Said about humans: "Ye are Gods"

Milton wrote in his novel, 'Paradise Lost,' that angels are demigods, something the prophet Asaph had pointed out pre-Milton, when he complained in Psalm 82 that—
     “They know not, neither will they understand; they walk on in darkness: all the foundations of the earth are out of course. ‘I have said, Ye are gods; and all of you are children of the most High. But ye shall die like men, and fall like one of the princes.” what was it that Milton knew, that Asaph complained about a very long time ago? 

Well, it’s been long suppressed that heaven’s angels, made from God for God, are minor deities in their own right. And when one-third of them reneged God only to be exiled from heaven, they became the true avatars of earth.


The word 'Avatar' is greatly misused in these modern times. Here is it's actual, original meaning—
  • Avatar— manifestation of a deity in bodily form on earth.
Our troubles began with the 'big-bang' some 13.7 billion years ago when all our universe suddenly exploded out from nothing and is still expanding; the timeline revealing when Lucifer lost favor with God only to be cast out of heaven with his cohort. Although a long time to us, it's a very short time—a blip—to God.

Way before this happened, suffice that our Creator made an angel. Then sometime later He made a dozen more with the first one given Chieftain status over them, even to being the first and the last of them as if to become their god.

Of how long they lived with God or why they were all brought into existence is also speculative, but it was to them—the original of God's angels becoming what we now know as Archangels or Princes-of-Heaven—that God said He was going to make others "in our image" -- to mean other angels. That second wave was when we began.

The simple statement recorded in Genesis 1:26 is commonly twisted by partisan theologians into introducing human as made in God's image. But that's wrong; As part of a passage not entirely redacted, what God actually said to His archangels was that He was going to make more angels like themselves, and then did so by pulling billions more from His own being.

Obviously God could have made all His angels as a chattel class of worker drones but He didn't, as He did not want slaves to His whims. Instead God made us all as a beloved society of colleagues with the same free will as He has Himself.

The free-will thing is pretty important to God, for as we all innately know, no sane being wants a coerced colleague by his/her side but rather one who enjoys the action and likes being there. And we can all agree that God is the very template of sanity.

Therefore to say that God's angels were all thrilled to be with God until influenced by Archangel Lucifer's vain renunciation is unquestionable, for while angels do have self-value, the awareness of how one fits into the scheme-of-things, ultimate vanity such as Lucifer’s over-esteems oneself to be as good as or better than the one who created him.

So being that Vanity is Insanity, we can say that Lucifer went insane by wanting to emulate God -- even unto wanting others to rule over. So God acquiesced to his desire by having this universe and this earth created for he to play in.

The playground

When the archangel Lucifer denied God by wanting his own fiefdom, he and other blasphemous sycophants were cast out of heaven at the earth's inception. We further one-third angels who felt to leave heaven, but who had not blasphemed God, were placed at the end of God's timeline for this planet's wrap-up. Let's remember that God is outside space/time and, from His viewing of earth as we regard a game board, He can move things around at will.

So despite us once being in heaven where everything was straightforward and simple, now we're on a bewildering world suffering from delusions-of-grand-eur defaulting to basest instincts, where we occupy a space/time continuum baffling us goofy almost to madness (more on this in "Chrysalis").

Thusly chaos rules because God set this world up as a “free-for-all, anything-goes” playtime planet, while our Creator's loyal angels watch to keep us from destroying ourselves too soon.

Scholarly speculation to the contrary, no one really knows what Lucifer's original position amongst the archangels was. It's said that the name Lucifer means god-of-light, so it's apparent that he'd set himself up as the worshipful sun-god, a position that Isis-as-his-proxy now occupies. Such is why the Catholic Christmas falls on the sun-god holiday -- the final day of the Saturnalia festival, where anything goes.

So here we are, one-third of untold billions of reneging angels, on earth with no overt memory of our past heavenly existence, to experience the absence of God we think we wanted, to see if each's desire to leave heaven was want or whim, leading to ultimate opportunity of totally blaspheming (denouncing) God or not, and for opportunity to return to heaven, or not.

Plus, we're here to experience birth and death and progeny so as to better understand and appreciate God as the ultimate good Parent.