Spirit and Soul are two different specimens

Long considered as both and the same, there is quite a difference between what constitutes a human spirit verses an animal soul.

In the much rewritten bible, scribes assumed both souls and spirits to be one entity. But if that were true, if the force-of-life was one entity, than why are there still two words used to describe it unless those two words actually describe two different life forces?

So using that as a guide, upon closer inspection it is found that—
  • The SOUL is the sentient life force animating all creatures. When each creature ceases, its soul returns to a great general collective of energy coexisting with the earth, much as a drop of water is absorbed by the sea. 
  • The SPIRIT is the higher intelligence of the avatar angel on earth, the substance of which was originally God. The Sapient Spirit, intensely more self-aware than the sentient soul, it is that which imbues the human upon its first breath -- by analogy modulating the soul's carrier wave. 
Thus the combination of a soulful-being completed with a spirit, becomes what we call a human personality; an Avatar (godly spirit in a body). So where the animal is a sentient and aware soul of the earth, a human is a star-child -- a being from the heavens beyond time.

It was in fact a truth well known up until the time of Solomon, who dithered over the very idea by asking—
"For who can prove that the human spirit goes upward and the soul of animals goes downward into the earth?" (Ecclesiastes 3:21).
A bit of each

Most misunderstood is man's consideration of the body.

Merely a better-articulated humanoid container for our higher conscious, man's religion backwardly gives the body precedence over a soul, the soul precedence over the spirit and the body worshiped above the two, by twisting the scripture readings found in 1st Corinthians and Ephesians that declare the body of the believer as now being God's temple, since the Son-of-Gods intervention.

We are now our own temples -- God inside us -- with our heavenly spirit foremost, the soul secondary and our bodies placing not even third but almost negligibly last.

It’s true that the body cannot exist without the soul to animate it, and its somewhat true that Godly spirits never inhabit a soulless thing -- although it is known that devils and demons sometimes do hide out in inanimate objects; but that is a subject best examined elsewhere.

Therefore the question of when life begins, a hot contention of two modern theories, answers easily -- with the soul entering the body at conception.

Then, if the birth is successful, the higher spirit of the human—its angelic sapience—is imbued upon baby's first breath.

Humans are the only animal to receive the higher, avatar spirit of the fallen angel. Because God has designed it so, it is the human spirit with which God is most interested, and not the body.

Then, bottom line of the avatar's life is that its sole success or failure—returning to heaven or not—comes from whether or not it will blaspheme God.

That is the reason for our passage through this life, to see if any of us will love this world and its leaders more than we love God, or if our desire is to return to God.

So yes, we are both spirits having a soul experience, AND souls having a spiritual experience.