Travesty of the Yin-Yan

Yin-Yan, aka Ying/Yang, is a symbol signifying the balance of opposites, good and bad, in coalition -- as if both God and His fallen archangel Lucifer are co-equals ruling this world to the benefit of all. As if.

Idealistic to the point of ridiculousness, the concept behind yin-yan is that Labor and Tories, Republicans and Democrats, Capitalists and Communists and Muslims, Israelis, Christians, Buddhists and other braggarts could all rule the world together, if coalesced under one banner.

The goal of the one-world government today—to make everyone guilty under one law by forcing equanimity on all races and sexes—was, after all, the original demand of Lucifer -- that of wanting equality.

Yet the symbols of such madness are nothing more than the graphics of fantasy, used by witches and warlocks as magic talismans placating Lucifer, by demonstrating him to be in harmonic resonance to God -- as equal to God.

Widely used in medieval Europe and Asia by shamans hoping to conjure up devils and demons to their bidding, yin-yans were also used to force partisan beliefs on unsuspecting dupes.

Their outgrowth was another reason God had warned us against worshiping graven images.

So please, be aware that the star-of-david is also a mystic yin-yan, neither of King David nor of ancient Israel, but a supposed symbol of fire-and-ice in coexistence -- an interspaced double triangle design signifying God as a pyramid and the devil as its reverse, albeit working together. (These same shapes originally signified male and female, too.)

Designed by Jewish magicians to propagate religious agendas on unsuspecting devotees of Mosaic law, this blasphemy was hoisted upon unsuspecting patriots by mystics attempting to remake modern Israel-into-Zion.

We therefore must realize that since both have yin-yan flags, the modern State of Israel is a mystic ego-trip much as is South Korea. Plus the observer finds it strange that both are seemingly post-Herbraic lands greatly dependent on United States dollars.

In the end, when this earth completes Armageddon and after God's trusted returnees are feted to heaven, the world is scheduled to be judged by God, with blasphemers to get their just desserts.

Then this miserable material existence we call the earth and its universe, will cease to exist as if it never happened -- never to be remembered but perhaps as a mere blip in eternity.

And with it the idealistic concept of yin-yan as well.