Holy Spirit versus hokey spirit(s)

Holy Ghost aka Holy Spirit is basically the all-seeing, all knowing consciousness of God, the behind-the-scenes presence that quietly fixes things unless and until it is blasphemed totally — renounced for human self-reliance.

Old Testament folklore referred to Holy Spirit as the-seven-eyes-of-God -- the number seven not an actual count but indicating a bounty. Today the spiritual presence of God is symbolized by the seven-station Menorah, the age-old trophy of the Burning Bush of Moses.

A delight to those who'll someday return to heaven, God's Holy Spirit is an encompassingly palpable presence unmistakable for any other sort of happening. And yes, when we allow it to wash over us, it is a happening rather than a mere experience.

That's because Holy Spirit encounter displaces all evil around us, washes us in righteousness, assures and uplifts our own spirits and, as some have reported, makes one feel as if floating.

For most of us it's like being off the earth while still here—giving us a hint of home (heaven),—and no one who feels it mistakes it for anything else ever again. In fact the iobserver felt this presence, many times and it settled only on him at both Baptism and Ordination, and no one else.

Plus, he's seen Christian leaders intensely jealous of any who demonstrate God's Holy Spirit other than they, as betrayed by the fear in their eyes and desire to be rid of him.

Be watchful

Inversely, many people manifest phony holy ghost experiences that the observer calls hokey ghost -- a "white magic" imitation of godliness in which they fall-to and/or writhe on the floor or laugh hysterically.

Such things are not of God-in-action, but mere forms of magic posing as Holy Spirit in the hopes of getting us to worship it.

Back as the writhing/laughing/slain-in-the-spirit vogue reached its zenith, the observer’s one-time pastoral colleague refused a catcher behind any person he anointed, stating that “God doesn't make you fall; he rises you up.” Although the man loved church ritual, he intrinsically knew God wasn't about to make someone fall. Good on him.

Life experience in this area cautions that no one be fooled by dramatic emotional experiences -- such as when a persons heart pounds and he/she declares to God that they'll perform to His Holy expectations, or declare this-n-that or thus-n-such for doing “what God wants”—that sort of thing—or succumb to spiritual tidal waves where they perform 'holy histrionics' or cop the thousand-yard-stare he's so often seen in others.

That’s because, no, God doesn't 'slay' anyone nor does He throw anyone about or manipulate them. Our creator is above that.

Yet the observer has witnessed all this and more, such as seeing a Christian girl's head bob and growl with glazed eyes whilst anointing others -- only to watch a feral cat do the same sometime later (though the cat did no anointing).

Plus he has seen church attendees bouncing up and down as if in African tribal ritual, and observed cult groups chanting over and over and so on ... all defended by pastors with nervous laughs.

Though undeniably real, these demonstrations were not of God but was instead magic wrought by fallen angels—hokey-spirits—the devils and demons who want you to worship their egotistical doings.

It's tragic when people don't notice that visitations and bestowments by said entities never last for long, whereas whatever God gives stays with a person always.

Therefore, it behooves any of we involved in such happenings to stop and get God's permission first by knowing the real God—the actual Holy Spirit—and to be sure if God is actually behind what we are doing or witnessing, or if it's just the huckster plagiarism of a hokey-spirit instead.

Watch it. Let’s be careful out there.