God neither wants nor requires worship

Worship is the act of ritualistic devotion, of kowtowing to a supposedly greater entity by promising it your obeisance, in order to make the entity like you and give you special concession.

Worship is nothing God wants as it’s not His way. He and the Son-of-God, as ultimate supreme spirits, would simply be our conscience in all matters, under a one-on-one partnership with each of us.

We need to remember that God is our creator—that He made us—and that we are as children to His parentage. He loves us and nurtures us and corrects us when we go wrong. He knows our failures and foibles just as our parents should know ours.

And as one does not worship parents but values and upholds them with honor, and just as we would be suspicious of our own children worshiping us with any sort of ritualistic devotion, we are not to worship God but esteem Him.

The question is: what if your kids lined up to recite thanks while fingering appreciation-beads, then ran off when done? Would it greatly disappoint you? Well, we do that to God today.


The word 'worship' ostensibly came from the middle-English root-term of, "worth-ship;" that is, to pay due to that which is worth your attention.

Applied to royalty and vice-royalty, it simply meant that, when in an earthly class-system, one should respect one's betters. Unfortunately the class-concept has wrongly been applied to God, who is both classless and supranatural (outside-time-and-space), as opposed to being supernatural (within time-and-space), as the earth's demons are.

Where we've gone wrong is that, of late, the word "worship" now signifies the idolization of any object or entity outside our means, via ritualistic formats.

Therefore we do not worship God as He is above all that.

Excellent insight to God as being above worship is featured in the film spoof, "Monty Python and the Holy Grail," when the cartoon God-in-the-theatrical-cloud tries to get King Arthur's attention.

The scene shows the king and his men averting their eyes and mumbling worshipful churchy utterances as the commanding voice booms. Then the cartoon god comically disparages: "Every time I try to talk to somebody it's, 'forgive me this' or 'forgive me that' or 'I'm not worthy...' ending by shouting, "Now, knock it off!"

It's all not only very funny but quite a realistic appraisal of how things should be between us and our maker. It seems the Monty Python boys must've intrinsically, subconsciously known something, by mocking church ways without understanding how right they were.

Of course, the point to all this is: yes, we ARE already worthy. We are not to bow or kowtow to any being including God. We are to face God as both free adults and grateful children, neither as slaves that we should grovel nor as servants to queue-up for inspection.

Understand that God does not want us to fawn or scrape any more than sane parents would expect children to prostrate before them -- a plain example of why people were created as father, mother and child, for family life is the practical application on earth of how God feels about us.

The ones who want our worshipful obeisance are the devils—the satans—who fell with us and sided with Lucifer. It is they who crave our groveling and deference just like bullies in school. And we should not give it to them.

Accordingly, let's get straight about whom the real God is, versus who all those little pretendo-fallen-angels that only wannabe our gods. And learn to value God -- value Him, yes, but not give 'worship' to either He or anyone or anything else on or off the earth.