d want to read it?—he always leaves the details to God.

But, it is foretold that the seven* years before Armageddon will be absolutely miserable, and this seems to be the looming Great Tribulation, that period of time where everyone will experience worldwide financial ruin, poverty, famine, disease and unmitigated suffering and death; which the New World Order hopes will wipe out at least 4/5ths of all mankind.
* The biblical number 7 is not necessarily counted as an actual full amount of anything, but is an approximation. Therefore the prophesied seven years of disaster leading up to Armageddon are relative.
Let's be brutally honest here: There will be lootings, killings, rape and societal chaos as game is quickly depleted, with water and gasoline severely rationed as crop failure becomes rampant.

As of writing, we note the worldwide honey bees are dying off. Gold will be valueless and gunholders will find all their bullets inert. This is a highly-orchestrated, scientifically devised global disaster. There will be no one to turn to except for God's Deliverer, the "Son" of-God.

Now since it's said that while no one will know the exact hour of the Son-of-God's actual return, we're reminded that weather watchers know when a storm will approach, and for us to be aware for he end-of-things by seeing the signs accordingly. Those signs are nigh.

"Mene Mene Tekel U'Parsin"

When ancient Babylon was warned by the handwriting on the wall that it's days were at an end, the terminology Daniel interpreted was of they being weighed and and caught wanting in the balance --Mene Mene Tekel U'Parsin -- of where a 50 shekel weight (mina), plus another 50 shekel weight (another mina), plus a single shekel (tekel), plus a half-shekel (u'Parsin, to mean, 'and a half') only added up to 2.520 gerahs - their smallest monetary units.

Our not knowing how items were valued in those days, it was obvious—at least to Daniel—that Babylon had failed in it's accounting, so God was going to take Babylon's prominence away for 2,520 years. The Medes and Persians conquered Babylon that very night, and Nebuchadnezzer lost his mind , and grazed on grass.

The prophecy seemingly quite esoteric, it turns out that the period of 2,520 years from that fateful night ostensibly ended in our modern year of 1968 AD (the date adjusted owing to poor record keeping). Therefore all set in place before that year was merely preparation for the evil of Babylon to reassert itself, which it has done in these, our last days. Their aim is complete and utter worldwide control.

Onward to Armageddon 

Ancient prophets accounted Megiddo (Armegeddon in Greek) as one of their land's oldest occupied areas.

A completely innocuous settlement located in present-day Israel, it has survived mankind's wars and pestilence to where it now stands atop as many as 25 earlier incarnations of itself over a period of as many as 35 centuries. A great international commerce and administrative center over its time, it was prophesied that the next time it is wiped out will be its last, thus lending its name to the fabled emd-of-the-earth battle called Armageddon.

It's last clearing, however, won't be a battle as much as a rout, with modern nuclear weapons raining down on Israel to destroy every person and thing. Not one stone will be left atop another.

Then with Megiddo the victim of collateral damage—as innocent as it is—along with the rest of Israel gone forever, the area's remaining nuclear submarines will return engagement, unleashing holy terror all over the world.

When the 13th apostle Paul wrote of people being "caught up in the air" in the last days, he was envisioning massacre by atomic means, something he couldn't comprehend. And seeing that those who belong to God through Joshua's salvation, would be taken from recently exploded bodies back to heaven—as an exodus of INDIVIDUALS—it is written that that event will quickly be followed by the removal of scheduled returnees still alive. It will be the end.
Now, the reason that God will stop Armageddon is due to the killing of Tzadikim Nistarim, the Hidden, or Secret, Righteous men of the earth upon which the Babylonian Talmud asserts that God relies upon, to justify the world's right to exist. Armageddon is the New World Order's plan to rid earth of overpopulation so it can rule without contest. God will destroy the world when The Order kills one or more of God's Tzadikim Nistarim (said to be 36 in total). 
This is when our creator stops the destruction to reestablish earth as the paradise it once was, and place his chief angel the 'Son-of-God' as ruler over a select of us for the thousand-year time period explained to Daniel. As of this writing it's unsure who those lucky people will be -- perhaps recycled renegers or babies given spirits who never survived.

So good luck with all the religious falderal you've been taught. You may need to rethink it all and step outside of it for simple acceptance by the real God—our creator—who'll prepare you for the end rather than you trying to prepare for it on your own.

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