Son-of-God (is not Christianity's "Jesus")

Note: Son-of-God is often referred to as SoG in these monographs - ed. 

"Jesus"  is not a Hebraic name, but an anti-Semitic moniker for an Italian (Roman) pseudo-savior masqueraded as the real thing.

Down to basics, the "Son"-of-God is God’s first-made angel: His first created being.

Similar to God but with a little more than half of God's abilities, this first angel may have existed for a long time as the Creator's ultimate buddy and right-hand-man, long before the other Archangels were made.

Or, it may be conceded that he was formed simultaneously as overseer of the archangels -- however it is thought that he asked God for them. Whatever, it is written that he is the first and last of this grouping. But whichever way it happened, God's first angel then became Chieftain over all still to come.

This phenomenal creation—for yes, he is created by God and is not God—is the one who himself threw out the space-time continuum (universe) to contain heaven’s one reneging archangel, then to track his progress on earth even to becoming born as one of it's later avatar angels, and beat the fallen archangel at his own game.

By dying and resurrecting as the Word-of-God Incarnate, he offered freedom to all who wished to return to heaven, past present and future, by their simply accepting he—in what a Chinese follower called him—as 'resident boss.'

As our overseer—being amongst mankind from the beginning—he shepherded our kind throughout history by appearing in varying incarnations. We're told that the Chief Angel was the Zoroaster who put Babylonian mankind's thought patterns on the same page -- that he was also Abraham's Melchizedek the priest and the popular Jewish prophet Elijah. It seems there were other incarnations by which he appeared on earth of which we do not know for sure. Plus we are aware that he is about to become the 1,000-yr ruler of the whole earth after Armageddon, under a different name.

Then as Chief of all angels from outside space/time, the first angel is more than capable of attending to each of we fallen angels personally, one-at-a-time because he is not bound by space/ time, but is omnipotent.

Again though, please understand that he is not God any more than any of us are the ultimate God. Having come from God’s matrix, the SoG is indeed a minor god in his own right just as we are lesser gods in ours, albeit in human form. More on this in other briefs.

The most important things to know about the very real SoG are—
  • He is God's nameless first-made angel and majordomo over all creation;
  • He is a created being such as we, and is NOT the ultimate God;
  • Neither is he the "Jesus" of popular culture;
  • He is the maker of time and space, the master of the universe, the earth and our destinies upon it;
  • He is neither a nice guy nor a philosopher-of-love-and-brotherhood, but a no-nonsense adjudicator -- the proxy of God;
  • He was God's Human Sacrifice; the Paschal Lamb sent to unseat the Satanic claim over us; which the famous Last Supper celebration calls to our attention, and;
  • He endured hunger, privation, torture, humiliation, anguish, homelessness and poverty, etc., for our sakes — so we'd not have to..!
  • Therefore, any persons mimicking any of his actions are only mocking him to the enjoyment of God's enemies, and fooling themselves.