Humans weren't meant to be smart

It seems that God has long kept His people inbred.

Having traveled extensively, the observer has found large segments of the modern populace as suffering from inbreeding, with some even afflicted by retardation and insanity. An old X-Files TV episode recently dealt with inbreeding’s inherent dangers. An exaggerated story, but fun.

So it’s with some chagrin that the observer must admit God as having preferred His people, the famous Hebrew tribes, to become inbred, citing the familiar story of the tribe of Benjamin, where it’s men were allowed to take girls from other tribes as wives, because they suffered from having none from within their own tribe.

Now while a doctrine-of-inbreeding seems fitting for tribal societies trying to take down the western peoples, such also tends to dumb down even the most progressive populace, something the observer rails against even though pariahed by his own high-IQ, making the concept of purposeful inbreeding a hard concept to swallow.

It would seem the opposite should be the goal here -- the goal of developing a land of super-smart genius-types like himself. But this is seemingly not what God prefers, and he finally understood why.

George Bernard Shaw once opined that—
“God must prefer the common man, because he made so many of them.”
The saying reminds of the fabled Garden-of-Eden “Apple” story, where mankind's progenitors— once betraying God by eating the apple—gained worldly knowledge by having done so. In stunned
observation, God then said to the remaining angels, that—
“Now nothing will be impossible for them.” 
(We of course notice that “Apple Computer’ capitalizes on man's betrayal of God for this knowledge.)

So even as Hitler and others attempted ‘perfect’ societies, God’s one hole card was to keep his people from the great intelligence that would do the world in until it’s time comes to an end, which is now.

Therefore God must obviously know what’s doing. After all, heavenly return is all about heartfelt desire, not superior intellect the perfection of eugenics or lifestyle decisions.