The word FRIEND is an ancient Title

"Friend” was an ancient royal title bestowed on those loyal to a governing body. It predates the modern titles of Pasha or Sir Knight as used in their respective lands. The term, akin to “aide-de-camp,” prevails throughout the disputed book of Maccabees (examples in 1 Mac 7:8 & 11:38). 

One reason the book of Maccabees might be included in some westernized bibles, is it's famous reference to the term "Friend,' in the John 15:14 of our western bible, where the Son-of-God reiterates the term as applying to we who demonstrate loyalty to he and the Kingdom of God. 

The Quaker group of “Friends” is hopefully derived from this inference, although of late the observer doesn't perceive them as knowing much about it. But it's apparent that the late Los Angeles weatherman Dr. George Fischbeck did, as he always referred to anyone of service as a "Friend" -- even calling the observer a 'Friend' on one memorable occasion.

Perhaps the reason modern churches don't know about this exciting happenstance is because most church leaders don't read scripture for understanding, but instead for editorializing others' opinions of bible verse, for fame and money.

So when you become a "Friend" of the Kingdom, you have God's attention and safety.

Because we are the FRIENDS of heaven.