Ophiuchus is the Son-of-God Zodiac

Interestingly, there were twelve zodiacs until the Earthly appearance of Joshua the real Son-of-God. Now there are thirteen.

When the Son-of-God Joshua walked upon, was killed upon and arose from the dead of the earth to lead the loyal of God back to heaven, to our astronomical solar cycle was started another zodiac sign, small at first but growing larger each cycle.

Actually counted as a 7th (or 9th) of 13 undeniable sun tracks, 'Ophiuchus' is in this era a constellation through which the sun, from our slender viewpoint, travels from November 30th to December 17th.

As we learn from history, the name 'Ophiuchus' is old-greek for "serpent-bearer," and was originally based on the ancient Egyptian title "Imhotep," who was Joseph of the Bible.

Many accept the story of Joseph to be a prophecy of God's Savior Joshua, the defeater of Lucifer, whose age-old symbol is the snake.

As an ancient art, astrology has a surprising correctness even unknown to modern practitioners.

For instance, it demarcates birth by the moment of our first breath, and does not count our nine-months development in the womb as viable.

So if human life begins at conception as most assume, then it makes one wonder why the traditional 'sun sign' correlates to our births rather than 9-months earlier.

Perhaps it's because the earliest formulators of astronomy and astrology knew something their progeny now don't, marking modern practitioners as nothing more than vain plagiarists.

Back-burner truth

When the news of Ophiuchus' long existence finally "went viral" recently, the observer hoped the news would awaken mankind to the Son-of-God. But it didn't.

Although people around the world saw the reality of Ophiuchus, they quickly dismissed it in order to continue playing whatever at it is that takes their eyes off of God.

However, astronomers know for certain that Ophiuchus is real, as does NASA. Examine this very real sun-sign for yourself and know that both God and God's son are undeniably sound, and inimitable.

And that even modern Astrology finds that it must reluctantly point to the Son-of-God.