Earth: playground of Devils and Demons

Chief of the mythologies churches employ to keep you in line and live off your money are exaggerations about the fallen archangel named Lucifer, aka Satan, and his lesser fallen-angel sycophants known to Christians as devils & demons -- the bogymen that will get you if you don't play by the rules of the church.

Yes, there are evil spirits; disembodied avatars who've blasphemed God and who will not be returning to heaven. They, the original fallen, hate those amongst us who have not blasphemed God and might go back to Him. They instead want for our kind to worship them at any cost by ruining every opportunity of our own redemption.

In examining the phenomena of evil spirits, and by studying the fine details of Christianities' devils & demons, it can be seen where they had been exaggerated by early writers such as Dante, who lauded them into a lore upon which the ilk of Goethe based further reveries, to the point that that the Vatican successfully used their exaggerated status to scare people into church and get their money.

Once credentialed as anti-christian bogymen, these demonic characters were then backwritten into Christian Bibles so the church could teach people to fear them, in classic examples of playing both ends against the middle.

It's all a game

What's really telling, is that after having fought devils & demons when he was a good little Christian, is that after his having moved on from Christianity to non-religious partnership with God, the observer noticed that those little satans didn't go with him ... he finding that when leaving their Christian playground he wasn't tripping over them anymore.

This is not to say that other fallen spirits don't hang around him anymore, for the earth is overfull of devils, but declarative that those of the Christian paradigm no longer plagued him.

He found their telltale absence as similar as to when, as an Emergency Medical Technician (EMT)—in the fresh days of glass-bottle IV's—was continually encountering misadventures requiring his expertise ... but when moving on to other things, such encounters mysteriously stopped as if all the fun had gone out of it.

So when a friend was pursued by a satanic cult, the observer advised the friend to simply dismiss the Christian format from under which the cult existed, rendering them harmless. It was obvious that they could only operate by having somebody “believing” in them.


We read where Lucifer entreated Savior Joshua to bow to and worship him, and upon refusing to do so, the Son-of-God was accused of casting out evil spirits by being an evil spirit himself. We recall his responding that such spirits didn't cast each other out. He was right. In his day devils couldn't actually cast each other out. They still can't.

But in the three-hundred years after that statement, after Constantine's church started taking shape, devils then PRETENDED to cast each other out so as to make the Christianity they created for themselves, seem effective.

The observer found that a particular bible phrase, where the Son-of-God asks: "does Satan cast out Satan?" (Matt.12), is the most repetitious line Pentecostal churchniks use to validate their fraud. Although only a question, its overuse seems to define such a thing as not being possible.

A very and unfortunately effective counter-measure used to this day, Christian cultists constantly pretend to cast-out devils & demons while maintaining that since their Jee-sus says that devils-don't-cast-out-devils, then they must the good guys.

It's worth noting that devils & demons have had two thousand years of being very convincing to naive churchniks, because the observer hears the same entreaty ('devils-don't-cast-out-devils') recited everywhere he's been, as if read from the same script.

However we remember the true Son-of God warning—
     "Not every one that saith unto me, Lord, Lord, shall enter into the kingdom of heaven; but he that doeth the will of my Father which is in heaven… Many will say to me in that day, Lord, Lord, have we not prophesied in thy name? And in thy name have cast out devils? and in thy name done many wonderful works? And then will I profess unto them, I never knew you: depart from me, ye that work iniquity."
So this is proof that many who are not of God will do seeming miracles in 'the name' of their version of the Son-of.God.  It warns us to beware them.

The Pretenders

Once when the observer was invited to a Christian TV show, and even before getting a word out, had that phrase repeated to him by a huckster staring him down as he said it. Very odd.

Such demonstration shows that if Christianity were really of God, and that if its masquerading Jesus were really of God, it would be easy to dispatch devils and demons forever, instead of seeing them return again and again. It's told in Matthew 12:45 of how dispatched demons return with friends if the Holy Spirit does not replace the emptiness caused by their departure. So it's obvious that fallen spirits have crafted Christian spiritual warfare to ultimately control Christian adherents ... not unlike when cats train their owners rather than the reverse.

