Rome still rules the world

Since The Church of Rome has indeed so overtaken the world—even forcibly by inquisition—all who seek God only have the Church's version of God to believe-in, meaning that if they learn to hate the church then they're likely to hate God also, with result that they vainly turn inwardly toward themselves with a hatred for all things Godly, and blaspheme God only to lose their place in eternity.

It's no wonder this investigator gets physically ill at a local non-catholic mega-church with its fancy porticoes and coffee shop and seller's market for all sorts of trinkets and faith-aids and recorded pastor's sermons and other inspirational gifts. Anyone overturning those church tables in holy indignation would be jailed, while sacred hypocrites preach Mark's Chapter Eleven to nodding heads eagerly buying copies of the preaching, in hopes of being counted as righteous.

It all tells a lot about the modern church … especially since Joshua the Son-of-God never organized save for apostles he merely explained things to; neither creating a seminary nor sending any disciples to one. Instead, he freed all his people to know and accept God's one-on-one partnership, and then arranged to return them to God, with he—the Son-of-God—as only their facilitator and not their master/controller.

False hope

Just as God promised that Abraham would birth a mighty nation, so Lucifer jealously promised Constantine that Rome would conquer the world, by administering a state-religion based on False Hope.

An excellent example of False Hope can be found in tales of Chinese tortures, one of which—
“… would take place when a planted confident assures a prisoner that help is soon to arrive. The prisoner is told that until it does come, one of his limbs is to be removed every week, and that he must decide which one he can live without until his rescuers overtake the prison. He decides and waits each agonizing day until all his limbs are gone and his head is next …. his captors awash with schadenfreude.“
Such is the surreptitious ploy of today’s spiritual masters, as they only offer pretend Godliness in return for slavish fealty and money to live off of, where you pay them to boss you around in return for the chance to hope-in-prayer for miracles that never come; praising their philosophical God while languishing in continual misery.

A winning concept since spread into all other religions no matter their dogma or denomination, the Roman Empire still to this day dispenses the self-same false hope of state religion through its descendants.

Let us remember that Czar Nicholas II of Russia—Czar meaning Caesar—was the cousin of Britain’s King George V and Germany’s Kaiser Wilhelm II, with their offspring to include the UK’s Queen Elizabeth II and her kids. Corroboration of this was made in 1967 by the UK's Prince Phillip, who answered, when asked if he would like to visit the Soviet Union:
          "I would like to go to Russia very much although the bastards murdered half my family."
Of course there remains the bastion of the Roman state-religion called The Vatican, which, apart from owning all the world’s treasures and giving back naught, is even reliably said to still practice human sacrifice to the fallen archangel Lucifer in chambers below.

Plus we don’t forget Hitler’s attempt to revise the old Roman Empire to his liking with a “Third Reich,” defeated by FDR in favor of his budding New Order, or that the last of the old Roman Empire, the Ottomans, left the world with a country called Romania.

So yes, Rome still rules by exemplar, with the Christian Church both its sentinel, and its patsy.