'Anti-christ' is already amongst us

Resolved of the term "Anti-Christ" is that it is a redundantly double negative.

First, 'Jesus' is a masquerader of the real Son-of-God, who is God's first angel, mankind's chargé d'affaires and deliverer of all who wish return to heaven. He has guided us throughout our history on earth as Zoroaster, Melchizedek, Elijah and possibly Enoch, amongst others of whom we did not recognize. 

But he is not "The Christ." That word, 'Christ,' a superlative meant to elevate this false Son-of-God's status as being specially appointed of God, actually has the meaning of, "anointed-in-shit." This in explained elsewhere in the series.

Thus, the term "anti-christ," is meant to convey one who works against or opposite to the Son-of-God's appointed duties, and describes a Luciferic demon posing as the-Son-of-God.

So while true, it is to our collective shame that we use the term without knowing it's real meaning -- which is "devil-devil posing as the devil who poses as the Son-of-God.

That said, within the Bibles' new testament is admonition that the anti-christ—the pretender to the throne of power—is already amongst us, and that this anti-christ was the Roman Emperor Nero, for his name added up to the prophisized numbers of 666.

This Nero was the one who, as urban-renewal, set fire to Roman slums in 39AD, and blamed so-called "Christians" long before their were any.

Exposited by the Christian Methodist cult and then downplayed by the entire religious establishment, what the prophet of the book was telling us is that the Roman government (by it's soon-to-be Catholocism) would be the "whore church" developed by Lucifer to lead the world astray. For in another new testament book is explained that the "whore church" would be the 'city built on seven hills' -- meaning Rome.

This makes the so-called anti-christ the progenitor of the Catholic Church itself.

The holograph

The true Son-of-God's value comes not from his so-called birthday in the Catholic year Zero, but in his more valuable resurrection (rebirth) in the year 28, so as the anniversary of that resurrection did not occur in the year 2,000 as the world was falsely led to believe, it will actually happen in the spring of 2028.

Therefore it's obvious to this observer that the world's grace period will end at that time -- the third of the time periods that God gave mankind as divined in the book of Daniel.

Back in 1978, when the observer was being groomed as a 'Christian Mystic,' he was hit with the date of 2025 as the arrival of "Jesus Christ."  

Only now no longer a Christian mystic but what could be termed a Deist Apostle, he realizes that this date will spawn the appearance of the fabled anti-christ -- with that character not being an actual person, but a perfected holograph of Christianities Jesus Christ character seen descending from the sky. It will be one that world leaders will herald as a replacement for The Pope.

Probably setting itself up at the Dome of the Rock, this new world religious leader will actually be a New World Order Artificial Intelligence, posing as both the returned Christian Savior and Islam's Mahdi—it's12th Imam—in order to coalesce and placate both. 

The Christian world, feeling victorious after having decried a questionable former leader as being the anti-christ, will then sit back to allow the real “anti-christ,” Lucifer as Satan (or a master computer's personification of him) to launch a newly Enlightened Reformation.

'Jesus' will be AI

World leaders will say that this supernatural arrivee must be the real Jesus since they already defeated the anti-christ, whoever that will be. Muslim leaders already secretly jealous of Christianity and other religions, will begrudgingly accept this phenomenon as real, because their expected "Mahdi." will have answered all their predictions -- although a blue-turbaned Muslim master will secretly amass a mighty army to force 'Jesus' out.

The combined Jesus /Mahdi character is expected to never actually be seen again, (perhaps not wanting to look upon 'evil'), but will have it's 'prophet' speak and issue proclamations for him.Thus the world leader for a time will be a Trinity -the beast, the prophet and the antichrist of the bible's Book of Revelations.

It is judged that this unholy rule will last for about 3½ years, as the blue-turbaned pretender tries to wrest power, and when God's prized Tzadikim Nistarim are killed—which God won't stand for—the end of society as we know it will come to an end. 

This will be Armageddon.