Godly Miracles vs. avatar magic

Amongst the wrongs the observer practiced most of his life was of considering himself a "Christian Mystic" -- and yes, there is a cult who think themselves with magical abilities far beyond those of mortal men.

Once ordained into the Apostolic Bishopric with it's so-called lineage to the original apostles, praying for and anointing others and performing lots of demonology and exorcisms, he found none of it effective in the long run -- discovering none of it to be of God but instead of demonic hosts mocking the performance of God, just to keep him in circles.

An awful enlightenment, it woke him up to the lies of colleagues and the reality of life on earth, and made him mindful of real miracles known and experienced.

His personal observations—
A miracle of my own was a healing from advanced tuberculosis, a large lesion revealed by chest X-ray that mysteriously disappeared when rechecked a couple hours later.

Another was where a witch seriously bit my index finger almost severing the first knuckle, only for the finger to show itself perfectly normal moments later, with she crestfallen -- abjectly defeated.

And I haven't a count of the times people have tried to kill me. ("Not enough," opined one wag.)

I easily recall a Los Angeles County Sheriff's Deputy who was crushed into a wall trying to stop a car theft. Prognosed to languish in hospital for 6-8 months and be wheelchair-bound afterward, he was walking five weeks after the TV preacher of our employ, had his national audience spiritually intercede for the guy.

Factually, I don't believe it was the whole audience praying for him that effected his healing, but perhaps the ministrations of one or two loyalists. Therefore I don't know why it took the deputy so long to get better, but even gospel states that it took the Son-of-God two tries to heal a blind man.
The observer is sorry that evil can sometimes have a strong hold, yet what he understands about God's healing miracles, is that it's not the multitude of prescribed prayers and rituals that get the deed done, but heartfelt desire from only one or a very few.

Those of heart seem to be the ones through whom God obviously healed the deputy, or maybe just one, as the man would not have been healed through the arrogance of braggarts reminding everyone that they prayed for him.

Then continuing—
A cantankerous guy had a kidney stone fall into his stomach pan after surgery had removed most of them. After a week in severe pain, the stone disappeared after God's spirits asked if I cared. And when I thought it over and finally admitted that I did indeed care, the man's stone was gone, just like that.
The next morning, Mr. Cantankerous was up and around as if nothing had occurred, and not admitting to a healing, only said that "something happened." His dismissive, 'to hell with God,' attitude made me realize that God was done with him, too.
Plus many years ago, a pal and I desired God to heal a little girl expecting heart valve replacements all her life, and indeed the girl was absolutely healed and released from all further medical care. Yet her mother angrily denied God's intervention. So be it. I went on my way and she hers, her boyfriend soon doing life for a heinous murder, and she done in by drugs.
So its left the observer wondering if people can even recognize genuine miracles today, owing to the overwhelmingly demonic magic of church ritual, candles and the usury of priests standing in for God.

It's remembered a couple of decades ago when the Santa Barbara California reservoir went dry only to be refilled by a rain cloud hovering over it for three-and-a-half days.  An amazing incident, it made the observer aware that God’s miracles result from the desires of perhaps one or a handful of Godly people, rather than from the many thousands taking credit by praying for it.

When God still performs miracles over and above most of the magical fixes that stand-in for them, it's unfortunate in this day and time that for most, the temporary magic fix is all they get -- all that makes them think that God is working on their behalf.

Thankfully, many miracles consist of little-things-falling-together making for "it-was-meant-to-be" situations, than consisting of anything astounding.

Even more thankfully is that the observer has been living this way—relying on God's miracles—for years.

The earthly way

The freedicionary.com describes Magic as—
…the power of apparently influencing the course of events by using mysterious or supernatural forces -- The art that purports to control or forecast natural events, effects, or forces by invoking the supernatural -- or, "The practice of using charms, spells, or rituals to attempt to produce supernatural effects or control events in nature.
The late unlamented Anton LaVey, author of the satanists bible, laughed at the magicians of modern day by saying, "those practicing Magick, aren't."

Into real magic in a big way, he was also—such as the observer has seen all his life—a fool. For he has observed that anyone working Lucifer's realm thinking they'll be honored by him with their own office in hades, will actually end up being trod upon by the very devils they once summoned, as in LaVey's case.

This is why we should not practice magic in any form as it leads to that same downfall. Too bad that this includes church activities, since the observer is sorry to report that those proclaiming God as doing this-or-that according to their prayers, are actually performing the supreme vanities of magic, leading to the same downfall as LaVey's.

And since the observer has participated in and since sworn-off churchy magic for God's forgiveness, it's why he knows what he's talking about.


A TV piece once showed people buying a statuette of St. Joseph the husband of Mary, as coming with instructions to bury it upside-down (??!) in the yard of unsold real-estate -- which will result in someone quickly buying the place. "It works," say its practitioners. The presenter of the popular cable news show exhibiting it was all excited, for reason that he's also catholic.

A dumb bunny with no religion but herself, rubbed a wart on her finger with half of a raw potato and buried the other half in the back of the yard. The wart fell off as she was assured it would, prompting her to pronounce that her process "works."

Well, what the observer discovers is that these "works" are not of God’s Holy dispensation, but of evil entities turning us to them with magic fixes -- magic which never lasts very long, by the way.

So when he says he hears the term "works" used to indicate goods and services vended from ritualistic performance, it's a dead giveaway that those ‘works' are not of God, but of demonic usurpers.

A onetime participant of Pentecostal Church ritual, the observer recalls services that relied on pseudo-holy predictions, vain repetitions of scripture and antics that included falling on the floor writhing and speaking-in-tongues, as if God was "working" through them. They were so overly dramatic—as if everything in the world hinged on their magic—that it disgusted him into leaving.

The observer will ask you, the thinking person, if you are aware of anyone really being healed in the long term by Church proclamations? Does money fall from the ceiling ... are personal circumstances permanently enhanced by churchified mighty 'works'? Does the public flock to the place where such 'works' are being wrought?

Or isn't it more likely that believers in such churches rapidly dwindle until the buildings are eventually sold. So seriously, anytime you see any attempts to vend miracles via prayer in a godly worship service, get out. 

The observer heartily recommends the valuable truth of; "What a person can face, God can handle." It simply means that if YOU recognize a problem that has no long lasting solutions, then and only then can God take it off your hands. When YOU face up to it.

Just as a loving parent would take the heat off a repentant child and fix a problem, so will God. He seems to like doing it, only YOU need to go all the way and quit the woodenly sophisticated approach of trying to fix yourself through religious rote, mysticism or meditation in order to master your life.

But only YOU can do it, for no man can get you to God but only point the way to Him. God alone is our sponsor and patron -- and His human Son Joshua is the guarantor of that patronage. And since both are outside space/time, each are always available to every one of us.

No appointment is ever needed nor a queue in which to wait. So grow up and face God as an adult. The magic fixes will stop and real miracles will begin. And you'll be pleased with the result.