Philosophy is neither of, or is a way to, God

No PhD program ever equips anyone to understand God.

The word Philosophy, literally meaning 'good-will doctrine,' is from when philosophers were originally well-intentioned thinkers. But since then the concept has been greatly slanted to indicate searches for alternative pathways to real understanding. As such, the impetus of modern philosophical study is to provide multiple promotional platforms to whatever theory strikes a novice's fancy, so that unwelcome realities of fact are increasingly placed-on the-back-burner of life.

And since other philosophers are disallowed disproval of any philosophy that another philosopher philosophizes, students attending competing schools can fritter their curriculum studying for or against other philosopher's imaginings, as opposed to grasping, sorting out and solving any real problem.

Thus is created a turn-around system where seat-of-the-pants good sense is replaced by the never-ending search for 'alternate truths’—the search becoming the goal instead of the finding—with pathways to the search proliferating as opposed to being winnowed.

Alternate truths are then allowed to facet real truths with the central truth itself allowed to wither and die, as each highly-praised precept becomes conditional to the slanted perspective of another's, in an intellectual feast fest that nourishes no one.

Begun almost four-thousand years ago and refined during the renaissance, this different way of thinking has resulted to what we now know as Philosophy, with copious universities teaching better ways of seeing of how things could and should be, rather than how they actually are.

An excellent satire of the overwhelming college system is found in Jonathan Swift's 'Gulliver's Travels,' penned in 1726 and featuring— Engine operated by cranks, with tiles upon which,“were written all the Words of their Language"... where "the most ignorant person, at a reasonable charge, and with a little bodily labor, might write books in philosophy, poetry, politics, laws, mathematics and theology without the least assistance from genius or study.”
And owing to competition between universities, all new thought patterns each spews are constantly revised and updated by computers that man has built to amass and transcend the wisdom of God.

Synergistically speaking — such individuals are trying to outdo the God who created them.

Be realistic

When Zoroaster of old Babylon (likely God's first angel) put the cradle of mankind on the same page, by showing its creator managing its details, he was not teaching philosophical possibilities but how to deal with real world truths -- similar to what God had Moses relay to the diaspora.

Fast-forward to modern society, where none other than Orson Welles—the observer's cousin—who once expressed a "philistine doubt" about all Philosophy, never delving into the possibilities of life, but always dealing with real life -- and became famous for it.

Also, no less than actor William Shatner furthers his career on the old saw that, "Nobody Knows Nuthin," the observation that philosophers are often wrong about life.

The same perception led advertising giant David Ogilvy (Ogilvy and Mather) to sagely dissuade advertising schools in favor of much broader educations in life itself -- sans all philosophy.

Realists in business, none of these celebrated men had even been mistaken as Philosophers, but as movers and shapers in fields where supreme character makes all the decisions, instead of a roomful of sublime thinkers wasting time and money.

Sans fantasy

Remember the fable of the blind men and the elephant, and of how each thought their portion of the elephant was the sum total of what each could perceive?

In the same manner can be argued why so many different disciplines of our schools and churches exist, instead of one great institute demonstrating solid facts, rather than multiple partisan philosophical opinions.

Accordingly, if you are indeed a serious seeker of ultimate fact and truth, anytime anyone tells you that something is so, don't immediately believe it to be so without closely examining it first -- the whole elephant and not just a part. And that even applies to these notes. Always question what you'e being told and think things through. Seek chinks in the official story even though it sounds plausible.

More so in you’re seeking of God. First realize that you're not better than He or even on par and that He's actually way above you. So do not accept mankind's philosophies and theologies about God for absolute knowledge of Him. The best way to gain knowledge of God is to ask God to reveal Himself personally, and He will.

But wait for it, as many religions will attempt to divert you over to their side by using theological spin-doctors to entice you into exploring new fields of earth-bound study.

So please understand that all philosophy is new-age ego, removing you farther from God and soaking you more into yourself -- becoming the ultimate selfie leading to your downfall.

Would that pastors and preachers teach the realism of the age instead of philosophizing about it all, but they can't introduce you to a God they don't know, but only lifestyles of ultimate destruction instead.