Menorah prophesied the Son-of-God's arrival

The miracle of the Menorah as having burned brightly for eight days (8 is traditionally the symbol of regeneration) on one day's ration of oil is a greater one than modern theologians want to admit, for the action also neatly foretold when the Savior/Deliverer of God would arrive and how the tribe of Judah had replaced Levi as the Hebrews conscience.

When we recognize a biblical generation as being of a twenty-and one-half year duration and not the forty as commonly misapplied, and in noting that the Son-of-God was born on the April 17th of 6BC, and not the year one of our calendar, eight generations of 20½ years following the miracle of Menorah leads up to his actual birth date. Of course adjustments must be allowed for poor time-keeping over the centuries, and it's noted that some generational estimates vary from 19 to 23 years.

But, forty years as the length of a generation is misleading. For as noted, the illiterate mindset of ancient peoples neither able to read, write nor count, attributed the number 40 as hyperbolically meaning "more than adequate."

We must also remember that the Semitic mindset was pretty much the opposite of modern westernized thought patterns, with recent discoveries showing that the original Menorah may not have had seven stations by actual count, but several at the least.

However the story of it as having seven stations is good enough for us.