Quietly accepting God's guidance

In the reading of French Bishop Jacques-Benigne Bossuet of Meaux, a Seventeenth Century confidante of French King Louis 14th, the observer surprisingly discovered that Bossuet had validated prayer as merely 'talking-to-God' some three-hundred years earlier, when remanding the King that prayer was not a matter of closeting or of long unfamiliar rote, but that one can chat with God coming and going.

And of Bossuet’s intimating God as never saying no to a heartfelt desire, the observer likewise discovered that if one voices a whim toward God, whether in or outside of formalized prayer, God may show why the want is unrealistic but will never say “no,” as preachers mistakenly affirm.

Instead it was found that God certifies want from whim and develops us toward a goal while working with us to deserve it, so we'd be ready for it.

The case in point is the observer’s loving wife. As he had wanted to marry but without wanting to carry another's lifelong baggage, he asked God for such a wife but was forestalled until actually deserving of it.

Then he learned to certify want from whim by understanding that while he and many others don’t know what they want, most are pretty sure of what they don't want, and so based his ideal wife on what he didn't want from an American marriage.

And as God broke the observer of major traits sure to have hurt his marriage, they both recognized each other immediately. And each have since learned that Godly intervention benefits all parties involved, and not just a single petitioner.

Back when studying Bossuet, he recalls being challenged by a hapless churchnik whose interrogation demanded, "How often do you PRAY?" The observer then angrily chased him out of the place for daring such theological stupidity, because his reading of Bossuet had confirmed what he already knew, and he saw the inquisitor as just playing the churchie game of 'gotcha.'

Therefore,the observer highly recommends talking directly to God. Begin by speaking to a bible in the kitchen chair at first if you need to. It frankly won't be like the traditional prayer you were taught in church, so let God show you how. And find how He comes best when you are quietly expeecting it..