We, the Creator's trusted operatives

There are those of us who don't just believe that there is God and a "Son-of-God" outside time and space, or just stand convicted that both must exist, but rather we KNOW that both exist, accept and guide us. We know because we walk and talk with both and are immediately aware when an imposter tries to stand-in for either.   

When Martin Luther the Catholic priest of Wittenberg fame, finally, actually read the Bible for himself, he was shaken to learn that no man or woman needed the Church for partnership with God, but that our allegiance with the Son-of-God makes each one of us our own Priest.

So for that week's presentation, he posted his now famous dissertation topics, the ninety-five theses, on the chapel door as was custom.

Then after the furor of his dissatisfaction with church rules died down, he lived in protest of its practices and misunderstandings by telling a lot of people off, marrying a nun, having kids and then spending the rest of his life railing against Jews for failing to convert to his newfound understanding.

Martin Luther ended up suffering from what we today call a Messiah Complex, which is the overwhelming hubris of recreating in his image a cult that some wags call; 'Catholic-Light.'

It's worthy of noting that with any new understanding of God one gets, one should not seek to reinvent his-or-herself into any sort of religious authority, nor to make themselves into or allow any others to uplift them, but just live simply as any person would live -- without lifestyle or adornment,

Remember that the Son-of-God cautioned his apostles to allow no one to call them Rabbis (teachers) but to just stay humble.

What happened to Luther back then is what most Christian pastors do today -- set themselves up as authorities-for-pay in order to teach new, extended and often nebulous philosophies about God, in dead-end formats extolling the speaker as both learned and above-board.

That sort of egoism—setting oneself up as a religious authority—is what makes the practice of religion in any manner bad, as it keeps the faithful from Godly partnership by forcing them to partner with their teacher and the organization instead.

The cult atmosphere created from this act not only restricts people to whatever teaching makes them smug, but worse, it keeps people who really need Godly intervention, away from God, while their teachers live off their money.

Our Creator prefers us to be free of such hindrance, and remain versatile to His direction even if we think we're doing nothing, for one never knows where a Godly deliverance through something we may say or do, will be of special use in any number of curious circumstances.

The observer learned the above lesson in ways the Church would not approve, namely by not being a goody-goody, but an otherwise normal red-blooded and often-dirty human.

As he's originally noted—
Sorry to admit an approved* insanity, but I was a dominant BDSM practitioner, subsequently learning more female psyche than can be taught in any school. 
Once fulfilling the desires of a woman twisted by Illuminati child-molesters, I eventually told her about the real Son-of-God, upon which a cult deprogramming retreat explained to her, with she phoning of acceptance into heaven. Although our sessions abruptly ended, I recognized that she wouldn't have taken the step any other way. You see, God wants his people worldly, not living in fantasy. 
*(Psychologists declare BDSM a mentally healthy pastime. URL for this is: http://www.livescience.com/34832-bdsm-healthy-psychology.html)
At another time a young man said that there was something "different" about me, and that he wanted what I'd had. Still Christian at that time, I took him along to my church to accept the Son-of-God, which he joyously did, only to see him immediately suspicious of the church gathering and its structure. It took a few more years for me to understand how he immediately knew what I needed a few more years to continue experiencing.
Many of years later, a self-styled pastor/ ersatz rabbi colleague, his wife and I entered a franchised mega-church at the end of its services; we sat in the rear with a woman we knew—a church hopper—who was nursing a head cold at the time. As soon as service was dismissed, and as everyone prepared to leave, I was moved to touch her.
That touch healed her cold... the sniffling stopped and the red nose immediately returned to normal... and her eyes, cleared from cloudy to sharp and piercing, found me. Incredulous, she blurted that my touch had set a fire through her and she asked if I'd had a gift from God.
Upon dithering that I'd had, as the pastor accompanying us glared in bewildered anger, just then one of the woman's acquaintances walked by wishing her well and hoping her cold would get better. 
Instead of publicly proclaiming a healing from her cold, she responded by saying, "I hope so too..."
And on the heels of this denial we all watched her cold return, and then without comment got up and walked out as if nothing had happened, which of course made the pastor's tolerance for me grow into hatred, and with his wife later indicating desire for me -- which was the last straw.
It was obvious that neither that pastor, his wife nor the church lady had any roots in God's soil, and that they'd wanted me, as popularly paraphrased, "to be forever learning and never coming to the full knowledge thereof," and, "to be always seeking and never finding," as they were doing.
So unable to trust any of them or their ilk, I left Christianity altogether for simple partnership with God, where colleagues care for and uphold and do not challenge each other. 
And as for the denied healing, it wasn't the first time I've seen Godly loyalty proved in this way. Many people are given opportunity to accept or deny God by words or deeds from Godly emissaries. And to be sure, there are a lot of God's people out there testing a lot of 'fence-sitters.' 
It all makes the observer appreciate the story of the Apostle Peter better, where he walks on the water with the Son-of-God, only to sink. He didn't sink from 'taking his eyes off 'the Lord'—as every church teaching misunderstands -- but from realizing his buddies are still in the boat -- that he often has to leave comrades behind to gain the prize, as we all must

It's true that as we were born alone, we each must go back to God alone. We may come from all walks of life and be involved in many strange disciplines, yet upon encountering God, ours is a single, one-on-one partnership with Him -- and we can't take anyone with us nor should we stay because another won't go.

It really begs the question, "Is your faith merely in your own convictions or the convictions of others, or does that faith rightly reside in the God of those convictions?” It's so much better to Know rather than to merely Hope.