The Son-of-God's Millennial Reign

The Son-of-God's millennial reign over the earth, i.e., the thousand-year world-wide rule expected to follow Armageddon (the final age predicted in Danial) may possibly be delayed thousands and even millions of years until after the earth reclaims itself.

After all, it took 40 billion years for the earth to grow from the 'big bang' to where it can now accommodate human life. To God, this time difference is merely a blip.

Plus a near-earth asteroid named Apophis (for the ancient demon lord of chaos) is circling to strike the earth after having narrowly missed it by 20 seconds in 2013. Next predicted to arrive in 2029, it may have its course altered (via keyhole effect) slightly enough to strike the earth, raising a world-enclosing cloud of dirt and debris rendering all plant and remaining animal life dormant. 

In noting that a similar strike creating the Mexican Gulf, may have killed off all the dinosaurs about half an age ago—knocking the planet 24½° off axis—then the final one-thousand years of mankind may not materialize for many more millenia after earth resettles itself.

If the great earthly cataclysm is not to be in 2029, Apophis is sure to return in 2036 to revamp earth. Maybe. There's a dozen hundred more asteroids, comets and meteors out there then we know about, who would be glad to strike the earth asunder if allowed to. It seems our planet has flown into a strike zone.

It's too bad that mankind won't accept that God's creationism involves evolution. Perhaps faulty Church teaching is to blame, for the Church is desperate to weave an "us-versus-them" scenario between the science of physics, and it's own fanatical belief system.

The perception of God being FOREVER seems awfully lost to people who can't understand that the passage of time is but a blip to Him. What is it about religion that insists God could not have created the world millions of years ago, when Lucifer fell, and then placed mankind upon it as recently as He wished? Or wait another million years for the final age of mankind under the Son-of-God's rule? After all, God has all the time He wants.

Again stated, we read in the book of Daniel, that the angel answering Daniel's dream-prophecies, disclosed God as giving mankind four-sections of timeline upon this earth, those sections being "a time [one], times [two more] and a 'division of time,'" with the word division re-interpreted as "a half" later in the same book. The total comes out to about seven-thousands of our years.

It's wondered if the confusion in Daniel's translation, between a "division of time" and "half" indicates that there is to be a separation of time between the first three periods and the last one, the thousand-years where humans will be governed by the actual Son-of-God in person.

There was no separation between the first yhree periods, but we have no such guarantee when the final, deciding reign-of-peace will be -- the one where Lucifer is locked-up and eventually released.

For sure though, mankind is now at the end of the third period of Daniel's prophecy. Armageddon is soon upon us, and its preceeding Great Tribulation is beginning. But its all in God's timing.