God and people; Block logic vs. Step logic

The root cause of misinterpreting God and all Godly intent, is traceable to ancient thought patterns being at odds with those of modern philosophy.

The book that really started me searching for partnership with God, was researcher Marvin R. Wilson's, “Our Father Abraham,” which pointed out that the thought patterns of ancient peoples consisted of what he had to call 'Block Logic,' where early man saw the big picture of the whole—the Gestalt—and left the details to God

This is directly in opposition to the “Step Logic” process our western system now teaches, where philosophers try to outperform God by niggling details into Lego™-like variants of multiple big-pictures for others to challenge and argue.

Although God always manages the details for those who allow it, Wilson’s explanation shows modern mankind as wont to arbitrate all details in lieu of trusting them to God, through the utilization of new-age philosophies that misinterpret original Bible texts.

From God’s line in Isaiah, “Your ways are not my ways,” biblical old testament scripture has always displayed we people as traditionally not understanding God very well, the mind-set of which led the Son-of-God to assure in Ephesians that he will revert as many of us back to the heavenly mindset once we accept him.

So if you want a Godhood you can summon rather than the other way around, you’re off in the wrong direction to begin with.

God, through his 'Son,' will show you who He is just for the asking. You will never know God otherwise.