Does God see things in twelves?

This item is a only a wonderment, believed possible in regard to mankind having been originally designed for six digits on each hand and foot, but with Lucifer, the fallen archangel, successfully arguing them down to five each,

And God, by His decreeing it as being so, from outside of time, it would have been negated inside the field of time—for all time—leaving no six-fingered skeletons to be found within the earth's archaeology -- at least not that we yet know of.

It's only a wonderment due to the number twelve as being so very ingrained in the collective subconscious of our daily lives. It makes the observer suspect the number twelve as the key to unlocking a grand clue to the existence of the universe -- that it seems to be God's base number.

We must ask ourselves that if the number ten is so supreme, then why are most goods easily manageable in twelves? Why is twelve of anything a base default instead of in 10's?

For example: a Gross of anything is 12 times 12, the bible's Goliath—the traditional bad-guy—had twelve fingers and toes (and two-hearts), 12 people comprise juries, and of course, most famous are the twelve Apostles and the twelve tribes of Israel.* We must remind ourselves also that a Jewish boy is Bar Mitzvah'd at the age of 13, which seems the holy number of completion.
* Ephraim and Manasseh were never actually grafted in as half-tribes, but claimed membership much as religious clubs feel they command God's attention today.
Polydactyl humans, those born with six fingers and toes—or more— number less than 1% of the world’s population, yet the gene for polydactylism is dominant amongst mankind. It's almost as if a dampening field upon the earth contains this aberration, but with a few leaks here and there.

It’s said that so-called 4-footed animals of 300 million years ago were actually quite polydactyl, but that something contained all digits down to the recessive traits we now see. Was this gross experimentation gone awry — a deformity still popping up here and there?

Our whole of terrestrial existence seems mysteriously based on the number twelve no matter how examined, with even clock and calendar still numbered in twelves instead of the ten hours and months that metric specialists stump for. The whole matter makes one think that the number twelve irrepressibly gives clue to God.

And since the apostle Paul was the thirteenth Apostle—completing the format of twelve apostles—it's why the observer suspects that we of the Son-of-God's new covenant are a Thirteenth Tribe of Completed Beings, with he as our Tribal Chieftain.

Indeed, the concept of twelve so seems to leap out at us -- that if the world had been left with twelve as a common numbering system—the number thirteen as completion—then mankind would probably have figured out God much faster. Hence the delayed inevitability of our understanding God, as it seems the different numbering system of ten has ultimately kept mankind from finding out about God till recently.

But just think -- what would a 12-based numbering system be like?