Symbology in real life

The 1960’s Television Drama, “Ben Casey," opened to a hand chalking symbols
 on a blackboard, with a voiceover intoning:
* Birth (originally the 6-pointed star meant to indicate the 8-pointed star.);
+ Death;
Birth demarked by the star and Death by the cross. Hmmm. Whose idea was that? And how long ago?

As bibiliticians can attest, God indicates in six different bible passages of His being the first and the last and all in between—all things—by the simple phrase, "I am the Alpha and the Omega."

Apparently uttered back before alphabets proliferated into the ever changing symbol-for-letter mess they are now, its origin is now muddily lost to us.

At the time declared to the person who reported it, it was apparently in reference to the first of the alphabets that supplanted hieroglyphics, where 'Alpha' consisted of what we now call a cross + and an × was the original last letter the Greeks replaced with their horseshoe-shaped 'omega Ω.’

The original style of writing in which God was quoted is very old and the saying is traditional, yet it's significance is dire: for it shows the combined alpha and omega as an eight-pointed STAR,-- forever in play as the immutable symbol of God.
However, when we remove the × from the star, we get the Cross sign by itself, which is only half of the original Alpha and 'Omega' sign of God. The cross then stands as the traditional sign of Lucifer-become-Satan, because he’d adopted the cross sign as a marker to identify himself before advent of the written language.

The fact that he only uses  half of the sign of God to identify himself, proves he to be only half-of a god—a demi-god—evidencing that he cannot provide or sustain that which God can and does provide and sustain, and is proof that the fallen archangel cannot do anything lasting but must always be building façades and propping his work up.

As such, with Lucifer as only a demigod, why would anyone—knowing this—still consider a cross as a symbol of Godly action, or regard a religion displaying a cross as one of supreme salvation into heaven?

This one point alone should make all readers consider going to God instead of remaining here on earth to kiss a half-god's ass; a fellow avatar who wants you as his slave, and to slather him with loving worship as he dances you into the fire. Which makes most people stupid.