No such thing as "Godly" Martyrdom

Do you perceive laughter every time someone suffers or dies for their religion?

A wide-spread opinion within religious circles is that that God wants you continually hurt; that you aren't Godly unless you're being slapped around and kicked in the ass, cheated and bullied or even jailed for another's wrongs. Or if Muslim, to be out killing nonbelievers from the mistaken belief that 'God wants it that way.' Or if Jain, you should pay the price for stepping on a bug.

It's all a hoax. The martyr concept is backward and wrong from how God would have you live.

God wants you worldly

Christianity and it's offshoots, even Islam and some other religions, want you to be a poor miserable troglodyte sinner even unto your defending THEIR versions of faith with YOUR lives, living their fantasies of being neither "worldly" nor open-minded, but to closet yourself under their care where they can feed you mythology and live off your money.

The Godly don't live that way. There's is freedom from religious ritual. The Godly know the world well and love God even more for it, because they know God created this world for them to experience all they can, learning both from theirs and other's mistakes while leaning on God's guidance and protection.

Believe me, there's nothing on this world one can do to escape God except for blaspheming God entirely, which many having already done, try to get you to do as well, by feeding you so much religion that you'll renounce God just to get out from under it.

But no, we can't truly hide from God unless we renounce him completely, and even then not until after Judgment Day, when blasphemers are unmade as if having never existed. We're here on earth to run the gauntlet of the lives God gives us, and God will protect His own during the run.

So no, don't martyr yourself to the faith of others, but live free and victorious lives with God as your conscience, as is written in the bible's book of Judges.