Life is bootcamp to the hereafter

Who remembers Shaky, first of the experimental Artificial Intelligence robots, whose little modular body could wheel itself through lab corridors recognizing hallways and open doorways?

Although programmed to traverse adverse territory with precision measurement, the cold device—what Navajo’s call 'thinking metal'—could not make a movement when faced with an equidistant length of corridor, causing it to frustrate and fuse circuits from being out-of-balance with space/time’s parallax paradoxes.

It’s obvious that Shaky's one-sided formulae clearly resulted from failures of youthful urban programmers to recognize the ambiguity of life on earth, a failure clearly indicating that the human's spirit—the sapience of the sentient animal—must have itself originated outside the earth’s myriad complexes, because, if the human spirit was a product of space/time influence, it wouldn't have such trouble adjusting to it's host planet’s duplicitous ways.

Who saw “Koyaanisqatsi aka Life Out of Balance,” the 1982 film interpretation of the Hopi concept, that traverses from vistas of peace and tranquility into mankind's madcap rush for goods and power, showing how we very easily get out-of-balance with nature if not our once-Godly dominion?

The wisdom of balanced life, that one must juggle two unequal paradigms in order to walk unharmed between them, is an ancient concept recognized even by King Solomon, who is recorded as having said—
          "Answer not a fool according to his folly lest thou also be like unto him," only to follow it up with; "Answer a fool according to his folly lest he be wise in his own conceit" (Prov. 26:4&5).
It’s obvious that the ancient wise man Solomon, who knew all things, was having a bit of fun by showing the human animal as being of two minds about everything.

Easy hoaxes

It’s further seen that the inherent contradictiveness of human existence shows how easily we accept the half-truths and hoaxes of society, because if we were singularly focused on the Big Picture as were people who once trusted God to the details, we wouldn't be so easily taken in by earthly combinations of fantasy philosophies leading to life’s multiple choices -- or by our having to believe-in things we don't understand.

Since truths and lies are blatantly undeniable properties, and that although most people can easily discern a lie from a truth, we must ask ourselves why people are so easily taken in by elaborate lies wholly intermixed with truths, or by the chicanery we call hoaxes (think TV commercials).

It seems human inabilities to unravel clever-lies interwoven with truths are what make people form mystic philosophies just to deal with and classify those lies -- the ones that empower the go-along-to-get-along lifestyles they treasure.

It's well-known that if any wishes to live outside of society's double-dealings, most won’t, for people like communal systems since they were born to them and are reconciled to its ways.

Yet something deep within each of us just knows that is there is far better than here -- something clean, decent and honest to which we should aspire but just can't become a part of, given the lives we must live on this world. What then do we do?

The human decision

From seeing God as a straightforward no-nonsense thinker and of heaven as a paradise of continuity, the observer recommends the space/time continuum as basically irrational -- a place where at least two truths answer every question with multiple ripostes at stand-by.

It made him reason that, if we did originally come out of God's matrix as ancient scholars maintain, and if we are originally from heaven, then this earth could not be our primary home but an imbalanced, paradoxical vacationland for us to fantasize there to be no supreme being, but that we are all minor gods in competition, all trying to one-up each other via any number of paradoxical formats.

For the observer, of encountering God’s actual heaven above and outside the religious carnivals of this world—way beyond all the pretendo-gods vying for man’s worship—beyond the mysterious church imagery he was supposed to unthinkingly believe-in but could never actually know the truth of, the big picture proves all earthly existence to be a temporary holding place—a corral—where God could cull we who won’t renounce him from those who will.

God, who obviously knows that his people cannot help being depraved two-faced irrationals while on this world, also knows that an individual’s heart condemns or salvages any of them. Therefore nothing we do here on earth bothers Him in the long run—as God is not Sentimental—other than that any of us blasphemes, or totally denounces, He as our creator and guide.

From totally denying those who've blasphemed Him, it’s why God’s arranged a complete forgiveness for others having left heaven to those of us who don't blaspheme Him, via the chief angel we call the 'Son-of-God.' .

Yes, the earth was made to be the way it is. We are in a Bootcamp for the Hereafter, and everything that happens upon it is on schedule. And when that schedule wraps up, those who deserve God will matriculate the chrysalis it is, and return to heaven.