Rapture and Reincarnation

Whenever a Christian churchnik tells the observer about awaiting Rapture, that is, mysteriously leaving the Earth without dying when their Jee-sus returns, the respondent always asks of how the rest of the world would react to people taken from their situations. Wouldn't airplanes fall, cars crash, cities go black, grocery clerks not show up and Hollywood producers miss their lackeys?

It's just not a feasible scenario unless the world is so torn by destruction that few are left to notice.

This is when believers in mass-rapture are stunned silent; not only by their having been successfully lied to, but in not thinking this through themselves,and by missing death's significance.

Before Joshua's resurrection, that which we call Death was where the human spirit separated from our animal bodies to a waiting place called Hades, or Sheol, the greenish limitless void where disembodied human spirits languish until God's judgment.

But since the Son-of-God's resurrection, the Total Death that lies beyond bodily cessation no longer automatically claims us all. The Total Death is cheated; for anyone trusting in Savior Joshua now removes from the body directly into heaven—sans final judgment—and does not taste of any death at all.

Now that's Rapture! And it's for each of us who expire awaiting the resurrected Son-of-God. And so it will be for the remnant of we who survive climatic world disaster.

Yes, all humans expire, but those who have accepted the Son-of-God as leader—with he accepting us in return—only has their bodies die and not their spirits. That is, they no longer go directly to the void to await Judgement Day, because their Savior Joshua and his angels arrive to take them back to heaven.

The 'rapture' of St. Stephen in Acts 6, was apparently a first report of this phenomenon. And although the tale of Stephen has been badly reconstructed, the fact remains that he saw the risen Son-of-God coming to escort him into heaven.

The conundrum

Sorry to burst some bubbles, but reincarnation is NOT an adult human experience.

According the bible's Hebrews 9:27, everybody lives once and dies once -- and since the Son-of-God Joshua's intervention—transcending time—all departed spirits either go to await judgment or are taken directly into heaven. Maybe unless they had died as infants or were among those sacrificed to past satans.

That is unsure, as the observer does not know if God recycles such deceased spirits back into the mix, or just takes each home. Although the assurance of this is not or no longer covered in any bible, there is such a hue-and-cry for the paradigm of reincarnation, with so many perceiving it as real, it may quite likely be the prime escape route for human sacrifices, or sentients dying in infancy -- a second chance to return to this life later on. Maybe.

But for sure it means that millions of people who died awaiting God antecedently, were automatically received into heaven upon Joshua's resurrection -- an action that transcended space and time.

It is written that many graves opened upon Joshua's resurrection, and it’s likely that those people resurrected for the decision to go back to heaven with him. Too bad much of the bible is deliberately muddled on that matter.

What seems presently mistaken for reincarnation though, is when miscreant spirit-guides—fallen angels posing as ghosts, goblins, devils or demons—move from one body upon its death to another body at its birth, taking memories of their human ride-a-long with them. Meaning that ancient memory is not ours, but theirs.

YOU, as a thinking breathing adult personality are NOT coming back to this earthbound existence.

Deal with it.