The naked pre-sapient child

Why our children also suffer from the pre-sapient non-shame of nakedness. 

Now, since animal sentience is unabashed by nakedness or vulgar body functions (think dogs, cats, horses, monkeys, &c.), the toddler that goes from sentience into sapience becomes embarrassed by its nakedness and bodily functions such as had Adam and Eve, even if given to nudity later on.

Phenomena of the sentient infant as unaware of itself until going sapient, that is, recognizing right-from-wrong, traditionally happening a year or two after its birth, seems to be God's grace upon that child, a paradoxical miracle ensuring that should it die in infancy (after having received the heavenly spirit), it is treated as if it never was human, and will be given another chance at life later on, possibly during the thousand-year reign of the Son-of-God that follows our Armageddon.

Also, great debates about mankind's role in the abortion question moot when one finally understands how life begins for us humans. With one-side vehemently asserting that all life begins at conception, and the other maintaining that it begins at birth, in actuality each competing side is correct.

The human fetus's life is conceived as a sentient soul in an animal body—homo-sentiens—at about sixteen days into conception, when it's heart begins beating and circulation is assured.

And if its birth is successful -- if the child breathes -- the sapience of the fallen angel is assigned into the sentient animal body upon that breath.

Then, there seems a grace period where the sentient child grows further into that sapience lest it die in infancy before becoming responsible before God.

All too much to readily absorb in light of our modern reverence for babies -- we must remember that childbirth is traditionally a crap-shoot where about as many babies go unborn as are born, and many more die in infancy.

But not to worry as God knows what He’s doing. Remember that our Creator is supremely-sapient Himself, supranatural, not sentimental at all, and that He has safeguarded all contingencies.

God makes no mistakes.