Addressing denials of God

Disavowels of God have many formats, a paramount of which is based on gender misidentification. So so it's best to address this from the beginning.

Since the pronoun “He” is gender-neutral in this case, and capitalization of the first letter a polite politic, anyone calling the sexless ultimate spirit, 'He,' is merely following customary language patterns.

Hence, since we may refer to God as a 'He' and sometimes a 'She' depending on vicissitudes, God is both and neither and more than a combination of the two, as only earthly bodies are formed as male and female, with each suffering from hormonal stresses that God doesn't share.

Also, popular and supposedly unanswerable conundrums intended to 'put God in His place,' and make the questioner look smart, are items such as, “if God is so big then why can’t there be other worlds in the universe?”- and, 'if God is so good then why is there so much suffering in the world?'

Meant as fun imponderables, both are easily swept aside by acknowledging that God is indeed so big that He’s not limited to any one project -- that this universe was created only for one specific purpose, and will cease to exist as He pleases -- after which God can go on to make anything else if He wishes, ad infinitum.

That's because, you see, He has forever to create and uncreate anything as He wishes. Our's, this world's and the universe's existence is but a mere blip to Him.

In the second instance however—seen mostly as a stall tactic—one must first chide the questioner by asking, "What makes you think that God is supposed to be ‘good?’

Truth be known, God is more "Just" than He is 'good'. When one of His archangels rebelled, the reneger was put to the earth to pretend the creator didn't exist. When a third of God's later angels likewise rebelled, God gave them the earth to live on in human bodies --  to see what life without their creator would be like, because it's what they wanted.

So you see, the earth is training ground for such entities -- that they would try and fail to live without their creators guidance.

Unknown to most modern men, though, is that ancient scholars long-ago reasoned God as being both the ultimate good and the ultimate evil -- basing this opinion on His having had created everything we can see and feel, with Lucifer bad and He good and we in the middle.

So if there is suffering, pain, anguish and evil, it's because we denied God for it. And despite all warning to the contrary, we brought it on ourselves. It's safe to say that in the long-run, our misery is to demonstrate what life without God is like, so that we will learn to trust Him. As good parents traditionally taught children until recently.