Mysticism, Magic and Multiple Personalities

Mysticism and Magic (et al) are NOT of God but of Lucifer, the fallen archangel whom God created, who then reneged God for his own selfish gains, whom God then exiled and will dispose of in the end, along with his sycophants. 

Such earthly, humanistic attributes are supernatural affectations of that which we once had as angels of heaven, and are given -- no, they are not given but earned—often at a high cost -- by people who wish themselves as equals to Lucifer -- to peoples seeking glory and money as healers, soothsayers, alchemists, fixers and so on.

Black magic aka witchcraft etc., exists in order to hurt others for selfish gain, it's intention being to get Lucifer to like it's practitioner to the pont of

White magic, meant to help others rather than hurt them, is also for the selfish gain of getting God to like it's practitioner enough to save them back into heaven.  Unfortunately, white magic is not of God no matter how well it's intentions.

Both are of Lucifer, who enjoys playing both ends against the middle.

Lifestyle choices, such as Shamanism, Mojo, Magick, Astrology, Zen &c are no different that those of religious choices, because any lifestyle involving ritual, whether of prayer or sex, is also not of or a way to God.

In fact, no one can learn ways to God, or attain any knowledge that puts one in league with God. To continually hope that God will like and accept any who do things in a certain way, or talk in a certain way or live their lives in a certain way are only fooling themselves.

A manner of seeing whether one is living a mystic lifestyle is to notice the level of chaos in one's life, and of how much drama attaches to anything -- if things fall together or need constant worrying, fixing or adjustments? If one's at peace with the status quo or always striving.

Needless to say that we all live in a Satanic world that comes apart easily, so if things don't just-fall-together, then one is likely not Godly. The only way to live a peaceful  life, be happy with one's status and leave earthly exile back into heaven is to accept the authority of the Son-of-God, and be accepted by he in return.

That's not magic, it's grace.

Multiple Personalities

The observer has seen and dealt with multiple personalities, the majority of whom are invasive entities only pretending to be multiple, and some which really are several entities sharing a single body.

All are exiled angels wanting a chance to live vicariously through one person. Closely replicating the perceived beliefs of those they suspect hold Godly knowledge, their intent is to lie, cheat and make fools of all they encounter.

Unless one is wise in dealing with such, it is best to have nothing to do with them, or be sucked into their game.