Proof the entire universe is temporary

It's a scientific fact that all electrons of all atoms of all molecules, wobble.

This wobble makes all matter decay, and decay makes for elements (isotopes, etc.) that are fissionable. Ergo, this earth we occupy (and indeed it's universe) is not a structurally sound permanent dwelling, but a temporary habitat destined for decay, because it itself is a liability.

We live in a time where mankind has explored the earth, electrified it, trashed it and walked on the moon (yes, we did) from materials found within the earth, and from its rare-elements has exploited all possible ways to kill and maim as many of its inhabitants as possible.

So while leaders on one hand are maddeningly bent on destroying the world upon which they depend, the rest of us are told to save-the-planet or be excoriatingly taxed for not doing do—held to high principle by those without principle—as war rages, Artificial Intelligence takes over and a frantic populace binges to get theirs -- the mad-dance-into-the fire that only God will finish.

So no, neither the universe nor the earth will be around long, as the Son-of-God made the universe at God's behest to confine fallen angel avatars for a time of testing. It'll all be wrapped up and disappear when it's no longer needed. And those of us in heaven will remember it no more.