Christianity's "Jesus" is old Egypt's 'Isis'

Pronounce the names "Jesus" and "Isis" in their original phonetics. 
They’re both "Eh-s-s," aren't they? — ed.

“JESUS," an imposter the Roman state church devised to divert attention from the real Son-of-God,  is a character derived from the ancient Egyptian legend of "Isis."

Although Shakespeare wrote that "A rose by any other name would smell as sweet," using a truism to show that names shouldn't matter, scholars have learned that names, and specifically titles, really do matter amongst the avatars of this world, as each wants to outshine the other.

In earliest times, names were coined to countenance chief devils and demons (the first fallen angels) who vied for control of their new world, each other and especially we who came afterward.

Then after mankind was formed by instilling fallen angelic spirits into humanoid bodies—turning sentient beings sapient—and Adam named various animal species, the original fallen angels descended to quickly teach the world’s newly-formed mankind things like herbology, astrology, language and the uses of pen and ink, as told in the book attributed to Enoch.

None of this has stopped either. Still teaching today, chief evil now has man harnessing electricity, nukes and cloning, with top scientists not only relying but calling-upon supreme evil by name, in warlock-like ritual enlisting underworld aid.

These well-known underworld creatures even have comic book and Hollywood writers naming fictional characters after them. Good sense prevents them from being named here.

Modern life

Individuals had no full names up until recently, but were only called by their craft titles. Porter, Parker, Cobbler, Clark, Currier and Cooper for example. Joshua the Son-of-God was likely known around Nazareth as Josh Carpenterson.
But modern studies now dhow us that he wasn’t referred to as The Nazarene, because that character, the Jesus-of-Nazareth, was concocted to misdirect people to a rival Jesus.

However after the 1377 Poll Tax of England forced everyone to have a first and last name, names and titles and pompous salutations became such an intrinsic part of our earthly experience, that people now feel once they know the name of someone or something, that it belongs to them -- to control, pigeonhole or ignore until summoning it to their need.

And so it was with the Church craving a deity that was on their side and dancing to their tune, because unable to get God or the Son-of-God to do it's bidding, the Constantinian church reworked the name 'Jesus' from the Egyptian Goddess legend of Isis, Osirus and Horus just to have a divinity it could control.

Familiarity between the two characters of "Jesus" and "Isis" is especially noticeable to those aware of etymology, i.e., word origin, as even today the I, J and Y vowel sounds interchange in international language, where the ancients only employed guttural sounds sans vowels left to user discretion, As populations and languages grew, vowels expanded to differentiate the proliferation of modern words.

Therefore, it can be factored that the names Jesus, Osiris, Isis and Horus are actually all the same name though mix-matched and re-spelled. Plus the Isis legend of ancient Egypt includes the torture of Isis' son ISU aka Horus -- drama the church delights in recreating for their Jesus legend.

The Masquerade

But let's not take just the observer's word for it. From the book COME OUT OF HER MY PEOPLE, by C. J. Koster, is a better description—
“Jesus comes from the Greek name "Iesous/IHSOUS" and Latin "Iesus." "Iesous" is adapted from the name of the Greek goddess of healing "Iesos/Iaso," the daughter of Apollo, the Sun-deity. This goddess was linked to the Egyptian "Isis" who had a son named "Isu." During the era of Roman Emperors, there were numerous worshipers of "Isis." Many converted to Constantine's religion that mixed paganism with the Messianic faith that eventually became the Roman Catholic Church. The Roman Catholic Church continues to use the sunburst emblem known as the "Eucharist" which to this day contains the Greek letters "IHS" for "IHSOUS." Further research reveals that the name "Jesus" is also linked to the Greek Sun-god "Zeus" who was the Greek interpretation of the Egyptian Sun-god "Amen-Ra."
The above description explains why the original sun-god is Lucifer, the Christmas celebration is on the sun-god holiday of Dec.25th, and why Amen-Ra steals Christian prayers to himself.

You should remember, too, that Isis, who has had many names throughout history, is also well known as Ishtar, for whom the Easter holiday was rewritten. And although replaced as the third of the original trinity philosophy, her shadow role as Mary Mother-of-God is still strong, plus she lives to this day as the goddess Colombia, that America surreptitiously reveres.

In the same vein as Shakespeare's affirmation then, our return to heaven is as assured as the Rose's smell no matter how we came to it, because, although the world's Jesus is a church replacement character for the actual Son-of-God Joshua/Yeshua, the rescue of God's people from earth is humanities greatest gift -- and available to anyone even under false name of "Jesus."

So although our return to heaven is assured by Joshua's resurrection no matter by how you have come to know him, it’s of little matter that the masquerading Jesus takes credit for it. Fact is, name recognition becomes a serious problem in the long run — for names really do make a difference in our search for proper personalities.

It behooves us to be aware of with whom we're dealing.