Egotistical "Prayer'

The observer has seen churchniks whose prayers basically retell gossip in order that they should be fixing someone else, and, if that person, animal or thing they've gossiped about improves afterwards, they always take credit for it with a hearty, "I prayed for it/them/you!" mark the event as an ego rush.

Others pray for God to provide goods for them. So when a Christian magazine cover once displayed a brassy woman proclaiming, "God Bought Me This Cadillac!" -well, it didn't come off smelling right.

And sure enough, there ARE cults teaching that God wants its members to be rich.

As he has witnessed—
"What I detected was devils using magic to make people think God was answering their prayer. And when seeing changes supposedly wrought by this prayer, I noticed that where God actually did miraculously sustain someone, the effect was everlasting, where obversely, those praying to beings masquerading as god ended-up having to trade-off one thing for another, usually by suffering life-changing tragedy, as in losing a family member, enduring mutilating disaster or contracting a terminal illness &c.

"One man had been pestered into buying a health insurance policy he didn't want, but ended up buying anyway, only to be smashed in a massive car wreck. He thought he was saved by God for buying a policy covering his expenses, but, in trading health for a crippled future, it was obvious he'd dealt with the devil on that one.

"Another man had prayed for a great fortune allowing him to build a refuge for cast-off disadvantaged persons—everyone has an imagined cause—so his seemingly holy prayer indeed answered by having both hands hands burned off in a freak accident. And though the ensuing lawsuit enabled him to build a mighty Christian center, he located it in the valley of the shadow of a notoriously pernicious little town of mystics.

“There for charity one holiday, I saw odd lights flash at us, campfires of many colors, ghosts running free and rampant sex as the norm. A lifelong buddy's Hollywood-raised fiancée hit on me, etc &c.

"I later met a woman thinking that God had told her to open her home to miscreant transients, only to have one of them burn it down, and a man whose wife was stabbed by a felon because ‘God told her to convert him to Christianity’..."
The list goes on.