The Human animal - Angels become Avatars

The following two definitions separate the realistic from the idealistic—
  • Sentience— The souls ability to perceive or feel things, e.g., neolithic man
  • Sapience— The spirit's greater wisdom over the soul, e.g., Homo Sapiens
Faulty opinions of modern science aside, "Sentience" is that which we call "the survival instinct," where "Sapience" is the greater ability to recognize oneself as a superior being. As all animals are sentient, so were the progenitors of mankind; pre-human humanoids whose survival instinct included the uses of fire, tools, farming and learning how to get along with each other. 

Theirs was the dawn of civil behavior, a lengthy period over which reactive cavemen became proactive prototypes for thinking men, e. g., paleo and neolithic man.

Beginning over 40,000 years ago as three or four different species vying for human status, ancient humanoids were not people as we now know them, but were neverhheless smart, upright beings evolvingly cultivated to befit present human needs.

Then about six-to-twelve thousand years ago—owing to faulty numbering systems—the first of our fallen angelic spirits were introduced into two prepared homo-sentiens bodies culled from the tribes around them, to become the world's first avatars—all little gods in their own right—now “doin’ time on planet earth” in human bodies sans the former angelic abilities desperately missed.

With God’s having selected two nameless male and female humanoids from a tribe of homo-sentiens, it's unknown and of little detail if the two received their heavenly spirits when born or sometime in their adulthood, but two angelic spirits suddenly found themselves peering out from once savagely sentient humanoid bodies --- having become the upgraded sapient nobles we now know as Adam and Eve.

But please, let's not get caught up in the Adam's Rib tales, spun to differentiate male from female, as those were fancifully told around campfires by the unknowing to entertain the unknowing. The fact that there has always been male and female is authenticated by archaeological digs and ancient artwork.

However, where those fairy tales stop and history begins is the fact that precursors to homo-sapiens wore no clothing.

By virtue of having been upgraded from homo-sentiens into homo-sapiens, to their dire embarrassment Adam and Eve abjectly found themselves naked and hid from God, who, as scripture recounts, gave them animal skins to wear, although it's more likely they killed and cut those skins for themselves.