The name DAVID is an ancient Title

Heard during the observer’s youth was a Rabbi conjecturing the name DAVID as having originally been a title. It turns out he was right.

After delving into the matter, the observer finds it derives from the ancient term "d'v'd" (d-v-d; da-veed), which means, THE LIFE in Latin -- later adopted by the Spanish as "la vida," to indicate one's total being.

In David's day, the word "d'v'd" was how ancients described a person's spiritual life with God, and not the physical life we plod upon this earth, which is known in Hebrew as "Chaim" (Chayyam, or "hy-am").

Today both words are unfortunately used to denote the lesser concept.

The d'v'd concept of having God as our spiritual conscience, was described in the Book of Judges and later lived by King David, whose story shows us the consequences of being without that guidance—sin—and of how we should face-up to our shortcomings so God can handle them for us.

Thankfully today, 'The Life' that David showed us how to live has been eased by 'The Way' of Joshua the Son-of-God, who sealed our partnership pact with God by his becoming The-Law-of-God-Incarnate, upon his resurrection.

Its why, although 'The Way' began our faith, its name and manner was usurped by the Roman Christian church in order to make a mockery of it.

Therefore, don't hate the church for all it's pretense as many in Christianity do when they renounce both it and God to blaspheme God -- because God IS NOT of the church.

If any leaves the church (as the observer has done) and embraces the very real Son-of-God, who exists above and outside of Christianityobserver, that person will be able to square things with the Almighty, so he/she can live their life under God's guiding conscience, as did King David.

Then the person will be living "d'v'd"—THE LIFE—hopefully in combination with The-Way-of-Joshua -- as God would have them live, in total partnership with both.

For as David has reminded us—

"How blessed is the man who has made the Lord his trust" (Psalms 40:4)