Even Jews are confused about Jewishness

Though Hebrew history is better documented than anyone's, the Jewish Chronicle still felt it had to ask—

"This is potentially the biggest case in the Jewish community’s
modern history,” said the editor, "as it speaks directly to the
right of the state to intervene in how a religion operates..."
This observer noticed the pompous article didn't mention the historic Jewish British PM Disraeli, who opined that a Jew is anyone gutsy enough to be one. So it appears that the Jewish Chronicle wants to discount history in favor of reinventing its race for this new age. How soon they forget.

Initially, Jewish leaders established themselves through their male line, but after serious pogroms they redecided the mother as progenitor, so it’s obvious that most modern Jewish leaders don't really know what a Jew is either.

But relax, as God knows what He's doing.

We people

Since the first-born of Abraham was Ishmael, of whom almost half the world owes its descendency, then they’re covered by the Promise of God as well, where ALL of Ishmael's line can also be saved back into heaven if any want it.

Let’s remember that although Joshua the Son-of-God was birthed through the line of Judah, he was born in what is now modern Jordan, in Palestinian land. So let's not hold to the error that The Son-of-God is an Israeli. Realize that he is simply descended from Hebron's Abraham, the forefather of us all, and that the land of Hebron, where Hebrews originated, was historically Palestinian.

Plus, much of the mid-east and Persia were originally settled by Hebrews of the promise-of-God anyway, as even Afghanistan, for example, is named for Solomon's son, Afghani.

Die-hard traditions still remind diasporic descendants of their Hebrew roots even in America, where, as result, many Hispanos in the northern part of the State of New Mexico, where the observer now lives, are only just rediscovering their rightful Jewish beginnings, with some even named, RAEL ("Ray-ell," derived of Is-rael); a name that doesn't exist elsewhere.

Accordingly then, what we are experiencing of the modern country of Israel is a grand end-times "anti-christ" scenario worked through blasphemers, who have reconstructed Joshua [Yeshua] the Son-of-God into their mythical ‘Jesus,’ and reformatted God into the vindicatif-patron "Jehovah," with themselves as philosophical solutionists to every concern except, "what to do with Jews?" (who aren't real Jews at all). Such a madness.

Therefore, we around the world with Hebrew bloodlines are God's real Abrahamites. We were not chosen for being the best, but for having been the worst the world had to offer, just so God could prove Himself.

And it seems He has indeed proven himself.