CERN and HAARP, the doomsday devices


It's recognized that the great Hadron accelerator at CERN, Switzerland, is actually a time-machine intent on delaying earth from eventual asteroidal destruction. Albert Einstein had once doubted that time-travel into the future could be possible since our future has yet to happen, but this observer is indeed certain that experiments into earth's past may have occurred, helped if not accomplished by Lucerific forces.

As the solar system is now traveling through a veritable minefield of space rocks; meteors, comets and asteroids et al, it seems likely that God has planned for it's demise in this way.

Apophis or Apep, is the ancient Egyptian Snake Demon, whose namesake asteroid has been orbiting the earth and sun for some years. It just missed hitting the earth in 2013 by some 20 seconds, according to earliest reports. It returns in 2029 right after Armageddon, and if not deterred then, will surely hit in 2036. It's damage will be one to rival that which killed the dinosaurs.

CERN is run by a cabal who are worshiping a godlike statue of the dancing shiva, among others, giving belief that the collider is a stargate to benefit the earth. This may be the setup that introduces 'space aliens' to the world, who will in turn attest to the holographiclyreturned 'Jesus' (antichrist) as the real thing. A secretive second collider is quite likely to exist on the opposite side of the earth, with the remains of an uncompleted one having been found in Texas.

This observer is aware of several time fluxes over the past many years as the machinery for it is tweaked. He wonders if it's overuse is responsible for our present political madness.

An apparition glowed in the sky north of Norway in 2009, displaying the image of a sharp, crisp pinwheel centrally expanding from a curlicue-shaped shaft seemingly projecting the image. Immediately explained away as a Russian submarine-fired rocket gone wrong, it had no smoke-residue or other residual to prove the tale, and was thus written off as a mystery.

Sometime later a large, thick diaphanous but hard-edged doughnut shape was photographed from the International Space Station. Primarily also from the mysterious north, it too was explained away as a failed rocket test.

What both really looked like, however, were experimental holographic images; tests of modern projectors that progenitors wanted to see working in action, the first perhaps unwisely and too soon, with the later one(s) to obviously try and explain away the first one.

So if the images were generated by ground forces—if they were holographic—it's wondered if they offshoot from the old HAARP system.

In their book, "Angels' Don't Play This HAARP," Dr. Nick Begich and Jeane Manning explain that holographic images are serendipitous products of the original HAARP device, which can be tooled to project images of anything in the sky, including God's returning Savior.

Now it's one thing to try explain how secret modern electronic devices are messing-up the world, but quite another to mention the device's ability to project an image of the returning Son-of-God by actually printing such a warning at the end of their book, which makes one sit-up and take notice.

First explaining that HAARP'S microwave antenna farms were initially erected around the North Pole to successfully test as anti-ballistic missile shields, as intrinsic to President Reagan's Strategic Defense Initiative ("Star Wars"), HAARP’s transmissions literally cooked the microscopic outer atmosphere to create turbulence that would defeat missiles sub-orbiting through it.

And it obviously works. Notice recent political lack of qualms about nuclear missiles falling on our heads, which have declassed to worries about suitcase bombs instead.

HAARP, the acronym standing for High-frequency Active Auroral Research Project, was successful in not only defeating ballistic missiles above the sky, but also serendipitously mapping underground voids and communicating with submarines beneath the world's oceans — quite a feat.

Based on early Tesla techniques, it proved itself too valuable to be folded up and put away. Now updated to frequency modulation mechanizations under different names, HAARP's reworked apparatus are diverting the jet stream down into heavily populated regions, causing polar ice melt—with Global Warming as a cover-up—and creating weather patterns rarely before experienced.

Ice-melt scenarios were a boon to oil drilling projects as tundra began to melt on Alaska's and Russia's north shores, allowing for easy drilling. However, with global panic setting in, frequency adjustments have decreased the ice melt to now where polar ice is reforming. Still, these scares haven't stopped more such installations from being built around the globe.

One of the more magnificent outgrowths of these old HAARP experiments are weather modification projects that initially caused torrential rains and heat and cold spells around the USA.

It is also believed that the Hurricanes Katrina and Sandy were both of this scheme, as most tornadic and sinkhole events seem to have been caused by man's increased experiments.

Plus the observer an always tell when Weather Modification is powered-up in his area from headaches and the almost magical overnight spoilage of certain foods. Mis- and over-use of the old HAARP modifications also seem to have caused the Earth's magnetic-pole to diminish by some 10% and twist hundreds of miles off course.

Another experiment loosely known as, "Perception-versus-Reality," is where so-called Global Warming is replaced by Polar Vortex and other super-cold conditions plunging thermometers to way below freezing -- although nothing but pure water freezes.

The observer has left food outside in low temperatures for winter storage, only to bring it in unfrozen, which is unnatural given thermometer readings declaring sub-freezing weather. It seems the forces-that-be want to gauge the populace’s receptivity to their shenanigans. So stay tuned.

It seems we should to get used to all of this because as mankind's electronics become even more sophisticated as man tries to control everything. So no one's gonna shut them off.

But as Begich and Manning postulate at the end of their book, if you're waiting to see Jee-sus returning, you will see something similar, only it won't be God's actual Savior returning but the masqueradingly misnamed anti-christ gaming utter control over the world, and your lives with it.

Which beggars the question: What more do Begich and Manning know and when did they know it?