Fate, Destiny, Choice

Fate is false hope; Destiny, success.

A seemingly arbitrary definition this, but as a worldly man and expert on God, the observer has observed great differences amongst the following concepts.

Plus it's obvious to the thinking person that some things on this world are destined and some aren't. Otherwise life on this world would be a grand charade, wouldn't it?

So here's what he's found—
  • FATE is that which non-godly earthly spirits want for you -- if you play along. You believe the earth that God made belongs to you and your kind, and that you are owed a living upon it. You lose.
  • DESTINY is what God your Creator would have for you. Players and pretenders amongst God's people are culled out. God's people win. This is the gist of the rarely understood Wheat-and-Tares parable still found in the bible's Matthew 13:24.
  • CHOICE: We are both fated AND destined to make the ultimate choice, a spiritual decision: Do we want Heaven with God, or, be consigned unmade?
  • There is no such thing as PREDESTINY. The concept that God has already chosen who is to return to heaven 'because He knows all things.' is fallacious. Fact is, earthly existence is the proving ground for that evaluation, as God DOES NOT YET KNOW who will return until Judgement Day. Eot the earth and mankind-upon-it IS the Holy Process for this evaluation.
So … we all have free will to figuratively get-off-the-fence; to either choose for, or deny, God's eternal authority over us—to go back to our Creator when this world is soon over—or not.