Trinity is a fabrication

To reward Bible students with a hitherto unexamined viewpoint, it is urged they inspect for themselves how God mysteriously went from the folklore of a seven-fold spirit in the Old Testament, to His suddenly becoming a Trinity—a three-in-one entity—in the New Testament. No bible up to this writing shows a transition, does it?

Also, be aware that sect leaders, soon after the Constantinian Church began, invented a so-called Trinity rounded out by God, "Jeesus" and the holy mother Mary, who is actually Isis aka Diana aka Colombia, so as to foist upon the 1st century's naïvely trusting faithful, that the Godhood was a sort of Father-Mother-Son combination.

When the masculine world of that era rebelled against a female Trinitarian, sect leaders hastily removed Mary from the trinity by replacing her with "Holy Spirit" instead, thus confusing people by touting it as a third entity separate from God but still part of the Godhood, without realizing that the “Holy Spirit” IS the all-encompassing, palatable presence of God which permeates all existence.

And then to distance themselves from the errors of earlier colleagues whose infallibility they had to uphold, Vatican church leaders, unable to explain either the switch or the process, had to teach it as a mystery rather than the hoax it actually is.

The Pretense of Exegesis

Another clue to biblical deception is a pivotal verse found in the gospel of 2nd Peter, where a revisionist rewrote the witness of the mythical Jesus, as being that 'of the water, the spirit and the blood.' It was a conceptual stretch reaching back to a reworked legality where three witnesses were required for testimony in arbitration, although God traditionally uses only two witnesses.

Prophecy fulfilled when a soldier pierced the expired body of Savior Joshua with a sword to see if it were dead upon it's impaler, a biblical revisionist went so far afield to explain that action's significance "upon-the-cross,' that he opened a whole new can of worms.

In altering the 2nd chapter of Peter, he allowed later revisionists to replace, 'water-spirit-and-blood' with "Father, Son and Holy Spirit' instead. Both versions are still found in various incarnations of older Bibles, by the way. But, by having gotten away with this revision—by its not being opposed—the die was cast for other fervent revisions of both scripture and gospel.

The poncy term used for ‘putting words in someone's mouth’ is, "Exegesis," which is defined as the extraction of content not expressly intended. Many pastors love the sound of this word in their weekly harangue, because it:
1; poses them as studious scholars,
2; pronounces similar to the pseudo-hallowed word, 'Jesus,' and;
3; leaves church congregations warm all over.

Therefore once these revisions were not questioned but lauded by lick-spittle sycophants able to draw-in earnest money-surrendering churchgoers, there were no delays in revising both vast sections and small details of Bible-writings -- leading others into believing that the Godhood was mysteriously triune.

Early acknowledgement

The fifteenth century scientist, Sir Isaac Newton, discredited the concept of a triune-Godhood that alluded to the popular concept of the Son-of-God-being-God, by postulating in private papers that the concept counteracts the first of the church's 'Ten Commandments,' which originally say; "As I am the only God, there can be no other God for you but me."

Worth noting is that God never admitted to being a trinity.

However, the bibles book of Revelations does portray the so-called anti-christ as a trinity; as a combination of he, the beast and the false prophet.

So it appears that the whole God-as-Trinity archetype seems to be a cover-up actually pointing to the so-called anti-christ as a pseudo-godhood, hoping to convince a deluded religious world that he is its Jesus character soon to return.

And that it's soon to happen soon despite all warning to the opposite, is a fact to make many of us cringe.