Perniciousness of Christian jargon

Sacred words and names that we take for granted today had inauspicious and even nasty beginnings. 

“Seminary,” an easy one to decipher, comes from the root word ‘Semen.’ "Rectory" from Rectum and so on. But without wanting to diatribe unnecessary hyperbole, the observer finds it best to mention that the word Christos is the worst of them.

Said to be Greek for ‘shining anointment,’ and assumed to be God’s appointment upon the S
on-of-God, people don’t realize what the word “Christos” really means, and where it actually comes from.

For thousands of years of civilized life, pagan middle-eastern types had an ancient coming-of-age ceremony where pubescent male children, in order to matriculate to adulthood, ritually wrestled in a morass of mud intermixed with feces, urine and seminal fluid, that glimmered in the sun. The mess was called Christos, aka The Shimmering Shit.

Christos is itself a corruption of the old word Tristian aka Tristos, which refers the three-in-one fece-urine-seminal morass in which wrestlers competed. Thus those completing the ceremony were laughingly called Tristians, or as later corrupted by the Romans, "Christians."

The shimmering shit

After Joshua the Son-of-God came to provide we fallen angel’s our rescue from earth back into heaven, and was hastily killed for it as expected, smartass Roman soldiers jeered members of "The Way," people who clung to the salvation mission of Joshua, by mockingly calling them 'Christians,' or people completed by their experience.

Not knowing its nasty origin, the word Christian was then adapted to all who, in not remembering the original "Way" of Son-of-God, accepted Constantine's state religion under the name Christian, much in the same way as the once derisive Gaelic word "cop" now proudly identifies police officers.

So when those of The Way became known as Christians, after Rome's Constantinian Church annexed that faith in the third century AD, there was no one to dispute it save for a few historians snickeringly keeping it to themselves, lest bejeweled turbaned priests smite them asunder.

If any decides to study the word Christos, as the observer has, that person will find that the modern terms grease, crème and jism stem from that word, to where it now denotes anyone greasing palms for favoritism, or who receiver male ejaculate, into technical 'Christs,' as well. What a nasty world we live in.

In his studies, the observer unfortunately discovered the Hebrew word 'Messiah' likewise derived from Christos, which is too bad, for although “messiah” is nice sounding word, it denotes Joshua aka Yeshua as having been anointed in shit, of which he most assuredly wasn't

And of course, anyone searching for meaning of the old Christos ceremony will easily find Yale University's Skull and Bones initiation to be just an updated version of the same matriculation.

Therefore, of perhaps the one thing we can be sure, is that where the actual Son-of-God Joshua is most certainly NOT Christian, his masquerader obviously IS -- that the "Jesus" character is undoubtedly a CHRIST, or, "one anointed in the shimmering shit."

Which is enough for any to deny the Jesus impostor completely.