But what about JEWS?

The SUPRANATURAL God shows His might through Jews just to prove
Himself. Jews would have been exterminated an eon ago if not for God's
 constant intervention. (So kill me for telling the truth.)

When occasioned for fallen angels to begin life as human avatars, the first two fallen spirits introduced into prepared humanoid, homo-sentiens bodies were Adam and Eve (Adom et Chevah), who then upon becoming homo-sapiens, separated from their homo-sentiens tribe to begin mankind in Eden.

Eden was located in what is now called the Rub-al-Khali, in Saudi Arabia. Totally barren sans sands or insects, the bedrock is constantly swept by the winds. All who go there understand it's significance.
We read that Adam & Eve's son Cain was marked by God so that when cast-away from Eden, the other pre-humans from whom his parents came would not kill him. Then God allowed him to take from the homo-sentiens a wife who then gave birth to the famous Enoch.

Fast forward to God choosing to separate Abraham, then called Abram, from the tribe at Hebron to be the father of a great nation.

Hebrews from Hebron were a tribe despised by others, and as God likes proving His best with the worst, took Abram of Hebron—an aged fellow whose wife was far past childbearing years—to be the progenitor of the Ishmaelites and Isaacites, who eventually dispersed all over and into the world to intermarry with all the peoples of all countries, thus fulfilling God's promise to Abraham.

And wherever they went all throughout history, subsequent Hebrews have been subject to schemes of eradication by others—almost everyone—who oddly believed themselves superior.

The last was Hitler, who in his madness exterminated not real Hebrews-of-God's-Promise, as he was misled to, but neo-Jews instead, people who were the Aryan diaspora of Kazakhstan forcibly converted to the state-religion of Judaism in the 8th Century. It were their descendants run into Europe and the Russias by Mongol hordes eventually resettling Turkey.

As history shows, in reality, the Aryans of Hitler's insane fascination were actually Nordic, and real Aryans were Kazakh, a confusingly stupid screw-up. However, like all bullies, Hitler felt he had to rid himself of those he considered superior in order to succeed.

Therefore of the six million or so Jews Hitler had killed, very few were real Semitic Jews, that is, people of Abraham's lineage, because God had hidden Abraham's real descendants throughout the world by marrying them into all the peoples of the world. So Hitler mostly killed off converted Aryan neo-Jews, the displaced Kazakhs forced by state-religion to emulate the Jewish religion, instead.

Forced religious conversions of entire countries prevailed world history. Sir John Bagot Glubb, Pasha of the King of Jordan and uncle of a good friend, wrote of forced conversion in his book, The Life and Times of Muhammad, whereupon stating—
"We are, of course, inclined to think that conversions due to fear or greed are of no value, but historically this is not the case. The actual man who changes his religion from fear is probably insincere. But when he has done so, his children can be brought up in the new faith. By the time the third or fourth generation is reached, the original method of conversion is forgotten and the descendants of the original false converts have become whole-hearted believers."
And so it was with converted Aryan Kazakh neo-Jews, that after having been chased into Europe and stampeding into the newly-redistricted Israel, proves that country as not as a staging area of God's Promise to Abraham, but occupied with converted neo-Jews after-the-fact, where they were played in a master plot to keep God's actual Abrahamites—proto-Jews—out; a grand blunder contributing to the general mayhem of mid-east politics.

Therefore history shows modern Israel not as the land of God's promised people but a massive mistake owing to man's attempt at self-destiny; for, as it stands, we who have even a trace of Hebrew blood in us are the promised nation of Abraham.

In essence, God has civilized the whole world through its Jewish diaspora. So today if you keep clean and use cutlery at table, thank a Jew.