Earthly agenda of the Son-of-God

The Son-of-God, born in transit during the star sign, and raised by a regular family under regular circumstances, was raised under the regular name Joshua (Y'shu'a), and not the cognate moniker of Jesus [Isis/Zeus]. The future King of the World, born under the now famous Star Sign, laid low and perhaps traveled to Britain with his Uncle, Joseph of Arimathea, as is legend.
It's important to explain that God's wave of angels—one-third of heaven we're told—denied His guidance to wake-up on earth in human bodies, to live here along with Lucifer and those who had becomie his sycophants. The first angel—the Son-of-God their chieftain—was sent to receive back into heaven as many as God could trust, with he—the chieftain—also born into a human body as were they, only to be killed and resurrect so that he could deliver those who would follow him, back into heaven.
Then, after debuting at the worldly age of 30 (a Hebrew boy is a man (progenitor) at 13 but not trusted until age 30), he spent 3 years of—and capture this—not teaching but intense DOING and EXPLAINING only to be killed for it at age 33—for suspected treason to the state—whereupon he left the tomb to become the Deliverer prophesied throughout Holy writings.

Much more meaningful than his infantile birth, is our deliverer the Son-of-God's second birth—his resurrection -- as it is his 2nd birth which bases the world's gratitude.

As precedent the Jews needed for those days, what with God giving two examples where the earthbound Lucifer tries outclassing God with three, an earlier Hebrew named Emmanuel (Immanuel) was himself touted as being of a virgin birth similar to Joshua's. Emmanuel's story is now lost as the church revised it to pose he as being the one and same surrogate savior they tout, but He's not.

However, his was the precedence the ancient Jews needed to accept Joshua as being prophetically birthed of a virgin.

Ancient Jews liked evidence of anything grand as having already been established, that it  'had been written,' and was not a singularity foisted on them. Jews did not tolerate surprises. To them, the Son-of-God's heralded birth was adjudicated proof that their much-anticipated deliverer was arrived.

Stories of Joshua's childhood and youth were excised from biblical works, only to be exaggerated by zealous fable spinners and new age commentators, published in apocryphal works. Yet in the face of all claims to the contrary, there is no accounting that Joshua, as the son of a carpenter, actually did any carpentry himself.

And aside from that, two other things never discussed about the earth-born Son-of-God are,
  1. that Joshua was a male despite that a virgin woman should have bred a girl replica of herself instead, and, 
  2. he'd have grown-up with the name, ‘Josh Carpenter,’ as people up until recently were named after family trade.
But having not followed his step-dad in trade, it seems the boy grew up hanging around synagogue explaining God to the rabbis. He never married, wasn't gay or apparently had any sexual interest in anything. Also in this way was the 13th Apostle known as Saul/Paul, who proclaimed himself` as not caring for sex as if it were a gift from God. Which seems it is.

Also, not known as the "Son-of-God" until the age of thirty, the term was coined not by holy pious disciples but blurted by the demon-possessed he encountered. We read in Gospel that the term he used for himself was "Son-of-Man."

Thus as our overseer, the Son-of-God Joshua reports directly to God and has the full proxy authority of God over us, just as the son of a rancher has his father's trust (displayed in the hit American television series, Bonanza), so it’s best to note that Joshua's parable of the vineyard in Mark 12, describing the landowners intent and the lessor's negative response, adequately conveys the Son-of-God's overall earthly mission.

And most importantly, it must be recognized that Lucifer, leader of the earth up until Joshua took it back, demanded human sacrifices to his earthly divinity, and that the Son-of-God was his Creator's ultimate sacrifice in order to defeat Lucifer at his own game -- hoisting him on his own petard. It was the ultimate sacrifice that freed all Godly people for opportunity to return to heaven.

Joshua had said he was destined to be a human sacrifice in Matthew 20:28, but that verse has since been diluted and sugar-coated by partisan rewrites.
Yet a slight hint of the gut-wrenching horribleness of human sacrifice was told this observer, when a young lady with demonstrable psychic ability talked of tending a motorcycle accident during a routine police explorer ride-along, where the spirit of the mangled dying rider was being sucked into an abyss we commonly call hell. The dying rider was spiritually grappling at her in abject horror, only to be sucked out of his body anyway. Left in a shamble, the teen couldn't vacuum the carpet for fear of sucking up a bug -- so vivid was her shock.
This is what Joshua the Son-of-God knew was to happen to him in his day, and it’s why he begged God at Gethsemane for another way to save heaven’s loyalists, although still going through with it for our sakes.

Therefore, the "Son"-of-God"—his body that is—was killed by Rome for the crime of treason,  It died not on a cross but was impaled on a sharpened stake. Such was the common death for an enemy of Rome.