Earth, the soul repository

Not simply a space vehicle for housing our kind, the earth is an entity much as God is one Great Spirit, and is as such a storehouse for the basic animal soul. For just as our sapient spirits were parted out of God, sentient souls are parted out of the earth into and for the animation of all bodies at conception.

And when the sapient body ceases, the earth receives the sentient host soul where it joins and remelds into the collective, while the human spirit goes elsewhere -- back into heaven if saved for heaven or sent off to await Judgment Day. No spirit is ever overlooked.

Not a new understanding, the earth as a soul-master was well-known by ancient scholars even to the time of Solomon, who himself had ruminated—
     "For who can prove that the human [spirit] goes upward and the soul of animals goes downward into the earth?" (Ecclesiastes 3:21).
Cogitating the obvious, he knew that non-human sentient animals are simply part of the overall process of the living earth, where all soul life on this planet are part of an overall system to sustain us. Those souls simply return to the collective when no longer needed.

But take care to not worship the earth for it's being a repository of life. It is not the goddess Gaea nor does it have sapient wisdom, nor is it a deity. It's just a storehouse for the soulful material needed to supply life here.

All we people

It’s reported that the prophet Ezra asked when the world would be finished. He was answered in the words of the archangel Jeremiel, who had said—
    "As soon as the number of those like yourselves is complete. For the Lord has weighed the world in a balance, He has measured and numbered the ages; He will move nothing, alter nothing, until the appointed number is achieved" (2nd Esdras [Ezra] 4:37).
So you see; there are a definitive number of spirits destined to pass through human lives on this earth, with each accounted to make The Decision about whether or not to return to God. A lot of us.

It’s said that there are over approximately seven billion people presently alive on planet earth, estimated to be equal to or more than all those who've ever lived on it.

The investigator finds as false the estimates that count 108-billion humans as having lived on this planet since it's inception. Actual homo-sapiens, those combining conjoined spirit and soul, only began with Adam & Eve about six-thousand years ago. So it seems that homo-sentiens were wrongly counted into the overall mix by over-zealous statisticians.

As to the actual number of fallen angels living lives on earth, well, God only knows, but its a lot fewer than estimated.

It’s told that this society and everything in it will end with Armageddon, which will be followed at some point by a thousand-years of peace governed by God's Chief Angel, the Son-of-God.

That period will be the actual millennium, not the one wrongly referred to as the catholic calendar's 2,000th year (two millenniums) anniversary of their Jesus character/sun-god birth. .

Our end

Just as no soldier's boot camp suddenly appears but is at first wild undiscovered countryside to eventually be settled, cultivated into farmland then plated industrial property, and then measured and blueprinted and blacktopped and carefully constructed and peopled for purpose, so was our universe and this earth prepared and settled to give us our due, by providing a more-or-less stable environment for us to pretend we had no Creator.

But since most have even the fleetingest of feelings that there IS God, we should be reminded—hope- fully to our collective comfort—that all Biblical heroes such as Enoch, Job, Gideon, Solomon, Moses, David and others are contemporaries in the great scheme of things, and that we all have the chance and ability to know God as closely as did any of they.

For we all all in this together.