Bible is a partisan rewrite

Popular biblical numbers were neither real measurement nor mystic secret codes, and keeping in mind that ancient peoples couldn't read, write or count, numerical amounts were explained in blocked-out, abstracted forms any person could understand.

Therefore these much over-used numbers are abstracted exaggerations, e.g.—
  • 72 – many moons of days; or a great amount. 36 (as counted of Tzadikim Nistitim) is half of 72, which folklore originally believed was the number of earth's guardian angels, but which has since been twisted to count satanic earthly gods;
  • 40 – more than befits a moon’s time phase; or to denote a large amount of time often conveying periods of trial and testing.
  • 7 - to indicate a thoroughly adequate amount; O.T refers to 'the seven eyes of God, seven days of creation (to indicate evolution), the 7 locks of Samson et al. 
  •  - half-of seven, to signify a moderate amount.
Early mankind was of a differing mindset than modern man, where 3pm was midday and 3am was midnight, the day began at sunset, lunar cycles ruled the months and years, and all information received was by word-of-mouth -- passed around campfires at first and later by priests, magistrates or self-appointed know-it-alls, who also rewrote much of what later became the Bible.

However, partisan agenda couldn't alter all the Bible to it's own opinions (though some have tried), as it seems Godly decree keeps a scintilla of truth within it, such that revisers can not completely eradicate. Therefore, the Bible has become a collection of earnest tales rewritten by partisan revisionists who redefined Bible stories for modern denominational consumption, where thought-patterns.quite foreign from those originally espoused are emplaced to proclaim God's Word as being in line with their own desires.

As an internet reference states—
"The Bible comprises 24 books for Jews, 66 for Protestants, 73 for Catholic and 78 for most Orthodox Christians. These books vary in length from a single page of modern type to dozens of pages. All but the shortest are divided into chapters, generally a page or two in length. Each is further divided into verses of a few short lines or sentences... Tanakh [aka Tanach, IPA or Tenak] is an acronym that identifies the Hebrew Bible... The canonical list of the Books of the Bible differs among Jews, and Catholic, Protestant, and Eastern Orthodox Christians, even though there is a great deal of overlap... Protestantism encompasses the forms of Christian faith and practice that originated with the doctrines of the Reformation...”
Furthermore, research Professor Bart D. Ehrman has discovered that much of the bible's New Testament was fabricated. His leading tome, Misquoting Jesus, has angered  many christian cults who have placed his books on hate and burn lists.

So, when trying to decide which is the real bible then, it must first be realized that, in a very delicate matter of yes and no—
  • Yes, the bible is a collection of stories we commonly believe is of God, but;
  • No, the book no longer outlays God's-divine-plan nor is it a recipe for life nor is it the-wisdom-of-the-ages, not a philosophy of love and brotherhood nor much of anything we hope it is. 
Rather the bible is—
  • For the righteous – a pretty good companion book to the faith, standing as acknowledgement of what each of the Godly has experienced. 
  • To the world-at-large -- rewritten stories that portray a false god and a false savior both masquerading as, and trying to outdo, the real God and real Savior. 
A Reversal

After years of painstakingly studying bible and it's supporting manuscripts, the observer now sadly acknowledges that the book was never truly compiled for the reason of opening hearts and minds to the Godhood, but but was otherwise intended to subtly deter the public toward partisan church agenda instead, to repurpose God's exiled arch-angel Lucifer to appear as if he were God.

The skulduggery started way before the King James edition was released, and madly continues to where the book now suffers successive rewrites, replacing original intent with partisan regard.
For example are blocks of material out-of-sync with original intent, and obvious misinterpretations of how life actually works -- things which Godly writers wouldn't gaffe.

For one example, when reading the celebrated psalm that warns "Spare the rod lest ye spoil the child," the observer took the passage to easily mean what it says: 'Don't beat your children or they'll react as if slaves, and hurt you or likely run off.'

Yet, all his life he's heard traditional churchniks stress that children should be beaten ... that ye shouldn't spare the rod but beat the child because it says so in the Bible. When quizzing churchies about this only to receive silent stares and bemused smirks, the observer had a series of epiphanies most scholars recognize as “a-ha!” moments -- one's which betrayed the inherent backwardness of churchy thought-patterns.


Blatantly obvious are the biblical books of 1st and 2nd Corinthians, where upon careful reading, one can see that the two were reversed. Another obvious error can be seen where the prospective father Laban offers Jacob his two daughters as wives, in Genesis 29, where one was originally described as being "tender-eyed" although Jacob preferred the other instead. It seems as if hubristic rescripters replaced the term 'tender-eyed' with the word limpid, which means bright and clear, yet later buffoons mistook the word limpid to mean, "dull," and that wrongful word has stood since -- even abutted by the word, 'weak,' in updated bible versions.

Partisan agenda poorly explains the Son-of-God as warning Apostles to "Beware the Leaven of Herod and of the Philistines," from being skeptical of organizational sponsorship, to mean that one should anachronistically beware the lies of rival churches.

Plus modern bibles are so corrupted that a recent cultist Bible contained multiple declarations of "the Triune God" on each page, with copious footnotes leaving too much to be believed, as if readers were presumed so stupid that they needed to be continually reminded.

However, within each bible lurks unmistakably Godly intent—maybe by design—that no one can entirely eradicate or rewrite -- existential bits of undeniable truth that revisionists unfortunately pre- and post-cede by such extreme spin-doctoring, that only a real truth seeker can find them, much in the same way that a curator can detect genuine master paintings from faked ones, Treasury Agents can instantly recognize counterfeit money and Shakespearean experts identify added verse.

The cult syndrome

Early in life the young observer was invited to a Jehovah's Witnesses meeting where, within its badly-paneled, all-white country-club setting, was a polyestered pot-bellied leader guffawing through teachings from his group's “New World Translation of the Holy Scriptures.”

When finally turning everyone to Matthew 23:14 to show the benefit of his nebulous closing point, there was no verse to be found, as the JW's version of the Bible hyphenates deleted passages. So the speaker smirkingly blurted; "See, you get nothing - hawhawhawhawhawhawhawhawha!"

Noting the verse number, the observer got home and later saw that the passage in his old King James bible reads—
     "Woe unto you, scribes and Pharisees — Hypocrites! — for ye devour widows' houses, and for a pretense make long prayer: therefore ye shall receive the greater damnation."
This introduction to misrepresentation of time-honored bible scripture immediately raised a wonderment of just why the Jehovah's Witnesses had bothered to print a special bible numbered in the classic St. Augustine style at all, since they thought their ways superior to everyone else's.

The wonderment made the observer speculate that if he were to start a religion with his own version of the bible, then he'd surely come-up with a more unique numerical system—if one at all—than one of traditional style.

So it occurred that although the Jehovah’s Witnesses cult copied traditional biblical protocol in order to salvage their credibility, they completely negated all claim to that credibility by still numbering verses they'd removed.

So we must understand that The Bible is not the Holy Word of God, but a fatality twisted book for pretenders to use against Godly people.

However the bible is not a bad book to back up one's faith in God, and it's not bad history when read correctly either. The Greek Orthodoxy, despite all their faults, have a motto saying that 'the bible is not the word of god, but that one can find the word of God within it.'

However, it's understood that no bible should backbone anybody's faith, but rather be considered a companion book to back-up the faith one feels in one's heart.