Chaco: The "Babel" of New Mexico?

Did God thwart the Anasazi by scrambling their languages a'la Babel?

After visiting a high desert canyon called Chaco, astride a quite-recently-dormant volcanic area on the continental divide of what is now New Mexico, where the Anasazi gathered to make war on God, this observer came away with an indwelling he could not ignore.

Did religious forces of the earth's 'son-god,' the exiled Lucifer of heaven, have the Anasazi build an astronomical site in hopes of harnessing planetary energies, use mind-altering drugs for spirit-quests and deify miscreant spirits via fornications, human sacrifices and cannibalism?

We know of other sites around the world where such practice prevailed, notably at Iran;s Babel, England's Stonehenge and Greece's Parthenon. And we're still finding sites today. Did God also thwart those languages in putting a stop to the evil?

Operating from 100BC to 1300AD, it was clear to this observer (never having previously studied Chaco) that heavenly forces confused these people's languages as in the fabled tower-of-Babel incident, causing them to up-and-leave, dispersing to many other areas—nineteen groups of whom settled on the Rio Grande—with the Utes, Navajo, Hopi, and many other others settling across the country.

Upon visiting this site, it being odd that none ever resettled their old homeland, the observer was haunted by silent urgings of, "Avenge us...Avenge us " followed by a diaphanous white head staring from the horizon as he departed.

The observer recalls hearing of a failed coup in "hell" where coup-plotters were said exiled to the Rio Grande rift. Knowing that demonic spirits thrive on great amounts of energy, they must have loved the still active volcanic action in the Chaco area.

Various native peoples, notably the Navajo, tell legends of originating from a regional hole in the ground, which coincides with stories of exiled spirits having arrived the same way. As all dictatorships love to press local people into their projects, it seems the Anasazi were also spiritually enslaved.

A 1550's map of Drake's exploration of America's west coast, erroneously shows California as an island separate from the mainland, with the same map clearly locating Santa Fe and the pueblos of the Rio Grande, albeit mistaking that river's outlet as that of the Colorado river. It begs of what the mapmakers knew and how they knew it.

Never verified as to just why the civilization at Chaco ended so abruptly, or, although historians say these people populated North America, is why they all speak so many uniquely different tongues instead of the single language once unifying them. Well known is of Navajo Code-Talkers baffling the world with their own unequaled language. Lesser known is of Choctaw and Comanche code-talkers in WWI.

Venerable tales have long repetition about the risen Son-of-God as appearing before all the world's peoples before returning to heaven, including these. Did any who accepted him cry out to God to stop the madness?

These are mysteries are only now resolving themselves.