Synopsis of Series Content

Here are the abstracts of studies beyond the Christian faith, with resultant findings as nothing short of epiphany.  
  • "Ye are gods..." 
So begins the understanding of the prophet Asaph in Psalm 82, who knew that people are heaven's one-third billions of angels exiled to live in human bodies, for the futility of decrying heaven for godless revelry. Wishing escape from the supreme creator is our one actual "Sin," the status of being 'without' God — to be confined on this earth virtually apart from God.
  • People are the earth's original Avatars
Humans are both both sentient and sapient in one body, as godly beings residing in animal bodies, which makes us so double-minded about everything. God is collecting repenters, those of us whom He can trust from those He can't, for return to heaven. He does not ultimately know how many will return until the fabled 'Last Day.'
  •  God and "Son-of-God" exist outside space and time
These ultimate beings created both to house our kind. Nameless, neither recognizes any religion nor requires any human to accept religious beliefs, but just to partner with God. The word, "GOD" is descriptive of the ultimate 'Great Spirit,' taken from the traditionally vowelless Hebrew concept of G'D. The modern Jewish spelling of "G-D," waylays the Hebrew faithful into following rabbinical rules and regulations from which the resurrection miracle freed them.
  • "Jehovah and Jesus" are not God or Son-of God
Both are masquerade characters of a Roman Gentile state-religion that promotes a pseudo-godly alternate to God's partnership. The Rabbinical "G-D" and Islam's "Allah" are jealous copies of these popular false deities.
  •  The sacrificial lamb of God
The actual deliverer (mistaken as the Roman "Jesus") is God's first angel and Chieftain of all that exists. Birthed on earth as Yeshua aka Joshua and known as the Son-of-God, his was the ultimate Human Sacrifice to Lucifer's agreed-upon terms, in order to access those thought lost in hades. His body was not nailed to a "cross" but impaled on a sharpened staff as according to Roman tradition. Rampant speculation as to his earthly character spawns much misleading fantasy regarding both his personage and his mission to earth.
  • Lucifer, the first to deny God 
The Lucifer/Satan of popular lore was the archangel who originally defied God, and who was given this earth for a time in order to live out the grandiose theatre of self-godhood. This universe was figuratively thrown out by the Son-of-God to gave Lucifer his due, as such is God's generosity. However that prescribed time is coming to a long-prophesied and crashing end.
  • Religion is a Satanic Hoax 
The Cross of Christianity is actually Lucifer's earthbound Sigil -- a Satanic Marque. As such, the cross is not symbolic of God or our deliverer, but betokens the original Roman Church and all it's subsequent Christian spin-offs. "The Cross" is- false hope to all who accept it's magic.
  • God is not religious
No religion is of God or a vehicle to Godliness in any form. All deist religions jealously sell versions of partisan God-like-ness in order to divert loyalty to themselves. Instead, we are to partner with God one-on-one as did Moses, David, Paul and others. Non-deist religions simply take credit for man's accumulated earthbound wisdom. 
  • The Menorah
Menorah, which symbolizes Moses' 'Burning Bush,' foretold the birth of the Hebrew deliverer eight generations hence from its relighting miracle, and altered the Hebrews priest-class from that of the tribe of Levi to the deliverer's lineage of Judah. Menorah seems an undeniable symbol of God. 
  •  Bible is a partisan revision
The Christian Bible is, and all deist writings are, truncated, much redacted partisan versions of God's dealings with man -- revised to steal God and our deliverers glory to pave way so Lucifer can jealously appear as God. Therefore much of the original Bible—still factual in places—is best used as a companion book to Godly faith, but should not basis any faith.
  • Prayer is no longer Godly
Incantations to deities, aka prayer—especially to "Jehovah and Jesus" et al—are now directed to Luciferic entities who answer with smirking magic, especially if the 'prayer' is wrapped around the word, "Amen," who is a Satanically allied angel desirous of earthly mastery. Any use of his name diverts prayers to his cabal. His name. the word "Amen," is not proclamation of the Hebrew word 'Omein' ("It is done") as wrongly taught. 
  • Purpose of Jews
God chose to reunite people to Him through the bloodline of the world's hated Jews just to prove His supra-natural ability. He then dispersed Jews across the globe so that now in these times, all people with even a hint of Hebrew blood are scion of Abraham. This includes Arabs and Persians of many tribes, most Orientals and Native-Americans. 
  • Mene Mene Tekel Uparsin
Babylonian rule virtually returned in 1968. With world population more then doubling since then, Armageddon will be the New World Order's ridding earth of excess people so it can try ruling without contest. God will destroy the world when The Order kills the last of God's beloved.
  •  Biblical numbers are abstracted exaggerations for the illiterate
72 – many moons of days; or a great amount. Half of 72 is 36, as counted of Tzadikim Nistarim, which folklore originally believed was the number of earth's guardian angels, but which has since been twisted to count satanic earthly gods;
40 – more than befits a moon’s time phase; or to denote a large amount of time often conveying periods of trial and testing.
7 - to indicate a thoroughly adequate amount of time;
 - half-of seven, to signify a moderate amount of time.
    And most importantly — Humans are wrongly taught that one must be holy and above-board to regain Heaven. In truth, no matter how one accepts the resurrected Son-of-God's grace, even by an improper name or religion, the deliverer will tentatively schedule that person back to God. Such is the generosity and majesty of the Godhood, but return truly depends on the heartfelt follow-through of the individual. It is written that this deliverance, aka salvation, can be lost unless one keeps to the Son-of-God's direction.