Jews represent the world

When we read the story of Gideon by Flavius Josephus, the Jewish-Roman Military General, we observe a fascinating viewpoint obversely preached in our churches—
Fighting the Midianites and losing, Gideon's soldiers found a pool from which to drink and refresh themselves. Josephus contends that rules-of-battle in that day declared truce when drinking, and this truce would have the bravest soldiers laying down their spears and cupping the water up to their mouths in defiance of the enemy.
The cowards, on the other hand, would grasp their spears out of fear and lap up the water like dogs. So when his army was drinking at the pool, Gideon was told by God to choose 300 men who lapped their water—the cowards—so God could defeat the Midianites with the worst of Gideon's soldiers, just to prove that the God of Gideon was indeed all-powerful.”
It was in this way Josephus showed how God always proves Himself by doing the best with the worst, a point that partisan theologians rewrote in not only Josephus' works, but in the bible itself.
Diaspora, too

In studies and personal experiences, the observer has observed that many of God's original Abramites migrated east to become oriental Jews.

Many tales of Jews in the Far East leads him to firmly believe that the Chinese mainstream crammed a remnant of hated Jews onto the Korean peninsula, even to exiling many in boats to parts unknown, where survivors washed up into the Americas to become indigenous tribes.

The observer feels that the Koreans and the Navajo, amongst others, are more posthumously Jewish than those of most other countries. He doesn't accept Native Americans as being one of the "Ten Lost Tribes" of Jews as some misconject, but as original Jews of God's promise to Abraham, who were likely forced off the Asian continent.

It is now thought that God had planned to close the world when the Abrahmite Jews of western civilization met up with and intermarried into the Abrahmite Jews of eastern civilization, which has has been happening for over a hundred years now. Our time is at an end.

Then vs. now

We must compare modern rabbinical Judaism to that of ancient Hebraic thought patterns. 

Little of the latter stands in league with it's modern counterpart in this day, where Torah and Talmud are studied as if irrevocably true documents from heaven, instead of they being studied to know the mind and reasoning of it's authors. 

Great thinkers of yore cannot be compared with Modern Rabbis, whose devotion is to regurgitate ideology from those gone before them, in the seeking of fame, glory, money and easy lives as 'professionals.'

The observer recalls seeing a modern Rabbi receiving admirers while seated in a hotel lobby, and recalling the Son-of-God's admonition -- saying that such adulation was all a glory-seeker will ever receive -- that there is nothing in heaven for him.

The celebrated Rabbi Hillel (110BC-10AD) was famous for having challenged one supplicant with: " want to learn "God's Law? Then return ready to stand only on one foot, and I will teach it to you."

The novice agonized over this stipulation, but for some reason sought Hillel again, ready to learn. 

Once his one foot was lifted, Hillel told him, "Love the Lord God with all your heart, mind and spirit, and do unto others as you would have them do unto you. That's it; all else is commentary."

How many times have you heard that said in Temple or a Cathedral? 

Jewish life is a subculture of all of humanity, after all.