If you’re either Christian, have been in Christian circumstances or have any sort of discerning awareness, haven't you noticed it seems to take a lot of Christian ritual and repetition—razzmatazz—to get devils to go away? Devils who never really stay away but who come back to play some more?

Back when as a Christian minister, the observer had a colleague who proudly "cast-out" evil spirits in his toilet every few weeks. "Every few weeks, eh?" It made him wonder that if evil spirits were being exhorted ‘in the name of ‘Jesus,’ then why do the brat demons return, unless his colleague's remonstrations against them were useless, the ‘name-of-jesus’ was meaningless and that those spirits were gaming him?

Then the colleague's sister dropped dead butt naked while dressing and his ex-wife expired while sitting on her toilet. All too coincidental and all too bizarre.

No; once rid, forever gone is how Joshua the Son-of-God demonstrated.

Demons love 'Jesus' because he's one of them

The observer once heard a TV psychic tell an inquirer that there were no demons. Starting to rile over what seemed a misleading statement, until realizing this woman knew something, he followed it up. Turns out she knew no "demons" since she herself was practicing outside the Christian vale. He'd heard a trick of semantics.

And then when the observer saw those outside Christianity as being dumbfounded over Christian demon problems, he noted that they were on a different spiritual plane, and that Christians were more a part of the general problem than of any sort of solution.

A former colleague was summoned to a small-town-church exorcism, and said that a demonic spirit commanded by several ministers to leave "in the name of Jee-sus" kept retorting through its young host, "But I Love Jee-sus."

And when the colleague countered to the possessed one, "You love Jee-sus? ...then you must love Yeshua Ben Adonai?" (the Messianic Jewish name for the Son-of-God), the possessed one stammered, the entreaty was repeated, and the entity fled. Then the colleague explained to the stunned 'exorcism team' the games these spirits play.

Although temporarily fortified by this knowledge, as both the observer and the colleague were studying the Messianic Christian Ministry at the time, they didn't realize then how they’d been fooled, for devils and demons play intricate games involving many recipes of Christian drama, and did this one with a Jewish flavor just to gain a mystic foothold.

To this day is resisted gamesmanship of any kind, and, from moving closer to God as result, is able to figuratively brush every religious office aside.

He likens it to having a rival set up a chessboard for you to play, but instead of playing to his cunning, you simply sweep the chess figures onto the floor, step over the debris and declare, "I win."

Flee the game

While some fallen angels amongst our kind are really sorry and will return to heaven via the Son-of-God's recommendation to God's forgiveness, many more will metaphorically sit-on-the-fence hoping to see if it's worthwhile to go back to heaven, all-the-while partying-on with hopes of continuing here without God—or any of us for that matter—getting in their way, because they want nothing less than to—
  • Reorganize all righteous assembly to religious lifestyles of fanciful myth and mystery. 
  • Load the righteous with rules similar to those from which the Son-of-God has unburdened us.
  • Restructure thought from the Semitic to Greek and western university patterns to the point where no one can understand God. 
  • Perpetuate the lie that we were God's slaves in heaven, and would be again if returning to same, and how much better to stay here on earth doing our own thing until judgment day interrupts our merrymaking; 
  • Worship philosophical pretendo-gods and 'Jesus Christ' characters so they can more easily betray us and dally-on-our-dime until the end. 
  • Or, get us to hate and abandon God and default to them, which is their ultimate goal. 
The observer finds it best to escape demonic control by escaping all religion, and then partnering with God one-on-one, for God, being omnipotent and unrestricted by time, is capable of treating each of us as we were His only one.

And he especially warns anyone against divining ancient secret mysteries from the trappings of world religions, because, if you believe you can, the bastards will own you and pull your leash to thair destruction.